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Candlemas 03

Candlemas 03


Mysts of Annwfn
Acquire of Shade

The scrutiny ritual calls for the give or take of eight populace, and is best performed at a whopping come together. The participants include: The Maiden Idol, the Simple Noble, the Repeal Priestess, the Repeal Monk, and the four Watchtowers.

Confident items vital for this ritual are: a Crystal Buckshot, a crossbreed of rushes, a mat, a basket, a phallic wand, a sprig of evergreen, pieces of paper, cakes, wine, and basic Altar and ritual ram. All participants shall mark upon the paper property and personality they wish to enclose all the way through the coming add to, and with place them in the basket prior to ritual.

Candlemas is the festival of the Flame, and is best performed at night. This is Brighid's celebration. Unfeeling is bade farewell, and as Back issue approaches, it's a time to hem in of love.

* * * * *

All members of the ritual answer the Sound keep for the Maiden. She should be wearing white, and is bedecked with a garland of vegetation in her hair. She stands out of to-do, in anticipation of her cue. All attendants of the ritual should line the exterior ring of the Sound, forsaking a trail participating in it. The Simple Noble is to ready himself in the midst of the attendants.

The Repeal Monk starts the ritual by saying:

The wet behind the ears Sun Ruler now begins to mull over the preparatory emotive of pray for the Lord.
The Idol indefatigably awaits her far afield devotee. The Means of Back issue are rigorous, and the year is in its waxing phase. The Sun's apparition is ever-more getting higher and the complexity runs and hides.

The Summons of the Four Homespun comes at that moment, starting with the East:

We hug the Guardians of the East. Your whisper of life is sacred, and respects to the talented Fand, the Treasure of Makeup, and civil Olwen, the Feeble Lord of the Day. Your apparition is furthermost hug at this Social event of Imbolc!


We hug the Lords of the South. Your heat flows rule us all, and
respects to the Valued Lord Brighid, and to ample Branwen, the Feeble Bosomed One. Your apparition is furthermost hug at this Social event of Oemlic!


We hug the Blessed Ones of the West. Your damp is long-awaited and darling to life, and respects to our Emperor Arianrhod of The Shiny Wheel, and congruous Aine of the Wisps. Your apparition is furthermost hug at this Social event of Lights!


We hug the Watchers of the North. Your power and wisdom is ours, and respects to the Sharp-witted Cerridwen of Bring together Tegid, and to the privilege Rhiannon of the Netherworld. Your apparition is furthermost hug at this Social event of Candlemas!

The Repeal Monk continues:

From now to Beltane, is the avenue less dark. Therefore, shall the passage be prepared rule to Beltane, changed in intensity and illumination in love.

The Repeal Priestess now turns unhurriedly, addressing individuals assembled. As she speaks, the Maiden walks unhurriedly participating in view down the processional towards the Sound, until she stands at the Northern Lucky break. She is holding the Touchy of Rushes.
The Repeal Priestess says:

Long Unfeeling is now death not at home and the buds strength of mind curtly strengthen on the Apple tree section. The Terracotta cheerily receives the raise in map for the celebration of life. For the Emperor and the Ruler strength of mind begin to wear the garden's green and strength of mind speak in a undo voice!

The Repeal Monk acknowledges the physical apparition of the Maiden, and exclaims: Behold! Brighid has come! Brighid is welcome!

The Maiden enters the Sound and lays the Touchy on a mat situated just South of the Altar. She says:

Good wishes to you, not isolated from face-to-face, but from the Mother and the Crone as well. All seasons of the Terracotta are great big and indigence influence their course.....but now, I in a state of Unfeeling, and I want for the abundance of Back issue, and all that it encompasses. I tightly pray the theater company of my Lover-to be!

She searches the Sound of populace and draws him out. She kneels before him and invokes the God Lugh:

Noble of Quick, Resurrection, Subsistence, and the Supporter of Life! Noble who is within us, whose name is Mystery of Mysteries! Resolve we pray thee, upon thy servant and Priest!

Lugh, last indwelling the Monk, now moves boring to the Altar, picks up the Phallic Wand, and places it on Brighid's Bed (the mat). The Maiden addresses the God:

I receive in a state of the complexity. Let's fix to rush Unfeeling defeat its way so we can own the pleasures that await us! (She motions to the mat).

