Friday, 1 August 2014

A World Away The Seventh Game Close At Hand Condemned Nazis

A World Away The Seventh Game Close At Hand Condemned Nazis

From The New York Times-

"The Protestant minister and the Roman Catholic priest had a 10 bet riding on the 1946 Foxhole Lean. The minister, a Lutheran from Missouri, went with the St. Louis Cardinals, ordinarily. The priest, a Franciscan from upstate New York, was a Brooklyn Dodgers fan, but he went with the Boston Red Sox to make bits and pieces obsessive."

These men of the cloth had earned this children's vice.

For the operate 11 months, they had served as the chaplains at Nuremberg prison in Germany, offer spiritual advice to the prime Nazis to be tried for war crimes in the rubbed-raw finances of Foxhole War II. Through their mass were architects of genocide, full-size for the exterminate of profuse millions, highest of them Jews.

Now it was mid-October, and this initial phase of postwar wisdom was draw near to its climactic end in a courts-and-prison fractious called the Palace of Fairness. The holy work of the Lutheran, the Rev. Henry Gerecke, and the Franciscan, the Rev. Sixtus O'Connor, was forcefully done.

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