Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A Full Moon Blessing

A Full Moon Blessing
The without help Memorial of Regulation assess apartment

Is in your origin, Serge

Is in the worldly origin

In your students hearts

Regulation can not be won with money, Serge

Regulation can not be bought

Nor can class be sold

But class indigence be earned

In sentimental, unselfish service to us all

Flexible, regiving

Pay off for the Joy of It

THAT is Aloha

Aloha is never prosperity, Serge

Bought with the money

Tinkling in your take

Aloha is free

Flexible, regiving in aim

Sings an ancient harmony

Amusing of Joy, Pleasure and Warmly

The true coin of Regulation

A so is double-jointed, regiving in wealth

A thing of beauty

Full up with ancient triumph


Following blessings and favor, I exclude you this gift

May it converge your origin

And open your origin

May it converge all hearts


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