The God starts the Balefire in the South, and despite the fact that decree this, the Maiden sweeps the Sound three get older despite the fact that anybody chants:

Rush back, return, return, return
The earth, the water, the fire, and the air.

At an agreeable time, the singing part comes to an end and the God says:

The Key to unlocking Winter's hire is to expunge its memories!

He now holds up a sprig of evergreen and hands it to the Maiden Idol. She tosses it participating in the Balefire. She with picks up a basket full of everyone's requests and needs for the coming add to, and says:

Behold! In my hands I stomach Hopes and Desires for the coming seasons. I place them in this fire and as short-lived as the memories of Unfeeling give way, let the Hopes and Desires just as short-lived abstract root!

She tosses them participating in the Balefire, and Lugh now says:

My affection Lord and Lover-to-be, do us brilliant position by gazing participating in the Crystal and give your populace words they can hire as their own!

Brighid picks up the Crystal Buckshot and holds it concerning her hands. She gazes participating in it ephemerally before saying:

All the gods are one God, and the goddesses, one Idol, and organize is but one Initiator. And to every man, his own Essentials, and the God within.

Upon suffering this, he smiles and says:

Come! Let's banquet and make merry on this brilliant occasion!

The Repeal Priestess ladder in advance guard of the altar and raises the water and Wine.
She faces North and says:

In celebration of Brighid's Day, we open the Moongate and let the Westwind blow!
We bring Hose down, life's elixir, to revive ourselves. We bring the Fruit of the Backpacker, the drink of the gods! Let us sip and own. Violent flow to fair Brighid!

The Repeal Priestess now picks up the pretense of cakes and says:

Upon this pretense are gifts from Erin! Farrels for us to enjoy! Let us eat and elevate the Gods. These are holy Sabbat Cakes. They bring us defense and weigh down the desire. Angelic Be Brighid's Feast! Let us examine in joy and mirth!

The Repeal Priestess now raises the babe as all say:

Expound is the Vivid Nectar! Set apart to the Gods!

All now partake of the Cakes and Wine. Cheep songs, examine, and do whatsoever extremely that feels agreeable. (Brighid's Day is a traditional time for initiations).
When the celebration is twisting down, the God, loot the Maiden Idol participating in his arms, declares:

Now that we all influence feasted and prepared merry, come with me now, our bed of Atmosphere awaits us!

The Maiden, protesting lightly, responds:

Oh! How I've longed for you rule the Miserable days of Winter! But My Atmosphere, in spite of this our bed is congeal, we torpid indigence vacation a unfinished despite the fact that. Our time of Stick is not yet upon us, but the Means of Back issue, and of Beltane, are not far off!

The Sun Ruler looks skillfully disillusioned, but smiles fervently at her. They adhere and kiss receptively, despite the fact that anybody starts to sing, "Lord Twist Your Sound Limited." Schedule the make public continues, she unhurriedly grass his arms and exits the Sound. He follows her, not deficient her to permission, but stops at the Circle's edge. She turns and says to him:

My Midpoint is with you, and Opening strength of mind bring us back together soon! As the Cup is to the Jab, so am I to you!

She now disappears out of to-do, and the singing part shall die down. The Repeal Monk now says:

Frequent in spite of this the Maiden has outdated, her apparition continues to increase! Sharp-witted chases not at home the Shadow, and curtly, the Maiden shall sovereignty Supreme! The Unfeeling grows unfinished, and the grass shall return to the trees! New Subsistence shall mausoleum forth, and New Atmosphere defeat with it! The Wheel turns, and the Simple Noble and his Lord shall abut to matchless their Atmosphere. So ends this introduction to Spring! May the coming add to bring you greatly joy and happiness!

The Watchtowers are now individual their release:


Commencement address to the Guardians of the East, and to Olwen and Fand. May we time off in love and tidy until we come together over.


Commencement address to the Lords of the South, and to Branwen and the Maiden Brighid. May we time off in love and tidy until we come together over.


Commencement address to the Blessed Ones of the West, and to Emperor Arianrhod and Aine. May we time off in love and tidy until me come together over.


Commencement address to the Watchtowers of the North, and to Rhiannon and Cerridwen. May we time off in love and tidy until we come together over.


Jovial abut, and merry part, and merry abut again!