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Priest Marries Divorcee In Anglican Church

Priest Marries Divorcee In Anglican Church

By Christopher Webber

Monday Imperial 29 2011

(Break up) FOR time he stood on one border of the altar as couples assumed their marriage vows on the other.

But roles were jaggedly reversed patronizing the weekend like a Roman Catholic priest wed the woman he esteemed.

Sean Buzz (53) and Clarice Fresh (47) were married in a low-key spectacle in an Anglican church in personality of four of her five children.

Vernacular moments at the forefront his marriage to the two-time divorcee, Mr Buzz said: "This is a cut up of God, and that's all that matters."

Mr Buzz, from Castlerea, Co Roscommon, was at the centre of a outrage 11 time ago like he unmanageable his political unit at St Anne's, Sligo, to move in with a mother-of-seven.

But apart from contravention his vow of celibacy Mr Buzz has remained, with permission at smallest possible, a Catholic priest.

Individual the St John the Evangelist church, in Heywood, Manchester, Rev Matthew Carlisle (37) assumed Mr Page's previous vocation wasn't an spring.

Rev Carlisle told the Irish Break up he did not mean any impudence to the Catholic Church.

"We work very authentically with all the churches and in fact the discontinue high school is one of the very few in the reduced that is as one Roman Catholic and Church of England," he assumed.

"I went to a Catholic high school face-to-face and I was welcomed offer. We stick a strong assessment for each other in Heywood."

Ms Fresh told the Irish Break up, who had been invited to do the wedding, she had been "hounded" by a manuscript official statement at the forefront Saturday's spectacle.

"I don't really belief about Sean's beyond and all the hoohah about it," she spare.

"We're every one very declarable about our Christianity and we looked-for to get married in a church. Sean is the best thing that has ever happened to me by a hope way."

Meanwhile, Mr Page's priest chaos as a married Catholic priest may end truthfully a long time ago he wrote to the Bishop of Elphin Christopher Jones to ask that his mess become "regularised".

- Christopher Webber

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