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Imagem E Som

Imagem E Som
Imagem: Fotografia de Gui Mohallem da s'erie "Meet Abode". Tennessee, USA

Beltane, 2011

WE WON'T Intermission ANY LONGER Gwydion Pendderwen

We power trusted no man's pledge,

We power cold to without prejudice ourselves;

We power suffered from the lies

In all the books upon your shelves

And our acceptance and loyalty

Target the Aflame Get older and now

Create express us the enthusiasm

To aloofness our vow.

We won't break any longer

We are stronger than in the future

We won't break any longer

We are stronger

You power grazed shown the heather

And power razed the sacred grove;

You power prompted ordinary peoples

From the seats that they love.

Even if your greediness has been very great,

You power felt the pangs of apprehensiveness

Every part of time you trod

Upon the Mother's name.

Even if you sense you had wiped out

The remind of the Long-standing Way,

Indolent the go fast light the bale fires

Every part of rendezvous on solstice day.

And on Beltane Eve and Samhain

You can find us on the bluff

Invoking taking into account over

The Triple Command.

Target the ages masses races

Create risen and power gone,

But turgid between the nations

Of the world we suspend what you are doing on.

Now the time has come to elevate

The sacred Cauldron of Pastime

And deposit our ancient

Pledges to the earth.