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St Alexander The Founder Of The Monastery Of The Unsleeping Ones

St Alexander The Founder Of The Monastery Of The Unsleeping Ones


Saint Alexander, Draftsman of the Monastery of the "Unsleeping Ones," was uneducated in Asia and traditional his growth at Constantinople. He not here some time in multitude service but, sensing a apply for to other service, he no more the world and well-known monastic tonsure in one of the Syrian wilderness monasteries packed Antioch, under the support of igumen Elias. He not here four years in extract accord and monastic step, once upon a time which he traditional from the igumen a blessing to postponement in the run off. Goodbye in the field of the wilderness, the holy man took with him vitality from the monastery, pole the Gospel. The holy man then struggled in the run off for seven years. Afterwards, the Lord summoned him to converse in to pagans.

The saint strong to Christ the on your doorstep metropolitan area superintendent named Rabul, who afterwards was blessed a bishop and for 30 years sated the bishop's cathedra of the metropolitan area of Edessa. As one with Rabul all the on your doorstep colonize well-known First use, and to the lead greeting the ritual they burned their idols in the metropolitan area without stopping. Having helpful the newly-converted in the Be sure about, St Alexander anew went in the field of the run off, wherever by bite the dust he came upon a underground cave of robbers. Bold of the venture that threatened him, he preached the Gospel to them and urged them to repent. In fact, all the robbers did repent. They well-known holy First use, and they reformed their underground cave in the field of a monastery, wherever they dwelt in prayer and reparation. St Alexander looked-for an igumen for them, gave them a monastic rule, and he himself resettled subtle past in the run off.

For confident years he lived in spot on seclusion. But even portray lovers of seclusion began to crowd to the holy man. A monastery emerged, numbering 400 monks. Desiring at this monastery to familiarize level positive feedback to the Lord, the holy man prayed for three years, that the Origin would reveal to him His chi, and having then traditional the mental picture, he initiated at the monastery the at the back order: all the monks were split in the field of 24 watches of prayer. Debatable shifts each hour, day and night they sang in two choirs the Psalms of David, interrupting this single-handedly for the get older of the divine services. The monastery traditional the name " the Unsleeping Ones," in the function of the monks sang positive feedback to God over the day and night.

St Alexander guided the monastery on the Euphrates for twelve years. Afterwards, departure one of his disciples, the full-fledged Advanced Trophimus as its igumen, he set out with some choose by ballot brethren upfront the cities near on Persia, preaching the Gospel in the course of the pagans. When this supporter journeying, St Alexander lived with his monks for a positive while at Antioch. Contemporary he built a church for the city-dwellers, and a home for the not well and expelled with the money that philanthropic Antiochians put at his disposal. Banish, upfront the maneuverings of the controlling, St Alexander was required to move to Constantinople.

Popular he founded a new monastery, in which he moreover initiated a monastic rule of "constant attentiveness." St Alexander and his monks suffered at Constantinople under the Nestorian heretics, permanent beatings and locking up. When this, with the accuse of disorder abated, St Alexander not here the reach days of his life at the Constantinople monastery he founded. He died in from top to toe old age in about the rendezvous 430, once upon a time 50 years of relentless monastic step. He is moreover commemorated on February 23.


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