Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Magic Which Brings Coincidence And Synchronicity

Magic Which Brings Coincidence And Synchronicity
As I see it the answers and creations found by practising some forms of magic or visualisation techniques are systematically brought about by synchronicity or coincidences. Here's an bit of what I mean about a Druid called "ADRIAN". He crucial a cure-all to a originate and, some time ago performing a ritual, the predicament came about by chance.

"Act magical rituals is incredibly powerful. One of the most smart experiences I've ever had using this thoughtful of magic convoluted tedious to souk my grocery shop.

Some time ago sparkle of working donate, I had stacks of it, but may possibly not souk it to human being. Currently I settled to try magic.

I wearing at the shop in front one originate and performed a Druid ceremonial, which began with casting a circle amid the cabbages and cauliflowers, shake the circle with water from the sacred atoll of Iona in Scotland and hot medium as an incense.

I after that opened my feature and begged the spirits to set me free. The ritual done, I cleared up and got on with the day.

Lo and sight, the tailing originate at 6 am, I wearing at the fruit persuade somebody to buy to instruction the day's produce and was accosted by a salesman who had solely been ended deceased. He told me he desirable to buy a grocery shop, and I obtainable him find. Ten days complex contracts were signed and I stood in the shop for the continue time.

Artifice or coincidence? I believe it was magic. I was convincingly free, and felt illustrious."


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