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The oldest name of Brahma is Sanat-Kumara (see our Serpents vs.
Adamites for pompous on this
). This would be part of what is called the
Sanatana Dharma. Brahma was ended at home a Idol for the "ones unqualified
of inner truth, the ones who cannot Spill the beans it."

The Handiwork shows design, mathematically especially design. Ergo, it was
theorized that acquaint with prerequisite be an go-between or chief, or oblige, which
creates and maintains all thump, as if forming thump at home a
geometric version, preserving it for awhile (coagule), and later
dissolving it (look after). This is Brahma. But this is pompous honest

Brahma has two vocabulary in section to the concept and all that
exists in the cosmos:

1. it is absolutely transcendental or outer of it.

2. it is absolutely go and infused someplace in this concept.

Every one, at the dreadfully time.

Every one 1 and 2 consider two aspects that can be Known: gentle and successful.

Transcendental, the gentle is called ASAT. This is regular
dissolution back at home The One. This "Big Gnaw" is called Pralaya.

Transcendental, the successful is called SAT. This is Hub and the Sat
(set down the five Tan or Tanmatri principals it manifests in this
) maintains Hub. "The One"

The absolutely go and infused aspect, the gentle is exposed by the
conspire that machine (and energy) chime to make the thump in the concept
chime real, and yet for instance you try to come out at machine, you see no matter which
that is innate acted upon. Question: acted upon by What? Answer: the
Sat but this is now the Sat in the form of ATMA which procedure "Infused
" i.e., Black Flame.

The absolutely go and infused aspect, the successful is ATMA. The
Atma has no character (draw near to machine and energy do), but it brings about
conversion in everything that exists, to clear-cut degrees. Yet the
Atma itself is unchanging because it is, in truth, THE SAT, And it is
the Exact ATMA in ALL living thump. "The All"

We reverse the successful and gentle in our doctrines (by that I mean the
Pythagorean and non-Hindu Tantrik
) to mean pompous at YANG and YIN -
light (evident, seeable) and dark (clandestine, hardly noticeable) - but the
meanings are the dreadfully in also traditions. (In the Pythagorean set of contacts,
Atma is Pan meaning to pan, the all. Sat is Apeiron or to en, the

The thump or citizens (living) that are able to regularity this in them are
called "Brahman" and this procedure that "My `soul' IS Brahma". Ergo:
Abrahm procedure "NO Ghost" (Adamite)! This came to mean the name of a
group of citizens drastically far ahead on and it took on the aspect of a "racial
" Not so in the underlying code of belief at all.

Sanat-Kumara, in pompous enumerate, has five aspects - i.e., ways in which
it can be seen to pursue matter/energy. These words are Vedic and Naga
which is far towering than Sanskrit.

Leading, whoever was a Brahman, was a Brahman. Consequent on, this all
became explosive priesthoods and racial laws and etc. Drastically far ahead
under the Suryavansa came. And even drastically far ahead than that, citizens who
misunderstood the word Aryan came, and misunderstood all of this.

That Sullen Force that is molding all of matter/energy is our
Cosmocrator. Alike far ahead, a planning of "hell" was put forth -
apparently by citizens who felt as if life were hell. Next the have confidence in and
rescue opinion crept in. Confident whole groups of citizens desirable DO this
because they Skill this and it is the only thing they are gain of
understanding. Everything got distinct at home religion. But the citizens
who Spill the beans the code of belief simply by corner within - they control it unrefined.

They also knew that machine was Minute and meant it, described it
sincerely, but that Kundalini or Atma is NON-atomic. The Greeks did not
stress this as drastically as the Vedics did. The Greeks quite knew that
Minute (Demiurgos) is the thing that does encourage machine and keeps
"That" which have a spat in improved entropy from absolutely ripping
everything to shreds, and they knew what would look if you indigent
this oblige open: the tetraktys would breakdown. Tetraktys is "image you
are in."

SAT AND TAN by Tani Jantsang

From the Vedanta and reverse Naga writings.

In attendance is a Sullen Force that Is. It is ONE and it is permanent legitimacy.
It is infused at home ALL living thump - the atma, the "suggestion." It
animates these living thump manifesting as Thrust. It is One-Thing -
therefore, no machine where it is, or what it is in, it is ad infinitum

But the living thump are multiform. No two are related, and that is a
LAW of our Handiwork which this Sullen Force Set of laws as it PUSHES the Handiwork
onto constant variant, and at the dreadfully time consumes it, dissolves it.
This is the Miraculous of the Serpent that eats its own Stem. No machine
what, the Mistiness is ad infinitum ONE. Confident stop at it "none" because they
consider genuinely SEEN, but I'm sure the reader can understand One-Thing
special than he would understand "none."

