Thursday, 3 April 2014

New Breakthroughs In Consciousness Study

New Breakthroughs In Consciousness Study
The Bright Path Ishayas, an international group of people who have devoted their lives to the expansion of consciousness, have recently completed a groundbreaking study on the effectiveness of meditation as it relates to health and healing. Through the release of this information, The Bright Path Ishayas hope to encourage more people to find peace through meditation.

To perform this study, The Bright Path Ishayas used a device known as a GDV/SPC camera. This tool, developed by Professor Konstantin Korotkov, a biophysicist at the University of St. Petersburg in Russia, is designed to measure electrons and photons from the surface of the skin. By using this tool, the Bright Path Ishayas were able to measure the waves of energy coming from participants, and develop colorful and easy-to-understand charts that contain firm data about the person's state of mind, energy levels and sense of balance.

In November of 2011, in Vitoria, Spain, 10 people participated in a weekend course in meditation. All were new to the process. Measurements were taken of all participants on Friday evening, before the meditation training began. Measurements were then taken on Sunday evening, when the course was complete.

The results were dramatic. For example, one participant known as "Marta" showed extreme levels of stress in the Friday measurements. The GDV/SPC spectrum readings showed gaps and breaks in her energy field, indicating imbalance. Similarly, her stress readings were close to 10, which indicated an extreme amount of emotional distress.

After the study was complete, "Marta" had significant reductions in the gaps in her energy field, and her stress rating dropped to 6.3. "Marta" also reported an inner feeling of peace and calm. She entered the study feeling frantic and lost, due to the impact of a divorce and other emotional distress, and she reported feeling much happier and more relaxed when the study was complete.

The Bright Path Ishayas have multiple images from these studies that are available upon request, along with graphs and charts that document how the participants performed in a variety of measures.

This study is important as it demonstrates the value of meditation in bringing the mind and body into balance. People who perform meditation techniques with The Bright Path Ishayas know that meditation does work, as they feel the impact themselves, but those who remain unconvinced may be swayed by this new study. People who are particularly resistant to spiritual concepts, preferring to rely on science and "hard facts" may also find this study to be enlightening. It's hard to argue with the results when they're outlined in such a scientific and numeric way.

The Bright Path Ishayas are known for using a simple and experiential approach to spirituality. Currently, there are over 350 teachers residing in 20 countries, all of whom would be happy to guide new students in learning The Bright Path Ishayas' meditation techniques. Visit to find out more.