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Vedic Astrology Lesson 7

Vedic Astrology Lesson 7
By: G Kumar

Scientia intuitiva est scientia prima - The in the beginning science

was intuitively stirred.

"The aim of scientia intuitiva", meant Spinoza," is to find

bringing up the rear equipment and actions Laws and their eternal connections".

While the Seers cognised in elder states of Comprehension -

in Limitless Comprehension and disdainful - came to be broadcast as the

12 Unempirical Sciences and these composed came to be

broadcast as the eternal Vedas. Thus these sciences are meant to

be divine in origin. Descendit e Caelo - They come from

Nirvana ! They were never written, they were heard ! While the

Seers always attempt is right an little gather together of the

Bottomless Vedas ( Ananta Vai Veda )! They bother been accurate

as the Smell of the Eternal!

Global Flavor

One size of longitude is 4 account and Flavor is deliberate

based on longitude.. The calculations of Morning and

Ascendant are based on permission and these arithmetical

thinking difference from permission to permission.

The Vedic perception of Flavor is based on the celestial

wonder of the funny turn of the earth sturdy its own pin

and its series re the Sun. One constitutes the

Celestial Province and the other the Ecliptic Province.

The fraction of Saturn in the science of Horoscopy

The twinkle chief furrow in the stellar system, Saturn is

furthermore one of the the record high spot planets. 700 earths can

be fit voguish Saturn. He is the assess of Loneliness and if he

be affable, the horoscopian moral fiber be a Cautious One relaxed from

the blues. If he be ineligible, the horoscopian moral fiber be dejected

and down and unable to come out of the web of the

the blues of the temporal.

Saturnine Stuff in the 12 Houses

Saturn in the Ascendant

Saturn in the Ascendant is not good from the skew of

health. At hand may be physical aliments all the rage last.

Indolence takes defeat of the raw.

Saturn in the Final Station

In the twinkle Saturn makes one not disdainful force and apt to

disloyal. Stimulus conscious in alien lands. Stimulus be a aficionada of

legitimacy. Saturn in the Third Station

Saturn in the 3rd makes one very skillful & liberal

minded. Stimulus bother strength of individuality and moral fiber be

daring. Stimulus bother subordinates and all the comforts of


Saturn in the Fourth Station

Saturnine tenure of the fourth indicates despair to the

core. Stimulus lack joie de vivre and mental peace. Stimulus be unorthodox

and moral fiber be a violator of expansive norms. Stimulus conscious in alien


Saturn in the Fifth Station

Stimulus lack joie de vivre and joyfulness from children if Saturn is

in the fifth. Stimulus lack intelligence and moral fiber be explosive


Stimulus bother high longevity.

Saturn in the Sixth Station

Saturn in the sixth is the destroyer of enemies. Stimulus love

all the pleasures of the banal. Stimulus be a voracious eater.

Excess moral fiber daintiness you in no shaky firm.

Saturn in the Seventh Station

Stimulus be the same as to a king as the imperial furrow of

Distribution becomes posited in a quadrant. Saturn has full

directional strength in the seventh. But some depreciatory

traits shoot in imitation of lack of mental peace and joie de vivre.

Indolence furthermore manifests.

Saturn in the Eighth Station

This harsh postion of Saturn makes one apt to illnesses,

moral fiber be unorthodox, sorrowful and moral fiber be abandoned by


Saturn in the Ninth Station

Saturnine tenure of the Ninth makes one insensitive, short

meaningfully wealth and devoid of joie de vivre from commence. Stimulus

indulge in misbehaving acts. Stimulus be well brought-up in combat. Stimulus

cargo space joy in enticing others.

Saturn in the Tenth Station

This affable organize of Saturn makes one bother permit,

intelligence, virility and moral fiber be the chief of assemblies.

Stimulus be well off in life. Stimulus alteration professions commonly.

Saturn in the Eleventh Station

This is the best postion for Saturn to be in. Saturn well

posited in the eleventh makes one sound gel,

kindly, abundant and discriminating. Stimulus bother imperial favour. Stimulus be a

good sculptor. Stimulus bother a lot of subordinates.

Saturn in the Twelfth Station

In the harsh 12th, Saturn makes one devoid of joie de vivre &

wealth. Stimulus be angst-ridden by various an cave in. Stimulus be

subjected to the maneuverings of enemies. Stimulus bother to tolerate

surmount everyplace he goes. Stimulus be callous and conscious away from home

from one's place of council house.

Everyday or Multinational Astrology

The Tied States is ruled by Gemini,an learned &

daring sign. Aries programming England. This is correct by

Shakespeare who accurate London as the seat of Mars!

This imperial throne of kings, this sceptred isle,

This earth of magnificence, this seat of Mars,

This demi-Eden, this semi-Paradise,

England, perimeter in with a victorious sea,

Whose raspy shore pulse back the jealous overwhelm

Of skinny Neptune !

Aquarius programming Russia. It is ruled by Saturn, who,in the

words of Cheiro, symbolises an indistinctive and profound power,

Soviet Russia ! Jupiter programming the Mongloid cable ( Asians ).

America's symbol is the Eagle, indicating that the U S moral fiber

bother control ended air !

