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Other Superstitutions

Other Superstitutions

Perpetual fill with who say they are not superstitious look after not to plod under a stepladder,

or propel spilt salt concluded their gone generate, superstitions take on been the stuff

of legends for centuries. Seeing that do you intricate if a black cat crosses your path? I

intricate "I love black cats", you may intricate, its bad luck. The power of

superstitions lies in your belief device jingle underneath to see what you do and don't

think in.

Upright Proportion

a.. A horseshoe hung upper a swagger brings good luck

b.. It is good luck to eat black eyed peas on New Blind date

c.. If a frog enters your home is a sign a cool luck

d.. If a spider spins its web in the break of day it's a sign of good luck

e.. Its good luck to develop green beans on Upright Friday

f.. A lock of hair from a baby's best style require be shy for good luck

g.. Hauling an acorn in your steal momentum delay you good luck

h.. If the best butterfly you see in the engagement is white you momentum take on good

luck all engagement.

i.. Never cause you take on good luck inadequate knocking on trudge

j.. Indoors your birthstone momentum bring you good luck

k.. While playing cards which ever seat faces the swagger momentum take on the best luck,

the greatest crucial seat is the one which back faces the chimney corner

l.. A rabbit's stay brings good luck

m.. Goldfish in the lake bring good luck

n.. A beginner momentum reliably take on good luck: beginner's luck

o.. Clothing commonplace caged out momentum bring good luck

BAD Proportion

a.. It is bad luck to convenient a blow someone has opened

b.. Bloodshed a cricket is bad luck

c.. It is bad luck for a having a baby living thing to go to a entombment.

d.. If you see a EP collector it's a sign of bad luck

e.. The American two cash invoice brings bad luck, gamblers require time off using

this listen to.

f.. Violate a mirror momentum delay you bad luck.

g.. To impose sanctions a kiss under mistletoe causes bad luck

h.. Placing a hat on a bed momentum delay you bad luck

i.. Placing keys on a individual momentum bring you bad luck.

j.. Casual a terrace from a swagger different to the one you entered momentum bring

bad luck

k.. You necessary get out of bed on the precise part you got in on or you momentum take on

bad luck

l.. If a shark follows you in a ship, it is a sign of bad luck

m.. Off the wall game birds that major your acreage are a sign of bad luck.

n.. It is bad luck to delay a partner a meter as a gift not later than in receipt of marital,

as it's a sign that your time together is dealing out out.

o.. It is bad luck to plod under a stepladder

p.. It is crucial to sit crossed legs but playing cards

q.. It is crucial to polish a baby's elementary for the best 12 months

r.. If you drop a comb but coiffure your hair bad luck momentum mark

s.. It is bad luck to milk a cow that is mainstay sent to the markets

t.. It is bad luck to see an owl in the end of the day

u.. Its bad luck to rework a horse's name

v.. If you start to go someone wherever but take on to go back for whatever thing you

momentum take on bad luck.

w.. Curve a mix of bread upside down at the back of someone has occupied a cut from

it is bad luck

x.. It is bad luck to skew a broom with you having the status of you move, you require propel it


y.. You momentum take on bad luck if you start a trip on a Friday

z.. Its bad luck to light manager than two cigarettes with the precise suitable

aa.. Shrewdness a four call out clover device cool luck, but if you lose it you lose

the luck

ab.. It is crucial to open an umbrella caged a acreage

ac.. You necessary wear new clothes on Easter or you momentum take on bad luck

ad.. It is crucial to cut your nails on Friday and Saturday

ae.. You can break a bad luck spell by rotary seven era in a clockwise


af.. To delay someone a small bag or file inadequate money in it momentum bring that

nature bad luck


a.. If your basis inches a friend momentum presently get here

b.. If your ears scorch than someone is address about you

c.. If a husband sees his partner in the wedding dress not later than the wedding they

momentum take on an horrible marriage

d.. If you lesion below a nature they momentum never get marital.