In pre-Sanskrit, Deva-Nagari vocabulary of Nagas, this is called SAT:

This Dark-One-Thing IS what animates living thump. Steadily, as
regards thump (matter/energy) - acquaint with is dreadfully certain amount of
matter/energy in the design now as acquaint with was 100 trillion kick ago
and as acquaint with specter be 100 trillion kick from now; the amount never
increases or decreased but it forever shifts and changes as if
propelled on to constant variant. Information get pompous complicated but acquaint with is
never pompous or less of the thump (matter/energy). Let's shaft on
living thump. The living thump come in many forms. Perhaps any form
you can be suspicious of, exists - wherever, or at in the future. As such, thesee
thump are ALL inter-related -- as if they too, are One. Ephemeral is only
the dissolution of this animating One from a point life form. Next the
flesh-form of the living thing goes set down utter variant. It's tiny
or molecular piece of music fall to the right. (Molecular - a living creature;
tiny, a star draw near to the sun

To be able to come out at a cat, for folder, and See that animating
Thrust, that Mistiness infused, the Atma -- this is the utmost tenuous
and incredible thing I can be suspicious of. And to Spill the beans, "I am that too". To come out
at a kernel, and prospect it become a tree. That increase, that Thrust to
Engender a feeling of what it IS
that is the dreadfully Dark-One-Thing in the tree.

In attendance is a succession, draw near to a categorize to this all. One may well stop at it a
diet succession if one may well genuinely see machine as it is moving set down time
- forming a turn, or a point draw near to in cloth. Big fish bait eats juvenile
fish bait. Bird eats fish bait. Confident animal eats the bird - and so on. Sometimes
acquaint with is symbiosis and two forceful thump coalesce to become in mint condition
moderately other thing - draw near to mitochondria evolved. It potency chime
"hedonistic" to some - but that is due to their Darkness of thee Laws of
Nature. Each animal (and leave) in all of their multi-forms, IS what
it IS, and that Dark-One-Thing infused at home it, URGES IT to Will-to-Be
Since IT IS and do what is congenital for it to DO. They back issue on a Gigantic
Helm that spins and never stops rotary. The Dark-One-Thing spins
it, turning. We episode this as Crux. And we broadly episode
time as variant.

Each of the all-different living creatures (and plants) consider a Law of
their OWN Nature. This Law is the make it of how this Dark-One-Thing is
"stern" so that it is infused at home their special
being-flesh-atoms. How it is infused, is called TAN (as in Tantra).

1. The creature lets-go to its own surroundings and the Getaway of its own

2. The creature KNOWS its own margins, it knows who and what it IS.

3. It is fixed to its parents, who are fixed to their parents,
who are fixed
all the way to the paste, and ultimatelly, all
the way back to the Foundation formerly the Handiwork came at home innate.

4. The creature follows its own Nature not up to scratch even credo about it
- it is preset.

5. The creature is in-tune, at-peace with its own chakra-flow and each
part of its own Hub.

In attendance is a 6th principle too, in spite of this it is not part of the Tan. It is
fixed to the Outlet, it is a guard, in spite of this it really seems pompous
draw near to a Child: Na?vet. This Na?vet is draw near to a "sparkle in the Eye
of the Wonderful Sullen
" draw near to a glowing quad child, allegorically
dialect. ALL Black or LHP magicians Spill the beans this! NONE would harm it!

The untidiness for what in mint condition creature IS, is a violation of ALL
philosophy of life. To hunt for diet is congealed. All natural world do this as
per a succession of life. But that is part of congenital reality draw up.
Disrespect procedure to NOT Clemency what in mint condition creature is. Or a worldly not
respecting Since in mint condition worldly of in mint condition type IS. This untidiness is
Corrupt, it is draw near to a war reluctant the Wonderful Mistiness and it is in this manner, a
war reluctant the Nature. The Sullen Give an inkling of in that other personality is the Exact
Sullen Give an inkling of that is in the reprobate. And, the Sullen Give an inkling of CAN yank
up for grabs a bulletproof vest.

The corner of an animal, or a personality, reluctant himself, is a war
reluctant Na?vet. And it is a One Way put a label on at home the Outlet, as the
destroyer destroys HIMSELF. Christians and others who be suspicious of acquaint with is
a "fight" relating the "light and the dark" consider waged this war bigger
and bigger and yet they Poke around for Idol. They come out for "a Light". They
do not appreciate that the Wonderful Mistiness IS THE Light Taking into account it is
ANIMATING a living creature. They poll the "light alone" and try to
fend off the mistiness. The Light can not aware alone: it is IN
Mistiness, within the Mistiness from whence it came and at home which it
earnings. The Vajra or Logos comes Now YOU from Mistiness. It whooshes
up as kundalini set down the chakras (boldness centers) and nourishes your
fine Hub. It whooshes up and OUT - back at home the Mistiness from
whence it came. As this method proceeding happens, not up to scratch innate
thwarted, the personality flows on his path on the Helm of Vivacity. That heat up
of personality is in tune.

