Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Remember To Vote

Remember To Vote
The other day, on one of the plentiful chitchat forums that I am a zealot of, someone believed that the way to rise excellent the gunk of the diplomatic path, to not be miserable religiously by politics, is to not to contention part in the process; in other words, entirely do not selection if you defense about the reveal of your foundation.

To me, this was a good joke.

If you obtain that politics, with its commericals and mud-slinging, dirties your foundation, by all major, predilection free not to selection.

But let me buy you a hint, you and your foundation are miserable by the diplomatic path. Choosing not to pay any concentration to the path does not take your soul; in fact, it capacity actually put it in snooty danger than actually undiluted for diplomatic bureau would.

I understand wherever the nothion that politics is naughty to the foundation comes from. And yes, it can be, provided that one's experiences in life helps to rush or hinden the upgrading of the foundation.

But this characteristic unwarranted comes from the plan that the spiritual is unfailingly good, and the flesh (regard) is unfailingly evil.

Of course, what really worries me is that the newspaper columnist advocating this plan was a pagan/wiccan. They capacity cause to move to go back to Wicca 101.

As a pagan/wiccan/ceremonial magician that has some knowledge of kabbalah, rosicrucian philosophy, hermetics, and alchemy, I know that the chart itself is part of the foundation.

Almost certainly a long time ago you are dead, in all probability later you courage no longer be miserable by politics. But as fancy as you are living, your chart and worry are miserable by politics, as a result so is your foundation.

Live in who did not selection to the same degree the German oppressor was undiluted for bureau did not do their souls any favors. Not ballot vote for the other guy was definite vaguely untouchable than adherent the oppressor.

Live in who say that we want not get functional in politics, that we want not selection, ignore that it is evil to allow evil to mount unimpeded.

(Not that I mull over that human being undiluted this form is evil, but one need endowment that they courage be in a locate to leave behind a lot of dreariness.)

They mull over that by not impermanent, it in some way makes them holy. And if they do not wish to contention the expectation to become an expert voting member, it is a pleasant outfit, (these are maybe the extremely competition who cast money spells and do not go segregate out job applications and later duty the gods for not getting them work).

And so their foundation rots from inaction, having missed the crack to help get one part of the world a regularity earlier to redemption.