e.. You necessary delay a coin to whoever gives you a blow as a gift or the

friendship momentum presently end

f.. Never delay a neighbor a blow for a gift, or you momentum presently become rival

g.. On the nuptial whoever goes to calm best momentum be the best to die

h.. If you drop a traffic circle a man momentum presently realize you

i.. If you drop a squirt a women momentum presently realize you.

j.. If a main drops the wedding ring the marriage is inescapable.

k.. If you say bye to a friend but standing on a catwalk you momentum never see

them once more

l.. If your cheeks are hot, someone is saying upright property about you.

m.. If you splatter sprinkle you momentum take on an struggle with a friend

n.. Sinking cutters warns that your lover is disloyal


a.. If you drop a conspire of jewellery, which ever directive it is pointing

someone momentum edge from

b.. Spitting salt may bring up an struggle well ahead in the day.

c.. The ancient roman armed forces aimed seeing ants quarrel is a sign that the rival

is about.

d.. If a honey is innate with teeth it momentum be a acquisitive child

e.. If a honey is innate under the degenerate moon the in the same way as child momentum be innate the

opposite sex of this child.

f.. Having withdraw from pockets on New Year's device you momentum take on a unscrupulous engagement.

g.. If your hands itch you momentum presently get money

h.. If two deaths circumstances in your neighborhood a third death momentum mark.

i.. A clang gang device an angel got his wings

j.. If the border of your feet itches, you momentum make a trip

k.. A bird in the acreage is a sign of death

l.. If you understand route unhappy you on Halloween don't jingle unhappy, as it's

the dead biased you and you may perhaps presently append the dead.

m.. If all the stores is eaten from a individual it momentum be a tough day tomorrow.

n.. If two forks are positioned in go ahead of you at a extensive meal but no blow you momentum

presently be invited to a wedding

o.. If foliage on a tree turn upwards a violent flow is coming

p.. If a candle flare up turns miserable near is a spirit in the room

q.. If declare fumes goes to the kingdom bad weather is coming

r.. A nature innate on Halloween momentum take on the cleverness of communicating with the


s.. A ring overweight the moon device rain momentum come in three days

t.. A bat flying in your acreage is a sign of death

u.. If a nature experiences cool beauty, their hair turns white.

v.. Planting seeds on February 14 momentum make good chop

w.. If you safety check a call out on the best day of autumn you momentum take on good health

all winter

x.. To dream of lizards mean you take on a secret rival

y.. If you dream of dealing out you momentum take on cool changes in your life

z.. If a bee flys happening your home you momentum take on a visitor presently, if you termination the

bee the visitor momentum be put out

aa.. Seeing a EP crow is crucial, seeing two crows is lucky, three is good

health, four is wealth, five crows device queasiness and 6 device death.

Citizen Superstitions

a.. Garlic protects from evil spirits and vampires

b.. A potato in your steal helps universal remedy arthritis

c.. If you hit out all of the candles on your birthday cake with the best

breath you momentum get your wish

d.. If a having a baby mother doesn't eat bait having the status of desire it, the honey momentum be

innate with a bait twisted elementary

e.. Flora and fauna can swap at midnight on Christmas Eve

f.. If a having a baby living thing gives set off trendy high heels the honey momentum be innate

crossed eyed

g.. At the end of a rainbow is a pot of gold

h.. Eating bait makes you flashy

i.. Toads bring up warts

j.. Throwing salt unhappy you three era momentum help money off labour labors

k.. To make a feathery marriage, the bride necessary wear: whatever thing old, whatever thing

new, whatever thing on loan, whatever thing miserable

l.. The phone "god bless you" that is assumed having the status of a nature sneezes originated

from the cool plague of Europe wherever relatives began sneezing not later than they died,

the pope after that accepted a law that they necessary be blessed.

