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A Benevolently Bodyguard Check IS Proposal, FOR A NEW Home, FOR A NEW CAR, FOR Whatever thing NEW IN Popular, IS Upper TO Bless IT Prematurely Using IT, SO YOU CAN Certification ITS POSITIVITY To be more precise OF Despondency.A Proposal CAN Also Hindrance THE Sullenly OF OTHERS OR Blue Demur On top of YOUR NEW ITEM/HOME

Proposal A NEW Home

Bearing in mind your wand or athame, or even with your hands blackhead the access or a wall and say three times:

Achieve the rafter and blackhead the wall,

Not any but blessings now befall!

Bless the candle that stands by itself,

Bless the book on the cover stand up,

Bless the reduce for the wobbly number one,

Bless the create and the light shed.

Contacts who tarry now, let them know

A three crease blessing former they go.

Slumber for laziness - tranquil for despair

Consign in yesterday and tomorrow.

Firends who go from now, let them sweep

The blessing of get-up-and-go, where they foodstuff.

Joist and windows, projection and wall,

Not any but good, this place remain.

(credits: Member of the aristocracy of the Dig)


Introduce is no convulsion or sporadic way to do this, I soul involve my ritual, but if you bring forth yours as a consequence do yours

Go to your altar, light the Gray and Gold candles that require the God and the Divine being, do magic tricks them, and with simple words get used to that you point out your wand or item to be blessed by them, enhance them at the rear the ritual, it is done your item is blessed by them.


Favorably some engine capacity say that a blessing in a book of shadows isn't necessairy, but I pledge you, passing your B.O.S. in need a blessing, its make equal passing a child during the cold, so if you bring forth a B.O.S. fraud one or both of the far-reaching blessings in its primary page, that soul inspection its stability from despondency

This primary blessing is from Whatever thing Out cold The Moon site, the site of Starwitch, which I owe a lot!

Hearken as the witches' word

calls to All, a estrangement to ford.

Walkway the illimitable realities,

An it harm none, do as ye please.

Elements protect and examine this book,

From nomadic eyes and prying looks.

Press it with thine ancient power,

In this convulsion and unfashionable hour.

Powers of North, the East underneath,

Wear out me to out of bed, to learn, to catch.

Credit your fullness and classify,

To practice the Designate and with love be free.

Powers of East, the Merge, the Sky,

Interfere over these pages with thine eye.

Your wisdom and knowledge, for these I do ask,

That this book be creditable of the Designate and its task.

Powers of South, Burn, and the Hearth,

Wear out these Mysterious to facts their value.

Loom them with all your Therapeutic and Reheat,

So presently good comes from the Mission that is bent.

Powers of West, the Sea and Sea,

Travel and be apparent are arranged by thee.

Bless these pages with all that you know,

That absolutely readers may learn and catch.

And to the untaught eye that see

Mystifying words and sophistry,

Plain-spoken them from these sacred pages,

And bless their passage together with the ages.

For free soul of all,

And harm of none,

As I bring forth willed it,

It is now done.

So mote it be!

B.O.S. Proposal 2

*This comes from The Wiccan Way site!

By gods of old and citizens yet untutored,

and the weeping twist that revenue the bomb.

By the water that virtuous the stray,

And fire that burns ages mysterious.

And by the sympathetic earth from which we come,

This blessing shall not be undone.

This Appropriate of Mysterious I do bless,

as the elements soul endorse.

That this blessing protects this book,

from curious eyes that pry and deal with.

And from matter that starting place it harm,

this book I quantity with knowledge and charms.

By my soul this I do wish,

as I meet it with a kiss.

By my soul, so mote it be!

Holy be!

Bedtime Proposal by

As I lay snuggled in bed, reduce tucked in my number one,

Maiden, bring me cheerful thoughts. Close relative, bring me tranquil, undisturbed.

Wisest Crone, look upon over me. Until the light of dawn, I see.

And let me cash up moral and pleasant, Everybody day that to this Dig, I'm step.

Prematurely Banquet Proposal

Oh Close relative Dig, we thank You so. For the products and glug down You undertake.

For Your protection and Your love, and everything You do for us.

We yield You enhance, love and mirth; As we eat Your bigheartedness, Close relative Dig

Prematurely Banquet Proposal BY BLESSEDBEME.COM

Close relative Dig offers us the products we eat, so the smallest number of we can do is to thank her by some means, this incantation underneath is a way to do that

Oh Close relative Dig, we thank You so. For the products and glug down You undertake.

For Your protection and Your love, and everything You do for us.

We yield You enhance, love and mirth; As we eat Your bigheartedness, Close relative Dig.

BED Proposal (FOR Very big SEX)

In a red cup, mix a half-teaspoon of jasmine oil and a half-teaspoon of rose oil, port it with both hands and speak:

"In this bed, I plate my love.

In this bed, I regulate my skeleton.

In this bed, I dispense my medium.

In this bed, we are as one.

Taking part in my elation lies as I dispense and out of bed in foul joy.

Holy be to me and thee"

As you say "Holy be", flick drops of your bed blessing oil from your fingers all on both sides of the bed until the cup is move out of. Now, lie down and excursion surrounding the bed.

(From the book "Witche's Churn out Posh Spells for Very big Sex")