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Comselh Madriax Circle Of The Heavens An Enochian Macrocosmic Ritual

Comselh Madriax Circle Of The Heavens An Enochian Macrocosmic Ritual
This ritual is the macrocosmic go with to the COMSELH AOIVEAE, and was experienced behind with that ritual for our magical working group, Comselh Ananael. It is based on an quicker ritual of seek called the MADRIAX which recycled the symbol of the heptagram in harmony with its basic symbolism drawn from John Dee's "Heptarchia Mystica". The angels of the "Heptarchia" do not take place on the Great Raised ground and are unmistakably excessive and attributed to the days of the week. Respectively day has a Sovereign and Prince who uphold finicky offices and operate convincingly darling a excessive cause and spirit, time the variation is not physically as on the dot as it is with Agrippa's excessive ranking. In general, the Kings are related with knowledge and learning and the Princes with commonplace accomplishments. The ruling angels of the group are CARMARA and HAGONEL, who do not expression to be helix to any lone day, time in the Heptarchia their conjurations take place behind with individuals for the Sovereign and Prince related to Monday.

The COMSELH MADRIAX does not use the total of the heptagram at the plentiful directional points but that of the Unicursal Hexagram. The extraordinarily total is recycled in the microcosmic COMSELH AOIVEAE and this is a break from the Blond Cock-crow tradition. The Blond Cock-crow recycled the pentagram to embody the microcosm and the customary bicursal hexagram to embody the macrocosm, which they related to the mold of the Able or 5=6. The Unicursal Hexagram is a hybrid symbol - it can embody the elements (as not worth it in Aleister Crowley's "List of Thoth" or in an quicker knowledge lectures of the Blond Cock-crow) or it can embody the planets, as it is sometimes recycled by modern magicians. Israel Regardie was one of the basic advocates of this subsequent classification, very because it legal a Hexagram of the Sun to be drawn from the focal outline. Notwithstanding, even bearing in mind recycled in a excessive context the total retains its elemental symbolism and is less apposite than the customary hexagram for countrified excessive operations. To join a customary Blond Cock-crow Hexagram of the Sun it is vital to hint all six excessive hexagrams, which as Michael Sandborn observations in "The Unicursal Hexagram as Hyperbola" is a "lovely isometric use up."

The obtainable from the Blond Cock-crow pentagram/hexagram symbolism is ashore in the essential concepts of operant magick. The Operant Grazing land Shape proposes that the keep an eye on of the magician corresponds to a fork effect that is chic as consciousness. This is termed the Hush-hush Grazing land. Fields are besides bent by reckon stow, and these fields knit fashionable big fields bearing in mind individuals stow haunt. These are called Transpersonal Fields. The magician is mild to express stow because he or she has skilled the courteous fork to group with a transpersonal fork that contains individuals stow and along with is mild to use firm sense to attack them. Significantly, magick is practicable bearing in mind the Hush-hush Grazing land and a Transpersonal Grazing land are conjoined. Bringing the macrocosmic and microcosmic realms fashionable alignment in this good taste is the basic time of the opening rituals, such as individuals of the pentagram and hexagram.

The Unicursal Hexagram is an genre glyph to comprehensive this, very if it is considered as a mold of a hyperbola. Michael Sandborn's "The Unicursal Hexagram as Hyperbola" was very key in the design of this ritual and its complement, even moreso than it was in the development of our different Minor Ritual of the Hexagram. The interesting thing about the hyperbola is that from a arithmetic feelings submit are not two curves, but one, even time the total is drawn as two arcs facing in transpose advice that do not take place to certain. If the exclusive storm is envisioned as the Transpersonal realm and the cut down storm is envisioned as the Hush-hush Grazing land, along with this total is really ideally respectable for use in complementary rituals designed to comprehensive the harmony of the two realms, uniting that which at basic appears to be bifurcate.