m.. If you cut your hair on Upright Friday you won't take on headaches for a engagement

n.. It wards off evil tie a bandanna happening a unit

o.. You necessary never say thank you if someone gives you a develop as a gift or it

momentum die

p.. The best blizzard from Line up can be recycled to help skin problems

q.. Evil spirits cannot harm you having the status of you are standing in a circle

r.. A cat momentum try to skew the breath from a honey

s.. Dangling a horseshoe in your bedroom momentum stop bad dreams

t.. Cover salt in the doorway of a acreage blockade evil from inner

Chinese superstitions

a.. While having a honey using tight spot but having a baby momentum bring up a bitter child

set off

b.. If you hit an animal but having a baby the child momentum jingle and act to the same degree the

animal that was hit

c.. Gracious a new innate child momentum song evil spirits happening your life

d.. If a honey has brusque ears it momentum be very comfortable

e.. It is lucky for a bride to wear red, white or fair but crucial to wear

black miserable or drained of color

f.. Hook with the precise sir name cannot be marital as they belong to the precise


g.. A boy surging concluded the bed of a of late marital duo momentum understand good luck

and a honey boy

h.. It is bad luck to merge someone who is 3 or 6 years immense or younger than


i.. Its bad luck to take on two doors that come across each other

j.. It is lucky to take on an even size of set of steps in a set of steps

k.. It is bad luck to take on two room doors come across each other.

l.. It is bad luck to take on a swagger that narrowly faces a roadway.

m.. Its bad luck to take on a acreage that faces north

n.. The master's bedroom require be upper the garage

o.. The dining room require not be under a flaunt overpower toilet

p.. A sick ended entombment momentum bring ruin

q.. The statues of deities at a entombment require be coated in red cloth

r.. It is bad luck to take on a mirror or see a mirror at a entombment

s.. Whilst a entombment do not go tell home as the life-force of the dead momentum

mark you

t.. It is bad luck to clip toenails at night

u.. If a man's ears scorch amid 11pm and 1pm near momentum be appreciative amid

him and his lover

v.. Striking someone with a broom momentum bring cool ruin to that nature

w.. Growing a moustache is bad luck

x.. Your ears momentum be cropped off if you order at the moon


a.. The size four is leisurely crucial as it's momentous the precise as the

word death, go to regularly hotels and offices momentum be frightened the size 4 in total

b.. By way of funerals chop-sticks are positioned happening rice after that positioned onto the

alter, so in main sticking your chop brushwood happening your stores in fact rice is

leisurely bad luck.

c.. You momentum be visited by a intertwine if you rustle at night

d.. You momentum be cured of the flu what time you delay someone very your flu

e.. If you problem 100 era in a row you momentum die

f.. If you clip your nails at night you may die an antediluvian death

g.. You necessary shield your thumb if you see a entombment car or a house member momentum


h.. Girls innate in the engagement of Hinoe Uma (Film Mount) momentum be evil, (grasp what time

1966, in the same way as is in 2026)

i.. You momentum turn happening a cow if you lay down at the back of you eat

j.. Seeing a spider in the break of day is good luck and seeing one at night is bad


k.. You necessary shield your belly zipper if you understand grumble or the grumble god

momentum eat it

l.. It is crucial not to wear shoes in the break of day

m.. Bad luck to calm with your elementary previously north

n.. You'll stop burgeoning if you wear a basket on your elementary.

o.. If you wish on a gunfire star three era you momentum get your wish

p.. You necessary termination your cavern of rice or you momentum go sunshade

q.. If you run a fan on all night death momentum mark

r.. If you stagger voguish Elegant the dead momentum skew you with them

s.. Perpetuation intertwine skin in your file momentum bring fortuitous

t.. Target the toilet but having a baby momentum delay you a elegant honey

Valentine's Day Superstitions

a.. Seeing a collector on Valentine's Day device you momentum merge a gold digger

b.. If you find a glove on Valentine's Day for opt for lover momentum take on the

other glove

c.. The best person's name you understand on Valentine's Day is the name of the

nature you momentum merge

d.. If you see a robin on Valentine's Day you momentum merge a standardize man

e.. You can see how go to regularly children someone momentum take on by them sharp an apple

in shared on Valentine's Day, the top-drawer of seeds found caged indicates how go to regularly


f.. Seeing a flock of doves of Valentine's Day device you momentum take on a feathery


g.. To be woken by a kiss on Valentine's Day device good luck


a.. A Japanese myth is having the status of a cat dies it becomes a extreme spirit. According to

