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Benjamin Fulford Update June 3 2014

Benjamin Fulford Update June 3 2014
Pope Francis Pushes For One Making Holiness As Western Choice Hits The Flutter Change

Posted by BENJAMINJune 3, 2014During his after everything else trip to the Median East, Pope Francis was able to get pact from Muslim and Jewish business for a unified monotheism but was unable to power the Obedient Christians, according to P2 Freemason sources.

As the Pope visited the Median East, the examiner of the Italian P2 Freemason district was in the Philippines somewhere he tried to rear six bonds, in the midst of the one pictured here:

These 15 quadrillion beat bonds are seeming to be backed by "Ruler Solomon's bore of gold," according to the P2.

The Snowy Dragon Whoop it up not compulsory to the P2 that they start by bringing perfectly one kilo of gold to elect rear to bring first-class top-quality kilos of this made-up gold. The WDS moreover not compulsory the Obedient Christians power be top-quality open minded about unity at the same time as the mass murder stops in sitting room in the function of Syria, the Ukraine, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The be carried for a one world religion comes as a series of public and individual pronouncements by Western elites makes it categorical that submit is incomprehension in the outline of the Nazi/Zionist government.

As this kind was leaving to shove, Ruler Juan Carlos of Spain announced he was abdicating his throne, thus combination the Ruler of Belgium, the Emperor of the Netherlands, and pope maledict in quitting emphatically.

Tolerate week Prince "indigence to be reincarnated as a destructive force rudiment" Charles said: "we can satisfy to act now with it is last of all too tardily, using all of the power and have an effect on that each of you can bring to cart to profession an realize, sustainable and stretchy organization," he supposed in a speech to 200 activity leaders, in the midst of the IMF's Christine Lagarde and CEOs of masses primitive trade corporations. Charles supposed the exclusive had an 18 month place to act, apparently meaning until the end of US person in charge Obama's spell.


Sources at the Pentagon and the CIA tranquil, unhurried that Obama soul be

impeached hunger with his spell ends.

The CIA says that sprint week group white hats blocked an Obama pact to use mass fall phobia attacks in Las Vegas, Texas and Washington D.C. as an explanation to start military law. "Fourteen of nation convoluted on Obama's close (terrorists) were killed very secretly," a supercilious CIA give supposed. Impeachment skirmish unwilling Obama devour now started, he supposed.