The points of the Unicursal Hexagram may be attributed to the planets, time as Sanborn mentions in his item it is not accusatory that a excessive form can actually be drawn from the basis outline. The excessive form retains its elemental type which be in agreement effectively with the classification of the total in the COMSELH AOIVEAE. The customary excessive calibrate recycled for any forms of the hexagram is based on the Tree of Twinkle, mostly the publish of spheres 3-9. The elemental attributions can be found in the write down on the COMSELH AOIVEAE. Combining the excessive and elemental attributions yields the following:

* Top Point: Saturn = Animated Essence
* Peak Right: Jupiter = Wash
* Peak Left: Mars = Hatchet
* Adorn Right: Venus = Kingdom
* Adorn Left: Mercury = Air
* Plot Point: Moon = Unresponsive Essence

Attributing Animated Essence to Saturn may expression odd considering Saturn is customarily seen in astrology as in place of limit and shop, but Saturn besides is the Lord of Establishment and stands in for all three supernal spheres. In this calibrate it signifies the accomplishments of the Aerate, place as the Moon signifies the accomplishments of the Kingdom. The top and story points are big than the fly points because they embody the active and unmoving polarities that go on put out to the other four elements. The customary hexagram is a spare "countrified" excessive symbol considering it reflects a thoroughly on the edge calibrate of the planets by virtue of having six different points.

Banishing and invoking planets using the Unicursal Hexagram works merely differently than banishing and invoking elements. In the company of elements, the total is traced near the outline attributed to the element to call up and to one side from the outline attributed to the element to banish. In the company of planets, the total is traced starting at the outline attributed to the furrow moving clockwise to call up and counter-clockwise to banish. As noted in Sanborn's piece of work, this presents a industry because submit is no way to join a fully clockwise or counter-clockwise Unicursal Hexagram - the "curve" in the signify of the total guide that the tracing heart consistently move advice in the course of finishing the arrangement. How this is prepared is to move clockwise or counter-clockwise from the turn of the outline from which the total is survival traced.

In the COMSELH AOIVEAE, the Unicursal Hexagrams are traced to the four advice in such a way that the temple is envisioned as a two-dimensional space. The largest part of spirit - that is, the path followed by the Lightning Flicker and Serpent of View - is represented by the third largest part of the space, the truthful pivot. In the COMSELH MADRIAX, the Unicursal Hexagrams are traced in a three-dimensional arrangement to form a resound with the mold of the Sun at its basis. The spiritual largest part can no longer be modeled as the truthful pivot and is along with represented as off-ramp inward and apparent moderately than upward and overcome. This reflects the true macrocosmic arrangement of the fields twisted - for the Hush-hush Grazing land to tidy a Transpersonal Grazing land, the fork that is chic as consciousness condition result apparent to carry out spare of the pause than place the reckon self. This is why religious studies is an answer part of any magical practice - it teaches the come into view of the self onwards the scam boundaries imposed by courteous perceptions.

The precise boil of the ritual calls upon the Governors, twelve Angels that nation-state best quality the plentiful parts of the earth and are related to the signs of the Zodiac. Like the Angels of the Heptarchia, these Governors do not take place on the Stop of the Watchtowers and embody the countrified enthusiasm of the signs of the Zodiac. As an comment, make a note that these twelve Governors are not the extraordinarily as the Holy names of the ninety-one Parts of the Kingdom, which do take place on the Stop, apart from the fact that the Blond Cock-crow Enochian group refers to the Parts of the Kingdom as "the Governors." It is accusatory from the warm piece in Dee's diaries that bearing in mind the Angels make repeat to the Governors, they mean these twelve Zodiacal Governors and not the Parts of the Kingdom.

Benjamin Rowe makes the stakeout observations in "The 91 Parts of the Earth: Launch":

It should be emphasized that these Parts are not "governors of the Aethyrs", as has been innocently designed by some writers. The name of the Personality does not call up a finicky survival, but right a given social class of the Enochian pause, with its lone guise. Nor does the Personality in any way "nation-state" the Aethyr of which it is a percentage. One can view the collaboration in the midst of Parts and Aethyrs as survival be over to the collaboration in the midst of the decanates of the zodiac and the signs of which they are a boil. The About of the Personality is not the Personality itself, but one of the unnamed ministers who dwells therein.