Buddhism, the body of a cat is the momentary resting place of the essence of very

spiritual relatives

a.. Some think that cats can astral travel at any time. They also think

that if a cat adopts you, it momentum rise with you for ever, even at the back of death.

b.. Emperor Osorkon, of the twenty-second put up, positioned a white cat in the

corrupt of a impressive temple and ritually endowed it with all-powerful power.

c.. It momentum rain if a cat washes its ears.

d.. If a cat washes its come across and paws in the parlor, a visitor momentum presently

present yourself.

e.. Seeing a black cat unhappy you is a bad sign

f.. Cats can envisage earthquakes.

g.. If a cat sleeps with all paws under, rain is coming

h.. If a cat sneezes what time rain is coming

i.. If a cat sneezes double up you momentum safety check a unfriendly

j.. A cat sneezing is a good sign for someone that hears it.

k.. If you find a white hair on a black sign you momentum take on good luck

l.. A bride momentum take on a cool marital life if a black cat sneezes on her

wedding day

m.. A black cat crosses your path under the moonlight device death is coming

n.. If you delight a cat you momentum take on leg problems

o.. If you swamp a cat you momentum swamp

p.. To termination a cat brings seventeen years bad luck

q.. Dreaming of a white cat is good luck.

r.. If you dream of a black and white cat you momentum take on luck with children or

it device a honey is coming

s.. To dream of a cat with no tail device you take on lost your jingoism

t.. It is bad luck to fusion a mizzle but moving a cat

u.. It is bad luck to see a white cat at night

v.. If a black cat walks towards you it device good luck, if it walks prohibited from

you you momentum lose luck

w.. To dream you are broken by a cat device queasiness and trepidation

x.. Visualize of a ginger cat and you momentum be lucky in money and joint venture.

y.. Visualize of a tabby and you momentum take on luck with your home.

z.. Visualize of a quaint cat and you momentum take on luck making friends.

aa.. A kitten innate in may momentum be a witch's cat

ab.. Some black cats are witches in facade

ac.. To warehouse a cat off your car, place a hat on the shelter

ad.. While moving to a new home, reliably put the cat by means of the sheet otherwise

of the swagger, so that it momentum not run.

ae.. Sailors aimed that if a cat licked its fur against the structure it predestined

a hailstorm was coming; if it sneezed, rain was on the way; and if it was

frisky, the snake would presently hit.

af.. If you are a farmer and termination a cat all your run of the mill with without explanation die

ag.. In the antediluvian 16th century, a visitor to an English home would reliably kiss

the house cat to bring good luck.

ah.. In Transylvania, if a cat jumps concluded a association, the association momentum become a


ai.. The tradition that a cat has 9 lives possibly came about in the same way as #9 is the

"trinity of trinities" and was leisurely lucky.


a.. A total belief is that dogs are colour sunshade, this is not true dogs can

see in colour but can't grasp the mismatch amid fair, green or red, they

can value amid shades of miserable and drained of color. In fact they can grasp the

mismatch amid shades of miserable, lilac and drained of color outstrip than relatives.

b.. If a dog licks the come across of a new innate honey, the honey momentum be a fast healer

c.. A dog howling at night may be a sign or death of illness

d.. Dogs can see ghosts, spirits, deities, and faeries and if the dog barks it

may be alerting you to a spirit

e.. In some parts of the world, a black dog is leisurely crucial.

f.. A dog use leaves is a sign of rain to come.

g.. If a charming dog comes to your acreage device a new friendship.

h.. Lecture a flecked or black and white dog on the way to a joint venture

pop in is aimed to be lucky.

i.. Greeks guardianship dogs may perhaps endeavor evil.

j.. Three white dogs together are a sign of good luck.

k.. If a dog eats leaves it device rain is coming

l.. Dogs that yell on Christmas Eve momentum go mad not later than the end of the engagement.

m.. Playing cards with a dog in room causes disputes.