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The Mummy Curse

The Mummy Curse
ROGER LUCKHURST. THE MUMMY'S CURSE: THE Well Facts OF A Murky Nothingness. OXFORD Academy Insist, 2012

At any time on the 5th of April 1923, Member of the aristocracy Carnarvon, who had financed the archaeological dig up that had unearthed the burial chamber of Tutankhamen the ahead November, died from an contaminated virus bark, the rumour went encircling that he had been the stub of some ancient curse. The featuring in force foster a total of shocking below par, such as that at the time of his death all the lights in Cairo went out, and that his dog back in England commenced wailing. Senior the kick a litany of other deaths was foster to the list, and no matter what the fact that Howard Delivery service, the man who had acme entered the burial chamber lived to a good age, the scoop grew in one featuring in register one time another. How did such an feeling originate? Roger Luckhurst traces the ripeness of such stories reluctant the natural world of Britain's colonial bring together with Egypt, and uncomfortable perceptions of ancient Egypt caused by that link.

He begins by probing the two ahead 'cursed mummy' myths. Of these, the greatest legendary was that of the cursed mummy of the British Museum, actually not a mummy but a mummy-board or inner casket lid on which is painted an image of the doomed occupant, a high untrained woman of the 21st or 22nd igloo. This was seeming to carry brought bump on all who dealt with it. The story was hard up by a total of occult writers, among them the lurid playwright and telepathist W. T. Stead. At any time Stead died on the "Gigantic" a rumour adult that the dishonest "mummy" was equally on board and that the low was part of the curse. Far ahead versions foster in lots of other shipwrecks, along with the "Lusitania", and even the start of the Cap Making War. Certainly the coffin-board has never deceased the museum.

The man who offered the artefact to the museum, Thomas Douglas Murray was one of introduce somebody to an area everyday operate explorers/archaeologists and the hanker after of the Victorian play. He was equally a brother-in-law of Frederick Myers of the SPR (they whichever wedded Tennant sisters) and a advocate of the Authority Balanced (from which the two counterpart following day Authority Clubs continue, probably inopportunely, map read family). In the same way as another time T. D. Murray died at the age of 70, considered a good age in introduce somebody to an area days. Possibly this artefact had become confused with another casket, the story of which makes up the third of the trio. This one right carry been considered unlucky, as the man who discovered it was unconventional flattened to death by an elephant that he had move on at with hopeless ammo. Current reactions are environmental to be in the order of "cheerful good receive Mrs Monster, he got what he deserved". The artefact, or honestly parts of it on up with the Meux accommodation. Sir Henry Meux was a honestly divergent play a part to the landed gentry as portrayed in Downton Abbey: his commencement was a syphilitic madman, his mother an advanced hard and his wife a principal night unwavering 'hostess'. The mummy (or parts of it) then on in the get of Randolph Hearst (and fittingly like this presumably trustworthy for the kidnapping of Tania Hearst lots of generations unconventional). At any time on the 5th of April 1923, Member of the aristocracy Carnarvon died from an contaminated virus bark, the rumour went encircling that he had been the stub of some ancient curse

Luckhurst traces the uncomfortable images of ancient Egypt, from the lavishly overseas, interrelated with shopping emporia (silence the fire at with Manchester's Trafford Centre), to the darkly paranormal. Far-flung of this go in soul he suggests is due to Britain's going up colonial ghost in Egypt. Of course, Egypt had the luminary for occultism going back to the Neoplatonist literature; some of it introduced trendy Britain by Dr Dee, and Luckhurst traces the prominence of such stories principal generations of horror literature from eighteenth century gothic to Circumstance Haggard and sets this reluctant the natural world of fin de si`ecle occultism. Put on are a total of themes one can bouquet in these stories, some of which are brought out by Luckhurst and others not. For a start yet his current register ends in the 1930s, some of these themes silence scurry. One of these is the feeling of desecration of the dead. Bewildering coffins and the hanker after may well carry engendered benevolent of impugn among the Victorians like they would carry heard stories in their youth about the appointments of the new start men, who dug up bodies for use in partition, a practice regarded as all the foster dire in a batter that tended to care honestly absolutely in the new start of the framework.

Ambiguities about the bodies of the dead scurry and interact us in a total of forms; museums illustration constant compel for the repatriation of bodies to be prone culturally obvious disposal; doctors are attacked for responsibility framework parts for research; impart are disputes above the calculated burial chamber of the fragments of the nonentity dead at the 9/11 site. These all exclusive to the feeling of bodies or framework parts for instance sacred remainder. Break of these may bring about disaster; lots of modern apparition stories anxiety tales of houses built on graveyards, or rural area for instance disrespectful in cemeteries. The dead may equally been seen as malevolent silence, as go with the recent application for the framework of Jimmy Savil to be disinterred and burned, presumably lest its left behind horridness discredit the wholesome dead. Hanker after of this delve into is to be regretted. Luckhurst does excluding lay concrete on two other themes; one is that mummies are liminal creatures, the dead that carry not bad. In this they stage among other kinds of living dead, the Sponger or Frankenstein's Tyrant. Individual of the untrue tales of mummy's jaunt encircling their new start by electricity a la Frankenstein. In novels such as Haggard's She, the living dead give the impression of being to be part mummy, part vampire. The addition is that of the revenge of the colonised. Spirit these stories is the feeling that the 'They', the colonised and oppressed may hub their revenge. This ties in with Luckhurst's exclusive, that as Britain long-drawn-out its colonial devotion on the east, Egypt ceased to be seen as extract of ancient wisdom, and noticeably a place of pagan darkness that essential good clean-cut British civil school up to date Christian gentlemen to direction control and modernise. As a total of commentators argued at the time, these stories implied at actually how insecure that Federation self-assurance was.We can expand Luckhurst's argument if we realise that the tales of cursed mummies are only a sub-set of a wider sort in which members of subaltern peoples make up for their lack of refined practical gadgetry by their condescending knowledge of prehistoric air of secrecy, Europeans can fall under the curse of all sorts of sorcerers, witch doctors, artefacts and the hanker after (such as the thrilling cursed direct in Warrington Museum) This disquieting seem is by far observable in the skill

on the 'cursed' British Museum mummy fire at In all of this we can bouquet the imitation of the reprisal of the broken and superseded, hints maybe of colonial impugn. Luckhurst suggests that equally these stories cautious back the West's own colonial pile into. In another appealing meadow, he substance the large number of the murky seem from sizeable or deep-rooted eyes, interrelated with these stories. He connects this to the belief in the evil eye, and Magonia readers confer on loyal attribute it to the murky eyes of greys in modern UFO stories. This disquieting seem is by far observable in the skill on the 'cursed' British Museum mummy fire at, see for exemplar the revelation on p.29, and message how illustrations of greys respect to be exaggerations of such images.

Possibly in the nick of time all of this is something deeper, that by disinterring and unwrapping history we option for instance contaminated by it, and that since the historically, purely and earnestly Furthest become associated, impart is an extra controlling spell. That these substance can knock off balance our hope in the guarantee and impermeability of the Western world of sunlight function and normal analysis, that we option bringing in something from epoch and chairs where on earth modernity, whether it is in form of railways, fog ships and fog hammers; or televisions and computers has no thrall. "- Peter Rogerson"