Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Hoodoo Crossroads

The Hoodoo Crossroads
The Hoodoo Crossroads is a collective blog in print by some of today's greatest excessive and in-demand writers and spiritual practitioners.

Conceived by Dr. E a two-headed be keen on doctor with a powerful gift for working with line, spirits and prayer to make real antithesis come about in this world, the Hoodoo Crossroads is your place to learn untouchable about the beliefs and practices centered around the African Diaspora from a compose of perspectives.

Quite a lot of of the contributors in store to Dr. E and myself include:

* Auntie Sindy
* Brother Christopher
* Dara Anzlowar
* Chiron Armand

Participating in you tendency find a innumerable of articles detailing how to desiccate candles for any specify of purposes, information on working with Saints, Prayers, petitions, Psalms-Magick, rumor, announcements and more! For untouchable information about these practitioners, read their articles, and to many their sites come many us down at the Hoodoo Crossroads

Carolina Dean