Every part of part is governed by one of twelve "Zodiacal Kings", who is related with one of the Tribes of Israel. The angels did not go on Dee an special wobble of their zodiacal attributes; he was told to convoy it from the related event. Observably he never did so. In these visions, the stakeout group of attributes was recycled, which differs from any Agrippa group with which Dee was in the swing of things, and the G.D. group.

* Aries = Alpudus = Isacarah
* Taurus = Hononol = Iehudah
* Gemini = Zarzilg = Nephthalim
* Swelling = Gebabal = Asseir
* Leo = Olpaged = Dan
* Virgo = Cadaamp = Benjamin
* Libra = Zarnaah = Manasse
* Scorpio = Arfaolg = Ephraim
* Sagittarius = Lavavot = Gad
* Capricorn = Zurchol = Simeon
* Aquarius = Ziracah = Ruben
* Pisces = Zinggen = Zabulon

The logic of this group is based on the image of the Tribes depicted in Force out 2, bring in with Dee's plan of that image. In attendance are precise practicable systems that may well be consequent from these sources; the one actually recycled was chosen by foresight as the scale oath were assessed.

Rowe's attributions of the Governors to the signs are recycled in the precise boil of this ritual.

Personality I: THE PLANETS

In attendance is no finicky opening step in this ritual that is opposite number to sections I and IV of the pentagram ritual, considering it is said that this ritual is encapsulated by the COMSELH AOIVEAE. By this I mean that you perform the COMSELH AOIVEAE up finished "Notice, the circle of stars, and I the terrific in the midst," perform this ritual, perform spare ritual work as you heart, and spin with boil IV of the COMSELH AOIVEAE. As such, the opening has rather than been done and the closing heart be performed stakeout the termination of whatever spare ritual work is survival done.

* Twist the east. If the Holy Raised ground is lead into, stand to the west of it. In all hand baggage, you heart be casting with a leg on each side of the Holy Raised ground to the transpose fly of the Forehead, so "turn to the south" guide to move to the north of the Raised ground facing south. In the east, hint the Unicursal Hexagram of Mars in red and wobble BABALEL (BAH-bah-lel).
* Loop to the south. In the south, hint the Unicursal Hexagram of Mercury in white and wobble BNASPOL (BNAS-pohl).
* Loop to the west. In the west, hint the Unicursal Hexagram of Jupiter in green and wobble BYNEPOR (BY-neh-pohr).
* Loop to the north. In the north, hint the Unicursal Hexagram of Venus in black and wobble BALIGON (BAH-lee-gohn). These basic four planets are attributed according to the evenness of the related element on the Unicursal Hexagram.
* Use instead to the east, finishing the circle. Addition you or upper the Holy Raised ground in audacity of you, hint the Unicursal Hexagram of Saturn in blond purple and wobble BNAPSEN (BNAP-sen).
* Underneath you or underneath the Holy Raised ground in audacity of you hint the Unicursal Hexagram of the Moon in important mauve and wobble BLUMAZA (blu-MAH-zah).
* Trace a heptagram (or heptangle) nearly your item, starting at the excessive outline and moving clockwise, in blond yellow-gold. As a consequence fastener your hands best quality your item and wobble BOBOGEL (BOH-boh-ghel).


The twelve zodiacal Governors are now called upon in a widdershins circle that counterbalances the deosil circle of hexagrams. As of with Aries in the east, the magician traces the sign attributed to the Official the same as vibrating the name. He or she along with moves 30 degrees widdershins and does the extraordinarily for the subsequently Official in the series (Taurus in this wrapping). If the banners are lead into padding the circle they may be bejeweled with the commandeer sign and Official name in additional room to the Spot of God, which heart aid memorization. This action is common until the magician has complete a full widdershins circumambulation of the Forehead and is once more facing east.

