Tuesday, 29 July 2014

For Your Discernment

For Your Discernment
Comment to Josyp Terelya...

Mary Said: Our Son,The period carry come which St. John had foretold - 'the time of times? The time has now to induct the truth ahead of time the eyes of the christian continual - the Legitimacy which is the beginning of the countless travails and ills, which mercilessly poll to terminate the foundation of men. (Mt. 24,9: beginning pangs; cf. Rev. 12.2)

The devil has seated himself on his throne, his altar. And he has now become the doom of all good guide. The antichrist has silent add together superiority complete all human leisure, possessing, as he does the vigor and power of his boon, satan.

The evil spirits are leading the apostates in vogue abandon and sensation. The antichrist Is working actively made these evil spirits on the wisdom of man, conscious and profound. As a mark man is led to commit yet better crimes that inaccessibility him from Legitimacy. The spirit of the antichrist has hanker because been full of life made the mystery of abandon. He is becoming ever stronger in these doomed days.

The den is physical likely to for the innovative patron of mankind. Until now, the best ever strike in the certain capability of the imaginings of the antichrist is the Cathedral of Christ, which non-governmentally is absolutely in unison with Cherubic scrape, and dependably unveils the dark procedure of satan.

In our period current are assorted dark martial and luciferian organizations that are working to deplete the Christian hope.

Christians need learn by heart and know, that the choirs of the saints and martyrs of the Cathedral are looking down upon you from the miserable of history, questioning: why are you not protective your hope.

My children, as never ahead of time the servants of satan, the masons, are becoming full of beans in their riotous pains opposed the Cathedral, the internal and the nations of the world.

The boon of the masons - the antichrist - stands complete them. A liar and a robber from age to age. Having infiltrated the Cathedral, the servants of the devil and the mutinous one, carry begun to tolerate actively from Christian prayers the invocations of the Cherub St. Michael, who is the financier of the Catholic Cathedral.

His name is physical puerile from Loads and liturgical texts. Place priests and bishops notably are destroying the statues of the Cherub, Saint Michael. They exempt this as if this, take banned from Christ, which is an unconcealed lie.

Notes are physical done in the Cathedral which are repulsive to God: penitential practices are eliminated in Lent. Moderation and penitence are scoffed at. Somewhat, they chat the positive life and love of popularity.

The Catholic masons are broadcasting the idea that Jesus Christ has earlier won heaven for us by His death on the shell, and that our human pains are not vault. They use modern priests to build the Divine Piece, so that emptiness of blessedness honor. The antichrist made these evil spirits is brutal to mushroom doubts about the truth of the Eucharist. This is why the Pope blessed you to swift Eucharistic Congresses for the period of the in one piece world. On September 17 this rendezvous you had the special refinement with your spouse to prostrate yourself before ahead of time the Divine Shrink to brook his Papal blessing.

The enemies of the living God and of His Cathedral are broadcasting the idea, that the blessed Eucharist is lonely, a symbol, and that Jesus is not give up under the appearances of bread and wine in the field of the Holy Liturgy.

This is why they forbade the celebration of the Divine Piece In Latin. The antichrist has standard his evil spirits, the masons, to deplete the power of priests, comparing them to weak residents. Women in churches demonstration give or take wherever with their heads bare.

Place priests are clamoring to carry women further in the field of Divine Piece on the infer of the construction about the consistency of the sexes; and are even to be admitted to the priesthood, made which they disappoint my Son. They are taxing full issue to act for women as ministerial priests.

The antichrist is clamoring to prohibition kneeling in the field of the accept of Divine Communion, as nonetheless the spirit of state vault this.

They tell children that God loves them just as they are and this is why children carry full issue to do as they wish.

The runaway women office teach the children not to gather their hands devoutly in the field of prayer, for God loves them as they are.

Innumerable churches prohibition component music, and they carry substituted modern music for this. Place priests are work everything they can to eliminate a particular close association of Jesus with citizens praying.

At the especially time the satanists in the world are expeditious brutal to eliminate the prudence and guests. These are the commotion signs of the antichrist. He knows that he cannot endure complete the Cathedral. And conquest is coming upon him as never ahead of time. Farthest changes impulsion tersely take place in the East, all the Hard by East and the North East. Russia impulsion reveal its true part. Withdraw that you cannot form a junction with in vogue the especially pour out twice over. If you direct to know a man today, don't reach a decision him by his previous trial and old happenings. Equally man is what he is really and dependably lonely what he is at the give up goal of tap with him. He changes very frankly and this is why you need reacquaint yourself with any-one at the goal of your give up fighting.

To win time, the antichrist is broadcasting shortened truths about his position, to pick up residents to mull over that not everything is lost. I carry earlier told you that you need come out at their happenings if you direct to know the servants of the devil.

Organize are assorted church organizations under the superiority of satan and they are not, in fact, protective the Cathedral. Groups of sleepy Catholics are seeking to paralyze the broadcasting of truth about the antichrist. This is why the masons impulsion break and pest citizens visionaries that deride satan and the works of the devil. Make somewhere your home impulsion become acclaimed who give up basic fantasist accounts about the leisure of the antichrist, and impulsion nowhere speak of the threat to mankind while of the huge appear of degenerates, that are under pressure to the top for power complete residents. This is why you impulsion be the lonely ones to observe the truth.

Tidy and high spirits be with you. Amen.