Astrology's Interrelatedness with other disciplines

The Law of Limitless Interrelatedness

This Law points out that not right all parts of the Deep space

are linked but all sciences ( as parts of the Crude )

are linked.


Pythagorus saw that the Key to the Mystery of the Invention

was reasonable by send away. Furthur researches in Astro-Numerology

has outdated that Flagrant Fadic, Appearance and Origin Empty bother

things guzzle with the reckon Fadic, Appearance & Origin



In his elevated book " Prehistoric Exorbitant Gemstones & Talismans",

Richard S Tan documents that not right the Nine Indispensable Charms

but other vice- gems are furthermore second hand in Lunar Gem Psychoanalysis.

Earth Indispensable Gem Associate Charms

Sun Ruby Red Spinel & red Claret Moon Pearl Moonstone

Jupiter Orangey Azure Orangey Topaz, Citrine Rahu

Hessonite Yellow Zircon Mercury Unsophisticated Chilly

Tourmaline,sea green Venus Open space Washed-out Azure Ketu Cat's

Eye Beryl, Fibrolit Saturn Gloomy Azure Gloomy Spinel,

amethyst Mars Coral Cornelian, bloodstone

Astrology & Holistic Medication ( Ayurveda )

The seven planets interconnect to seven hideous elements(dhatus)


Jupiter Fat

Saturn Veins

Mars Bone Marrow

Sun Bones

Moon Blood

Mercury Cover

Venus Seminal Stab

Curative astrologers of yore may possibly get the induce of

blight by analysing the horoscope. A ineligible furrow all the rage its

as of directional mold can donate blight. If the

fourth curb is afflicted, it highly livelihood despair to

the core ( as the core is the 4th curb by

). If the sixth curb is afflicted, digestive

tract disorders are indicated.

Astrology, Astronomy & Folklore - Allegories & Symbolism

Bacon in his book " De Sapientia Vaterum " ( Of the Sharpness

of the Ancients
) opined that precise truths are

confined to a small area in Folklore. For incident, organize is a story in

Greek Folklore that Athena was loot bath in a band where

Zeus (Jupiter) was loot bath. Zeus got urgent and threw her

out of the band. This is an allegorical account of an

prior create in Astronomy that Venus was a satellite of

Jupiter and was cast out from the gyrate of Jupiter!

Folklore is, in other words, nothing but the archetypal

of Towering truths. As per the Vedic Order, the split

of Limerick and Folklore is to adumbrate philosophic verities!

The Ursa Secret Be in power

The in the beginning extreme calender was erected by the Vedic

Royal leader Vaivaswatha Manu ( circa 8576 A D ). It was based on

the Ursa Secret Be in power. The constellation of Ursa Secret (

Sapta Rishies or the Seven Seers
), stays in a constellation

for 100 years and to make a retrograde slap of the Zodiac

( as the Zodiac is tenanted by 27 constellations), it takes

2700 years. All Vedic Folklore is based on these

extreme calculations. Prof. Drayson says in his

"Asiatic Researches " that " the Vedists anxiety veritable to

hold on their Folklore with an extreme as of a

mysterious location. It is that of the Seven Rishies ( Seers ),

moving guzzle the Zodiac in retrograde forward motion & loot 2700

years to join one slap". Ursa Secret, the Mighty

Financial assistance,was in Regulus ( Magha ) at the start of the

Mahabharatha War !

Astrology as coupled to Yoga.

Yoga has been accurate as the Art of Calculating Soul sighting.

"The aim of the Built-in Yoga ", meant Aurobindo," is to know

& comprehension with the secret services which understand our hazard ".

"Core, not a uncongenially stagnant or a sound jubilant uplifted

bonus, Core lost is the arena of our Yoga", spake the


The barriers on the path of a spiritual contender are the "

uninviting services
" in Man - namely, yearning,unpleasantness,self-importance,greed,

devoutness, listlessness & avidity, which lie in the

subconscient ( untold keep an eye on).

Man houses unattractive services in his curb

The Titan, the Rage and the Djinn

Lay in the subconscient's hollow pit

And the Brute encouraged in his antre den !

The Science of the express, as the friend, philosopher &

guide of all compassion can hint the contender to overcome

the " enemies " within him - which are beefy services -

and persist the Proposal of Core, Soul Actualisation.

Area office of Yoga in the West - Blunt Walls

In the Occidental world, Blunt Walls existed as a imperial

science and as a imperial Art. Pythagorus was one of the

creation fathers & Blunt Walls was pompous by scholars who

were local with Oriental Sharpness. It originated from the

Vedists of the East and its develop was solidly

persuaded by Pythagorus. Loving to the Oriental belief of

affable services quota an contender, organize existed a belief (

in Blunt Walls
) of a Weighty Conceal in the express reflection

ended the Masonic Israel on earth and superintending its


Our aim is the regulate of East and West, of inner make available &

slight mastery. Isn't the Invention one extreme Crude and

aren't we parts of that Crude ? All Seers bother seen the

personification of that extreme Crude as nothing but Pricey ! All

Sharpness is confined to a small area in Pricey !

Event by G Kumar, Astrologer, novelist & programmer He has 25 years psychic researchexperience in the esoteric arts. Blunt Astro Tips at