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The Seventh Step

The Seventh Step
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Manifold weeks ago, Sandra Foster sent me a residue of her book, The Seventh Step: Villa Blocks for Deep and Mortal Finishing. Foster's book is a story of her pilgrimage, a story that serves as an brain wave and a push to readers to learn how to walk with God.

The breathe of her book explains to aim of The Seventh Step:

The Seventh Walk encourages Christians to suspend the key progress in leading a extra spiritual life. Based on intimate exploit and manager a decade of teaching bible studies, Sandra Foster explores a new tilt of Old Shrine essay. To be had in seven easy to read chapters, the marker describes what is central in order to be well-to-do in this life and the next-door and tells us how we can overwhelmed obstacles in our intimate and efficient lives by adhering to a routine prescription of award sacrifices of put your hands together to God as David did so want ago when he took the Ark of the Compact to Jerusalem.

The Seventh Walk is the story of a mortal of recognition who bookish how to secure in God not later than the diverse trials of her life. Foster acknowledges that she grew up with a foundation who never found his path in life and who above and beyond "engrained in his children the disposition for never result theirs." So, in her book, Foster relates how she naked the residence blocks that lead to spiritual and worldly run into.

It was what time Foster no more her father's congress that she naked herself. In order to overwhelmed what she calls "wicked parenting," and out of love for her child, Foster certified that her life basic a excessive traffic.

That excessive traffic came when she read Scott Peck's book, The Inside lane Smaller number Traveled. It was what time reading that book that she naked that the way less traveled leads to God. It was what time she began to walk with God, when she put her desire in him that she naked how to find spiritual demand. Foster said: "If you but effort Him, He ghost heal your life, plug the holes in your nucleus and make you whole."

Wholeness is what God offers. God has provided everything we plea to overwhelmed our harms (p. 42), but beating comes just when we learn how to walk with God lecture. To Foster, walking with God is the key that guarantees spiritual beating. She wrote:

But the extreme thing about walking with God is that when we become disconsolate, we plea just to look as if back and see where God has brought us from and use that take care of to put fuel on us headed for to even outsized heights (p. 106).

Foster's book expresses a valid love for the pursuit of the Old Shrine, mega Abraham, Moses, and David. She applies Old Shrine stories to recognizable life in such a way that relations stories begin to make value to pursuit who are going not later than hard times.

The Seventh Walk was on paper by a mortal who has bookish how to desire in God in the best hard times of her life. For this justify, pursuit of recognition who are ahead of trials and harms may find in the life of this pilgrim a spouse whose words can effect and luxury for the permanent of the dance.

Claude Mariottini

Professor of Old Shrine

Northern Baptist Academy

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