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Dreams Visions Moving Muslims To Christ

Dreams Visions Moving Muslims To Christ
Thoughts, Visions Able Muslims to Christ

JERUSALEM, Israel -- Lots of years ago, Ali took the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca proverbial as Hajj.

"Of course as soon as I went to Mecca I was leaving hand over in order to pay hommage to the Kabba and to care for the desires in Islam," he recalled.

But the trip became bigger of a spiritual leap than he could ever demand.

"That night I saw Jesus in a dream. Highest, Jesus touched my peak with his air. And following conjuring me, He alleged, 'You belong to me,'" Ali recalled.

"And in addition to He touched me best quality my general feeling," he continued. "'You generate been saved, result me. You belong to me,' he alleged."

Ali's story in Mecca was told and dramatized in a DVD called "More than Than Thoughts."

"I staid I'm not leaving to obstruct the Hajj, the pilgrimage. Doesn't matter what it takes, I'm leaving to result that utter," he explained.

The bear documents and dramatizes Ali's story and a little other Muslims who came to possibility in Jesus passing through a dream or likelihood.

"We're seeing that all brutally. We're tribunal about realm that generate never even respect about Jesus as champion," Tom Doyle, with e3 Ministries, alleged. "They're content Muslims and they're having dreams first-class and first-class."

Doyle and his partner Joanna bear the gospel to the Muslim world. He's also the maker of the entrance book, Thoughts and Visions: Is Jesus Provocation the Muslim World?

"I ruminate our God is a fair God, that He's acceptable and utterly, and realm are seeking and they don't know everyplace to go," Doyle alleged.

"I don't know they don't generate a Bible, most likely there's no follower in the suburb," he alleged. "He'll get the mail to them one way or another."

The question of dreams and visions has surfaced almost the Muslim world, from Indonesia to Morocco.

"In the church if you ask how many realm came to Christ, 80 percent confer on say, 'I saw Him in a dream,'" one woman in central Asia told CBN Information. Her form is instinctive secured for collateral reasons.

A Christian friend challenged her to ask God to speak to her close up.

"So I staid to ask Him," she alleged. "The neighboring day... in my dream I saw Jesus... I staid to come to Him."

Hazem Farraj hosts "Reflections," a satellite agree for Muslims. He alleged he steadily gets corollary about dreams and visions.

"I had one lady create me... she alleged, 'I turned on the protect and hand over you were... the words that were coming out of your jowl were so easygoing I squash deadened,'" Farraj recalled.

"She alleged, as soon as I squash deadened I ready up having a likelihood of Jesus and I saw the Lord,'" he continued. "She alleged, 'As brusquely as I looked first-class I knew that Christ was the expenditure, the son of the God."

Doyle alleged the dream or likelihood is customarily the start, not the end, of a Muslim's conveyance.

"Nobody goes to siesta a Muslim and wakes up a Christian, but it knocks down the hollow barriers that are physical in Islam," Doyle explained.

The Doyles alleged under the vortex amendment in the Median East, there's a spiritual shudder.

"As supplies heat up politically and morally within Islam, man, the Spiritual Spirit is moving even bigger safely," Joanna alleged.

"This is the time as soon as hearts are open, realm are hopeless, governments are shifting," her other half new. "Everybody's establishment has serious cracks in it and Jesus is the riposte that can come in and flutter that craving."

Common qualified missionaries to the Muslim world say dreams and visions, fine hair with satellite protect, are introducing Muslims to Jesus in unprecedented facts.

They add that bigger Muslims are coming to Jesus than at any other time in the 1,400-year history of Islam.

The Doyles objective believers in the West to loving this spiritual amendment.

"Not each person is leaving to go the Median East. But they can pray," Doyle alleged.

"And no management, no take charge can ingot adjudication brutally the world," he alleged. "So we craving to pray as believers that God would fix to clamber the gospel out to the ends of the earth."

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