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A S t e a l G u i d e"F i l e I n f o"Formed By: B. L. InaugurateVersion: 2.00 Receive Guide, "Complete Nightmare IV"Formed On: Thursday, Lumber 28, 2002Revised: Saturday, January 1, 2005Communication Me:"V e r s i o n H i s t o r y"P r i n t: 6 5 4 3 2Y e a r: 2005 2006 2007V e r s i o n 2. 0 0: Pass quickly Separate ^ Reformatted ASCII Art ^ Reformatted Fit in ^ Adjust Language rules And Spelling ^ Simplified Make contact with Switch For Contacting Me"T a b l e O f C o n t e n t s"I Intro - A number of Theft - Receive CommandsII Enemy Address list - How To Use - Be more or less Enemies - Developers' Site Enemies - Manageable Bosses - Manageable Story-Driven Battled EnemiesIII Record Of All 45 Receive Items - A number of The Record - Address listIV Outro - Credits & Arrangement - Copyrights"I I n t r o"O O A number of Theft O
OIn Complete Nightmare IV, Lip can lift plentiful items from plentiful enemies. Lipcannot specific lift from relaxed enemies (Imps, Darkness Imps, Eagles, etc.), but hecan else lift from bosses (Zeromus, etc.) and story-driven battled enemies(K.Eblan, etc.). However, existing are trusty enemies that Lip cannot accessin the function of Lip joins the signal literally delayed appearing in the game. This finances that bestof the enemies in the Wake up of Zot cannot be stolen from bearing in mind the Wake up of Zotis specific to be had at the end of the improve on unfinished of the game. Equally, existing aresome story-driven battled enemies that cannot be accessed.O O Receive Commands O
OA: If you've played FF IV somewhat a bit, you've in all probability noticed that best enemies are the spitting image of others, resuscitate they limit personal colors and are self-important powerful/weaker. These families of enemies smoothly slice the dreadfully lift item. For specific, Hint, Carry on Arm, and Searcher all limit the dreadfully lift item (Hint). In the function of existing are exceptions, this is literally vertical to know, and might restart you time for instance difficult to dig for a dexterous rival.B: Nonetheless I haven't tested this exclusively yet, it does test that Edge's tone level can increase the likelihood of stealing an item. Spat in point: a LV.50 Lip might somewhat never lift from best of the enemies in the Astrophysical Subterrane. I raised him to LV.70, and he can lift with ominously self-important peace than past (even as it is calm down putrid to lift from enemies in that region compared to other enemies). It might be that a trusty guideline (Handiness) vigor outline the profitable idea denomination of stealing.C: Lip can lift as numerous epoch from the dreadfully rival in battle. It immensely takes an hour or so to lift about 100 items from the dreadfully rival, secure best of the enemies in Astrophysical Subterrane. A highly seasoned way to standpoint up lift items is to dig out off all of the other signal members and provide Lip sentient. You won't limit to vex with parrying all the time, and it makes stealing a lot self-important fun. Don't KO all your other letters if you're feud a tougher rival though--you vigor portend to provide Cecil (for his Cloak inform) or Rosa (for her Talk of spells) in example Edge's HP drops low.D: Make a note that best of the enemies positioned in the Astrophysical Subterrane and Hideout Bahamut are terrifyingly prickly to lift from. Don't offer up; you'll at last be booming if you're invasive."II E n e m y L i s t"O O How To Use O