* In the east, hint the sigil of Aries in red and wobble ALPUDUS (AL-puh-dus).
* Loop 30 degrees counter-clockwise. To the east-northeast hint the sigil of Taurus in red and wobble HONONOL (HOH-noh-nol).
* Loop 30 degrees counter-clockwise. To the north-northeast hint the sigil of Gemini in black and wobble ZARZILG (ZAR-zeelg).
* Loop 30 degrees counter-clockwise. To the north hint the sigil of Swelling in black and wobble GEBABAL (GEH-bah-bahl).
* Loop 30 degrees counter-clockwise. To the north-northwest hint the sigil of Leo in black and wobble OLPAGED (OHL-pah-ged).
* Loop 30 degrees counter-clockwise. To the west-northwest hint the sigil of Virgo in green and wobble CADAAMP (KAH-dah-ahmp).
* Loop 30 degrees counter-clockwise. To the west hint the sigil of Libra in green and wobble ZARNAAH (ZAR-nah-ah).
Loop 30 degrees counter-clockwise. To the west-southwest hint the sigil of Scorpio in green and wobble ARFAOLG (AR-fah-olg). * Loop 30 degrees counter-clockwise. To the south-southwest hint the sigil of Sagittarius in white and wobble LAVAVOT (LAH-vah-voht).
* Loop 30 degrees counter-clockwise. To the south hint the sigil of Capricorn in white and wobble ZURCHOL (ZUR-khol).
* Loop 30 degrees counter-clockwise. To the south-southeast hint the sigil of Aquarius and wobble ZIRACAH (ZEER-ah-kah).
* Loop 30 degrees counter-clockwise. To the east-southeast hint the sigil of Pisces in red and wobble ZINGGEN (ZEENG-gehn).
* Loop 30 degrees counter-clockwise, finishing the circle and recurring to air the east. Distribute the Sign of Apophis and Typhon and wobble TA CALZ I OROCHA (TAH KAHL-zod EE or-OH-cha - "As upper the firmament so underneath").

* Solve for a result and intricate the energies of the planets and Zodiac coming fashionable survival, uniting the microcosmic and macrocosmic universes. The full prediction for this ritual consists of:

* The full COMSELH AOIVEAE prediction.
* Solar Unicursal Hexagrams to the four give shelter to in the four directional colors, merging with the directional hexagrams of the COMSELH AOIVEAE.
* The Unicursal Hexagram of Saturn upper in blond purple and that of the Moon underneath in important mauve
* The Solar Heptagram in blond gold nearly your item. It is within the pentagram you traced best quality yourself in the opening of the COMSELH AOIVEAE.
* The full circle of the Zodiac, drawn onwards the hexagrams so that it seems to extend to the edges of the cosmos.
* All of these elements merged together fashionable a being in your right mind whole, which is the magical fork.

Personality III: Buff

This step varies depending on whether you are using this ritual as a banishing or as an chant, and whether or not it is survival recycled with other ritual work. If the ritual is survival recycled in conjunction with any other ritual work perform this concluded part as in black and white. If it is survival performed as a banishing to accusatory a space or rescue magical influences, lose to step 3. If it is survival performed as an chant to commit a general pen of energy to serialized magical possessions or as a newspaper practice, respite at step 1. CARMARA is the name of the Sovereign who policy best quality the concluded Heptarchy of Angels.

* If you are substitute spare ritual work, make the Sign of Rending the Confuse, as time parting a draw to a close cloak in audacity of you with any hands, and recite MADRIAX CARMARA YOLCAM LONSHI (MAH-dree-ahx kar-MAH-rah YOHL-kahm LOHN-shee - "O ye heavens of CARMARA, bring forth power").
* Go off any spare ritual work in the sphere of, to its termination.
* Distribute the Sign of Beyond question the Confuse, as time closing a draw to a close cloak in audacity of you with any hands, and intone: MADRIAX CARMARA ADRPAN LONSHI (MAH-dree-ahx kar-MAH-rah, AHD-rpahn LOHN-shee - "O ye heavens of CARMARA, cast down power").

At this outline, the termination to the AOIVEAE is performed, and the ritual is over.