Friday, 18 July 2014

What A Religious Book Does Not Teach

What A Religious Book Does Not Teach
Equally clerical does not mean that one is nice and benign. A true religion teaches us about arrangement, love and adoration for life and mankind. A man who claims to be clerical can be overly fearful with the rituals but not its virtues.

Can a individual authentic to be clerical if he cannot disclose in the middle of a person's friendliness to be truthful for his action and a individual who is not?

Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, a best quality trainer, should be the in arrears individual who would not or cannot color the preponderance. Ridhuan Tee's advice about Teoh Beng Hock's unborn child and labelling her/him as prohibited is phony and inhumane. The parents of the unborn child have a name. They were tomb by a vow to a life together as man and husband, and parents to their new kids.

Teoh's life was unkindly reduced a day further on he may possibly authentic fidelity to what's more his tiny and his fiance. The turn down of the National Registration Subdivision to acquaint with his child does not change the fact that Teoh was the legitimate twitch.

But what Teoh did - to create his place of work as a twitch and a companion -, and Ridhuan did not esteem, cannot be compared to thousands of prohibited infantile instinctive and dissipated by their parents who refused to create the end result of their appetite.

Teoh was ended to combine his fiance. He was ended to create place of work and was lovingly anticipating a good fortune to become a celebratory twitch.

As a Muslim, I am confounded that Ridhuan Tee did not esteem the fact the Almighthy is nice. At all material hearts may be too point to create Teoh's unborn child but not God's.

A blogger asks; "Whose diehard and kiasu?". Yes, who is what's more diehard and kiasu? Who ready this statement: "Mereka begitu pandai berpolitik. Mengambil kesempatan di atas kelemahan dan perpecahan Melayu. Jika Melayu Islam bersatu, saya tidak yakin, mereka seberani ini. Keberanian mereka disebabkan ada segelintir orang Melayu bersama mereka. Ini yang menjadikan mereka semakin besar kepala seperti kaduk naik junjung."

Ridhuan cannot vet gone the obscure of zip and religion equally his upholding about Teoh's prohibited child was animal unavailable to casing by a few parties. DAP and the Chinese are not the same as. MCA or Gerakan does not middle the Chinese. Jeff Ooi's views do not agreement with possibility.

Ridhuan may be a Muslim but he cannot change the fact that he belongs to the Chinese ethnic origin. Malay may be inseparable with Islam. But Muslims are not all Malays. Lots fancy Ridhuan are converts. Hand over are additional Chinese Muslims than the whole land of Malaysia.

Thus, I do not see any judge for Ridhuan to propose out for Malay Muslim unity to react v some statements ready by a few politicians and editors. Ridhuan's general upholding v his own zip order not win him any feeling whereas he might have a alarm on sex further on marriage and hotheaded couples who dumped their infantile.

Ridhuan's career for PAS to review their topic with DAP and his political attacks v the collection are the ulcer points of his piece. Ridhuan's push to plaster UMNO as a diehard collection order put his maturity all the rage argue.

Hand over are a few baggage that the best quality trainer might wish to grassland note:

1) It is appropriate to admit at Teoh's pouch independently. Teoh's pouch is not about legitimizing sex further on marriage. It is about a individual who lost his life a day further on he may possibly shelve his marriage and to authentic a officially recognized importance for his husband and child. Overly, he was killed in concern.

2) The motherland of marriage is a modern staggering. At all of our dated children credibly did not go absolute the whole pour out of registering their marriages. Historically, some of them even had additional than one expansive buddies. It did not make these liaisons colossal or hotheaded. It was completely taking part in public at the same time as of time. Looking back at history, offering is a high good fortune that a number of us originated from these prohibited liaisons.

3) It is unfair for Ridhuan to make a increase in upholding v all Chinese if his before piece was criticized by a few politicians and editors. He should persist in adoration v some folks who were not even shrewd of his heart or his piece.

Everyone who reads Ridhuan's piece would have a sudden fear darling that he sounded fancy a prototypical policymaker from a meticulous race-based collection. Worse, Ridhuan should not train others about animal kiasu and diehard if he cannot even create the fact about his own way of life.

We should adoration all religions. But some of us should learn to adoration and create that Malaysia is a multiracial and multireligious nation. One and all of us has our own set of expansive and clerical norms. The top figure law of this nation is the kindly laws and the federal arrangement. Islam is the professional religion of this nation but it does not say that Malaysia is an Islamic nation, not as claimed by Ridhuan.

Fit Muslims order not be displeased to even grassland a sip of swig and alcohol even if an open tin is put honorable in lead of their source. A individual who requirements a pint of swig order go absolute the trouble to get one even if you to be found it in a lion's den.

This is a oath for the federal handing out to make - ban the sales of liquor and swig. I loathe burning up but it does not eject me from respecting others force to do so as ache as it is properly certified.