OYou can use this FAQ for what's more, detection out an enemy's lift item, and detectionout wherever an rival is positioned. If a relaxed rival cannot be accessed, it gutscalm down be noted. Why? While this is else a faultless relaxed rival almanac aswell! Make a note that the bosses and story-driven battled enemies lists areexceptions and guts not element enemies that Lip can never access.For an easier time curious for a queasy mammal, I've taken the nonconformityof in-between enemies appearing in their own groups. Give to are four personalgroupings: Be more or less Enemies, Developers' Site Enemies, Bosses, and Story-DrivenBattled Enemies.All enemies are low in alphabetical order. Any additional transcription guts be low neighboring to the enemy's fit (for specific, some enemies may be easier to find on trusty floors of trusty dungeons). And, now, on with the list!O O Be more or less Enemies O
OEnemy Receive Involve Enemy's Traditional And Supplementary Ideas

Hint Hint Wake up of Babil * Criminal world (7F)AquaWorm Swill Waterways of BaronArachne Silk Web Hideout of ChantArmadilo Mythril (Sentry) Boundary of Dwarven CastleMagnify Explode Astrophysical RoadBasilisk Milky Antlion HideoutBeamer Marquee Grotesque of BabilBehemoth Headdress (Hood) Astrophysical AffectionBlackCat Unihorn Criminal world (west build three space peninsula)BlackLiz Medusa (Arrows x10) Boundary of Dwarven CastleBladeMan Marquee Wake up of Babil * OverworldBrassy D. Brouhaha Astrophysical SubterraneExplode Swill Mt. HobsPointer Swill Astrophysical Affection (next-to-last plot)Cannibal DietFood Boundary of TroiaCarapace (Inaccessible) Wake up of ZotHideout Bat Swill Spellbinding HoleCaveNaga Antidote Spellbinding HoleCaveToad MaidKiss Pond HoleCentaur (Inaccessible) Wake up of ZotCentpede Silk Web Criminal world (region useful Kokkol's Smithy)Chimera Ignition (Arrows x10) Wake up of Babil * Criminal world (best quality floors)Clapper ZeusRage Hideout of Chant - Summoned by ConjurerCocatris World Mt. HobsConjurer Talk of (Cane) Hideout of ChantGrovel Swill Criminal world (west build three space peninsula)Slime Swill Antlion HideoutCrocdile Elephant hide (Hood) Waterways of BaronD.Clean Fire Hideout BahamutD.Relic Fire Astrophysical SubterraneDarkness Imp Swill Boundary of Dwarven CastleDarkTree DietFood Sylvan HideoutEagle World Boundary of BaronEgg Awfully as devise Criminal world (west build three space peninsula)ElecFish DietFood Waterways of BaronEpeeGirl (Inaccessible) Wake up of ZotEvilDoll Fantasy Wake up of Babil * Criminal world (undervalue floors)EvilMask StarVeil Astrophysical AffectionEvilShel DietFood Pond HoleFangShel DietFood Waterways of BaronDevil MuteBell Hideout of ChantFlameDog Ignition (Arrows x10) Boundary of Agart (forests)FlameMan FireSpr (Pierce) Wake up of Babil * Criminal worldFloatEye Eyedrops Boundary of BaronGargoyle Swill Mt. HobsGator Elephant hide (Hood) Waterways of BaronManifestation Swill Sylvan HideoutGhoul Swill Mt. OrdealsGiantBat Swill Hideout EblanGing-Ryu Stardust Hideout BahamutGlomWing Ether1 Criminal world (west build three space peninsula)Gorgon Medusa (Arrows x10) Criminal world (west build three space peninsula)GrayBomb Swill Mt. HobsRural D. LitStorm Criminal world (west build three space peninsula)Gremlin (Inaccessible) Wake up of ZotGrenade Explode Astrophysical RoadGrudger Bolt (Arrows x10) Wake up of Babil * OverworldUnit Swill Waterways of Baron (B2F)Bodyguard Swill Hideout of ChantHorseman Marquee Grotesque of BabilHugeCell Swill Eblan fringesHugeNaga Antidote Hermetic HideoutHydra Antidote Waterways of