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Grade Ritual - Grand Master

Grade Ritual - Grand Master
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Grade Ritual - Grand Master/Grand Mistress

The Master of Temple/Mistress of Earth needs to fulfill several conditions
before the ritual proper:

1) To have fully fulfilled the pledge of a Master/Mistress regarding
transmission of the Way by (i) having trained at least one suitable
individual up to and including Internal Adept, and revealed to them all
esoteric teachings; and (ii) explicated that Way using appropriate means
enabling understanding by others as/when their wyrd inclines (these means
including writings; images; music etc,)*
2) Having fully mastered all the techniques of aeonic magick and achieved
by some of these new temporal forms*
3) Significantly extended the boundaries of knowledge understanding and
existence by creative endeavour explicated causally and acausally - some
magickal, others outwardly not-magickal.
4) Have begun the process of directing acausal energies via a new or
presently or past existing nexion according to the wyrd of that
Master/Mistress with the intention of a new aeonic manifestation or
re-creating a previous form or forms.
These conditions have been fulfilled (or nearly so) the candidate sets in
order his/her temporal affairs - discarding all that is unnecessary. This
includes all properties, all of significant monetary value, all accumulated
possessions, and all obligations of a personal kind (familial etc.;
profession/employment)* The candidate is to have no financial or other
rescources other than that required for necessary survival (and then on a
weekly basis
) save for a small amount sufficient only for the performance
of the ritual.
All this preparation is necessary and should be strictly adhered to - this
attainment of 'temporal freedom' being necessary for reasons which a
Master/Mistress will understand* (To those lacking this understanding and
post-Adept insight all that will be said that such freedom enables the
candidate the become for a short period an actual nexion' between the
causal and acausal, all attention, energies (psychic and otherwise
) being
then capable of focussing upon the task.)
The ritual proper involves the candidate achieving a difficult feat of
mental and physical endurance - usually this involves walking, in
difficult, isolated terrain, a distance of 300 miles in 15 days carrying
appropriate equipment and occassionally buying food en route using the
small monetary savings mentioned above* (Experienced long-distance walkers
are advised to increase the distance.
) This feat is planned to end at or
near the site chosen by the candidate for the physical nexion.
The candidate is then to reside at or near this site for a period from
Equinox to Solstice or Solstice to Equinox (or, for some nexions, for an
alchemical season
) during which time and using aeonic techniques, acausal
energies are brought forth and directed to an individual(s)/organization/
order/archetypal form(s) and so on, via the chant/name(s)/ images and so on
chosen by the candidate. In addition, the candidate usually creates a new
technique, to enhance the working (eg* similar to the 'Star Game'). During
this period the temporal changes caused by the magick should be
discernable. (Further enhancements/workings may be required after this
initial period.)
These changes signify the success of the Grade Ritual.

- Order of Nine Angles -