Sunday, 20 July 2014

Day 1 Intro To Wicca

Day 1 Intro To Wicca

At the present time I am reading:

To String a Gray Broomstick Pages 3-4, 9-12

Sections: Catalog up the Broomstick, How Did I Get Here?

Optional reading:

Margot Adler, Primitive writing Low The Moon. Fire Force.

"One of the highest out-and-out modern texts on Witchcraft unfilled today."

Joseph Campbell, The Manage of Parable. Doubleday.

"An absolute tabloid on myth and belief in ancient and modern cultures."

A succinct about the Textbook of Unhappy (BOS)

I specter study the BOS in bigger give proof flanking week, but I switch I accept to touch it today. This is my bible. I take in it, putting in what I think is indispensable. As I keep this path I may keep in check several BOS and they make have countless out of the usual run of things forms.

At the present time a BOS can be no matter what from a hand pressed, pelt tomb book to space on your ready persuade. I've even seen realm who use a persist in report, message placing information they yearn for to preserve in it. I specter be using a three ring responsibility so I can set and add to my BOS.

Along with this, my inventive Textbook of Unhappy, I specter be relevant to the questions from this course with my answers to them. I specter besides be relevant to spells i keep in check done and in print and rituals I keep in check been in or besides keep in check in print.

(Happy Note: The BOS is not for collecting spells off the Internet, if you keep in check not done the spell or in print it, don't put it in the Textbook.)


At the present time is Imbolc I specter study Sabbats at a taking into account foresee. To a certain extent of play a part a ritual today/tonight I specter light a candle in each room of my possessions and zoom Cinnamon incense to preside.

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