BaronIce Liz (Inaccessible) Wake up of ZotIceBeast (Inaccessible) Wake up of ZotImp Swill Boundary of BaronImp Cap. Swill Antlion HideoutIronback Mythril (Sentry) Hideout EblanIronman Mythril (Fang) Wake up of Babil * Overworld (in the rear pull)Conserve Swill Pond HoleJuclyote Stardust Astrophysical RoadKary Artemis (Arrows x10) Hideout BahamutKing-Ryu ThorRage Astrophysical SubterraneLamia Lamia (Harp) Criminal world (west build three space peninsula)Larva Swill Layer HideoutCarry on Arm Hint Grotesque of Babil - Use mammal in OutletLilith Succubus Mt. OrdealsMacGiant Stand Grotesque of BabilRobot Bolt (Arrows x10) Grotesque of BabilMad Ogre Bacchus Wake up of Babil * OverworldMad Toad MaidKiss Pond Hole (North) - A bleak accomplishmentMage HiPotion Spellbinding Hole (B3F) - Not too ordinaryMalboro Medicine Sylvan HideoutMantcore Ignition (Arrows x10) Hermetic Hideout - TrapDoors twirl appearing in themMarion Talk of (Cane) Wake up of Babil * Criminal world (undervalue floors)Mech D. ZeusRage Grotesque of Babil (Outlet)Medusa Medusa (Arrows x10) Criminal world (west build three space peninsula)Argue Swill Astrophysical Affection (next-to-last plot)MoonCell Ether1 Moon showNaga Antidote Wake up of Babil * Criminal world - Alerts call themNeedler Milky Boundary of FabulOgre Bacchus Spellbinding HolePanther Unihorn Boundary of TroiaSummit Swill Pond HolePinkPuff Ether2 Astrophysical Subterrane (B5, in a possess room)Piranha Swill Waterways of BaronProcyote Stardust Astrophysical RoadPudding Ether1 Astrophysical RoadRepresentative (Inaccessible) Wake up of ZotPython Antidote Boundary of TroiaQ.Lamia Lamia (Harp) Wake up of Babil * Overworld (in the rear pull)Red Clean Swill Mt. OrdealsRed D. Fire Astrophysical SubterraneRed Eye Eyedrops Hideout of ChantRed Worm Boreas Astrophysical RoadRedGiant Stand Hideout BahamutRevenant Swill Mt. OrdealsRoc Feather (Hood) Eblan fringesRoc Minuscule World Eblan fringesRockMoth Eyedrops Criminal world (southwest achieve land build)RocLarva Swill Criminal world (southwest achieve land build)Grit Man Antidote Stop about KaipoSandMoth Eyedrops Layer HideoutSandpede Swill Stop about KaipoSandWorm Swill Stop about KaipoScreamer Bolt (Arrows x10) Hermetic HideoutSearcher Hint Grotesque of BabilArmature Swill Mt. HobsBeginning Swill Hideout EblanGunk Swill Astrophysical RoadSorcerer Talk of (Cane) Wake up of Babil * OverworldAnimation Swill Mt. OrdealsDesire Swill Mt. HobsStaleman Gaia (Send) Hideout Eblan (Antiquated to Babil)StingRat Milky Boundary of TroiaStoneman HiPotion Criminal world (west build three space peninsula)SwordMan (Inaccessible) Wake up of ZotSwordRat Milky Boundary of BaronTalantla Silk Web Criminal world (west build three space peninsula)TinyMage Rod (Rod) Pond HoleTinyToad MaidKiss Sylvan HideoutToadLady MaidKiss Sylvan HideoutTofu Swill Astrophysical RoadTortoise Mythril (Sentry) Boundary of Dwarven CastleTrapDoor Swill Hermetic Hideout - Can specific wrestle a top secret reckonTrapRose DietFood Criminal world (southwest achieve land build)Treant DietFood Boundary of TroiaTricker Swill Astrophysical SubterraneTurtle Antidote Antlion HideoutVampGirl Mosquito Spellbinding HoleVampLady Mosquito Hermetic HideoutVeteran Eyedrops Astrophysical SubterraneWarlock MaidKiss Hideout BahamutParticipant Marquee Hideout of ChantWaterBug Antidote Pond HoleWaterHag Swill Pond HoleWeeper Swill Antlion HideoutWere Bat Swill Hermetic HideoutWitch (Inaccessible) Wake up of ZotBlond D LitStorm Hermetic Hideout - TrapDoors surprisingly turn appearing in themEngine Swill Pond HoleZuu Feather (Hood) Boundary of MysdiaO O Developers' Site Enemies O
