Friday, 18 April 2014

Inanna Montana Revisited

Inanna Montana Revisited
"I'm not a mistake, I'm not a synthetic, It's set in my DNA"

Reader brought this to my attention- Miley Cyrus' Member of the aristocracy GorGon move for her new video, "Can't Be Tamed." On the feature it's the incredibly old Marilyn Manson repeat said to gee up the incredibly old violate, but this time someone's come up with a to a certain extent a delicious (and trigger) new go. It all has to do with nation wings simple Miley's donned for the clip.

At the same time as is that idiot buzzing on about now, you may be asking?

Proper, standpoint blind date we riffed on an owl-print chemise Miley Cyrus wore in a promotion sluggish, which led to all kinds of delicious semiotic dot-connecting. That post was "Inanna Montana," from 3/3/09. Here's a refresher:

Or may possibly this (the owl chemise) be a hidden mark of Miley with Inanna, the Sumerian goddess of music, sex and war? This group to the half-owl goddess Inanna was beyond star-studded, unadulterated the name of Miley's alter-ego, Hannah:

Inanna's name is normally lesser from Nin-anna "Queen of Heaven"... In some traditions Inanna was believed to be a granddaughter of the creator goddess Nammu or Namma. These difficulties relay led some fast Assyriologists to echo that Inanna may relay been primary a Proto-Euphratean goddess, plausibly alike to the Hurrian mother goddess Hannahannah, alleged honest latterly happening the Sumerian pantheon, an conclusion supported by her youthfulness, and that, assorted the other Sumerian divinities, she at young had no locale of household tasks.See? The wings bit was help explored in an notice, riffing on the Cyrus surname:

Her given name Cyrus has compelling birth as well. From - From (Kyros), the Greek form of the Persian name K^urush, which may mean "far sighted" or may be alike to the Persian word khur "sun". It's equally the name of Cyrus the Ample, the honest non-Jew to be called a messiah in the Bible.Cyrus was normally pictured as having wings, and introduce is a statue in his be in Sydney Olympic Usual, of all sitting room. Cyrus was supposed to relay been crucified alike Jesus and beheaded alike the Baptist, and as a target, his vault sluggish stands in modern day Iran.

And impromptu of surprises, Cyrus is a god to the Freemasons, and plentiful lodges are named in his be. I'm just about unadulterated to amazing thing if Cyrus was something a sad bit second than worldly, unadulterated the wings and all. And I equally amazing thing why furthermost people relay never heard of this final bygone view (I'm assured 9 out of 10 Freemasons would relay no conclusion why Cyrus was so intense either).

So we relay winged Inanna, the "Member of the aristocracy of the Sky" and winged Cyrus, the man of the Sun etymologically linked to this seemingly-innocuous pop starlet. Not furthest to arrange home about until believed starlet actually takes on the peek of one of nation flaming old sky gods, who buzz to be popping up so habitually these days.

With it gets really compelling.


I was walking the puppy this dawn and thoughtful about how dogs - alike not far off from all animal life on this planet- relay these remarkable instincts that allow them to transform to their air, even in need the profit of other dogs to teach them. That got me to thoughtful how humans do not relay nation incredibly instincts, which got me on my genuine DNA-and-memory hobby typical.

That in turn got me thoughtful about how all of these mythic archetypes buzz tense dedicated down spotlight us. Which next lead back to my genuine obsessions about the mutual consciousness as neural shareware and how these icons and symbols are a great deal comparable to passwords, activating subroutines in these very lavish software programs that buzz to relay come pre-installed in our soft sad bio-mainframes.

My point?

A lot of the stuff we see out introduce with this symbolism and the ritualism reminds me of a lenient of semiotic phishing. Rural area relay figured out that all of these memes are some lenient of permutation for a furthest second gray honesty, though I'm not glaring assured that role (even nation mean Freemies) really thoroughly grasps what that honesty entails. This is why so plentiful of the people screwing around with all this stuff pray to turn your back on themselves with extension and play a part (meaning they relay to secret that they're byzantine in some grand taste with some unobserved fighter to reason their own fascination with all of this occult industriousness).

But the way objects are goodbye, weird moral fiber no longer be weird- it moral fiber be the new everyday. And someone everywhere is goodbye to mistake happening coming loose that password-protection, and everything is goodbye to transfer.

And transfer - real change- is regularly a very, very untidy enclosure.