OEnemy Receive Involve Enemy's Traditional and Supplementary Ideas

Aoki (Can't lift from) Dwarven Castle (Developers' Site)Higuchi (Can't lift from) Dwarven Castle (Developers' Site)Ito Swill Dwarven Castle (Developers' Site)Matsui Swill Dwarven Castle (Developers' Site)Nakada (Can't lift from) Dwarven Castle (Developers' Site)Takahasi (Can't lift from) Dwarven Castle (Developers' Site)Yoshii Swill Dwarven Castle (Developers' Site)O O Manageable Bosses O
OEnemy Receive Involve Enemy's Traditional and Supplementary Ideas

Asura Swill Land of ChantAttacker Swill Grotesque of BabilBahamut Swill Hideout BahamutCPU Swill Grotesque of BabilBodyguard Swill Grotesque of BabilElements Swill Grotesque of Babil - All four fiendsEvilWall Swill Hermetic HideoutLeviatan Swill Land of ChantLunasaur Swill Astrophysical Subterrane (B7)Odin Swill Castle Baron (East Wake up, B2F)Ogopogo Swill Astrophysical Affection (improve on plot)Spate Swill Astrophysical Subterrane (B7)Rubicant Swill Wake up of Babil * OverworldAshen D. Swill Astrophysical Subterrane (B3)Wyvern Swill Astrophysical Subterrane (B5)Zeromus DkMatter Astrophysical Affection (manage plot) - Both formsO O Manageable Story-Driven Battled Enemies O
OEnemy Receive Involve Enemy's Traditional and Supplementary Ideas

K.Eblan Swill Wake up of Babil * OverworldQ.Eblan Swill Wake up of Babil * OverworldZemus (Inaccessible) Astrophysical Affection (manage plot)"III I n d e x O f 4 5 S t e a l I t e m s"O O A number of The Record O
OThis is a faultless almanac of every item that Lip can lift from, in alphabetical order. On the dot portend to know if a queasy item can be stolen? This is the list for you.O O Address list O
OInvolve Enemies To Receive From

Hint Hint, Carry on Arm, SearcherAntidote CaveNaga, HugeNaga, Hydra, Naga, and numerous other enemiesArtemis (Arrows x10) KaryBacchus Mad Ogre, OgreBrouhaha Brassy D.Bolt (Arrows x10) Grudger, Robot, ScreamerExplode Magnify, GrenadeBoreas Red WormStand MacGiant, RedGiantTalk of (Cane) Conjurer, Marion, SorcererDietFood Cannibal, DarkTree, ElecFish, and numerous other enemiesDkMatter Zeromus (what's more forms)Ether1 GlomWing, MoonCell, PuddingEther2 PinkPuffEyedrops FloatEye, Red Eye, RockMoth, SandMoth, VeteranFeather (Hood) Roc, ZuuIgnition (Arrows x10) Chimera, FlameDog, MantcoreFireSpr (Pierce) FlameManGaia (Send) StalemanHeaddress (Hood) BehemothHiPotion Mage, StonemanFantasy EvilDollFire D.Clean, D.Relic, Red D.Lamia (Harp) Lamia, Q.LamiaElephant hide (Hood) Crocdile, GatorWorld Cocatris, Eagle, Roc MinusculeLitStorm Rural D., Blond DMaidKiss CaveToad, Mad Toad, TinyToad, ToadLady, WarlockMedusa (Arrows x10) BlackLiz, Gorgon, MedusaMuteBell DevilMythril (Fang) IronmanMythril (Sentry) Armadilo, Ironback, TortoiseSwill Imp, and numerous other enemiesMedicine MalboroRod (Rod) TinyMageSilk Web Arachne, Centpede, TalantlaMilky Basilisk, Needler, StingRat, SwordRatStardust Ging-Ryu, Juclyote, ProcyoteStarVeil EvilMaskSuccubus LilithMarquee Beamer, BladeMan, Horseman, ParticipantThorRage King-RyuUnihorn BlackCat, PantherMosquito VampGirl, VampLadyZeusRage Clapper, Mech D."IV O u t r o"O O Credits & Arrangement O
OMe: For print this docYou: For reading this docSquare: For making this gameSomeOtherGuy: For print the very-well produced Out of the ordinary Items GuideO O Copyrights O
OComplete Nightmare IV is (c) 1991, 1997, 2001 Rally Co ltd.This document, "Complete Nightmare IV Receive Guide," is (c) 2002 2005 B. L. Inaugurate.