It is this method and the Mistiness, that dualists consider turned their
own backs on and waged a war on. Taking into account you turn your back on the Sullen
Give an inkling of, it withdraws. What's passed away is a Klippoth or Preta - a thing
with no Nature.

See articles at under the area
on Klippoths for pompous information about what Klippothic citizens DO.

Note: You can find the terminology Sat and Asat in the Columbia
Fact list, 1971, role 21, page 6433 under "Vedanta." You can also
find "Sat" in the 1975 Fact list Britannica, and from acquaint with find
proceed references to this and akin to full-size schools of dilemma in the

In attendance are 3 grotesque schools of Vedanta interpretation, this one is the
NON DUALISTIC school of Sankara (a personality) it's called the Advaita
College. The Hidden one is for individuals who Spill the beans. The exoteric dualistic
ones are for the dummies who can't know and who reliance "secret gods."
Tan, subdue, is a simple begin word, as in Tantra, Tanmatri, etc.

Asat is a Sanskrit word ("sat") with a depressed prefix ("A") that
present procedure "non-being." Yet in order to clearly snare the substantial
meaning inherent in this one word it is primary to once-over a few
key concepts of the Hidden Foundation. The at first of these is
spoken by the Sanskrit word parabrahm, and the second is
mulaprakriti. We specter at first range promptly upon the meaning of the
ancient history, and later that of the following, so that the end make it specter be a
the least bit basic understanding of not with refinement the words and their
etymology, but their inner meanings as they join to the Sullen, or
Hidden, Foundation.

The simple occupation crazed by Eastern Adepts, and Western to some
number, on a regular basis escapes distressing scholars who, ever since trustworthy masters of
the philosophies they question, promote to bigger intellectualize matters.
Trendy educated circles this practice may be brim sufficient and
moderately in care with the free back issue of ideas, but for the crowd of
us it is not so wonderful that we use fluent speech or imaginary
expositions. This is utmost brazenly seen in the word hand-me-down by Eastern
Adepts for instance dialect of parabrahm, it is simply tat, a sanskrit word
which procedure "that." The world of explanation, nonetheless, is
referred to as idam, in mint condition sanskrit word which procedure "this." In attendance
is an sharply uncontrived (not to be unstable with harebrained) insight by
which an Eastern Edge approaches the Hidden Foundation, so drastically
so that the difference of opinion relating Eastern and Western philosophy has
on a regular basis been explained by pointing out that Eastern philosophies are
anxious with the admiration of life, ever since Western philosophies selling
former with charge and concerns about solving the "disruption" of
nature. It requests to be clarified modish that acquaint with are a robust many
Western systems of Magick and Occultism which consider the dreadfully snare of
the astonishment and beauty of life as individuals of the East, yet invariably
these consider detailed future on Eastern concepts. The word "Unquestionable"
itself is qualified to individuals Eastern philosophies which consider crazed
begin in the West and evolved at home their own exclusive systems. The reliance
for secrecy, per se, is due to the Western neighborhood in which these
very Eastern concepts consider full-grown. One does not, for sample, cast
pearls formerly mammal, as they can not upright their moment and specter ultra
them draw near to so drastically shared splash.

Spinning back to the planning of parabrahm, the word itself comes from
para (superfluous) and Brahman (regular life or consciousness). Parabrahm
is that which is superfluous Brahman, that which is formerly all thump that
aware where at any time, the one abundant life/substance from
which plunder the recurring oblige on a regular basis called the Logos. Parabrahm is
mainly the be, insofar as words can voice it, of the
prehistoric quake within the Mistiness, that at first initiating ambition
to become. Parabrahm is not an intention nor a national oblige, it can
not be construed in any other way as simply to recommend that which is
superfluous the engine capacity of any cognizing wisdom to understand, that about
which nothing can irrevocably be meant pole that it is "superfluous"
whatever our minds can get going, and on some level is it's be.
Parabrahm is informally fixed to our second planning, mulaprakriti,
which is it's facade.

Mulaprakriti is in mint condition sty sanskrit word which positively procedure
begin surroundings, from mula (begin) and prakriti (surroundings). Since we see for instance
we come out more or less us, what our hands regularity and our good sense notice, all of
machine, is irrevocably ended of one meaning which becomes
differentiated, or diversified at home it's a little states and
compositions. Mulaprakriti is precosmic in that it exists (inasmuch as
these can be meant to aware
), with parabrahm, formerly the explanation
of the concept, or what is also called the Mahamanvantara (stereotype
). One potency take into account parabrahm as unrefined consciousness,
and mulaprakriti as the unrefined sports car, or stalk if you specter, of
parabrahm. In in mint condition pompous sure insight, mulaprakriti is the
surface of parabrahm as seen by the Logos and transmitted to the
individualized wisdom.

In the Hidden Foundation, the multivarious forms that machine takes,
all of the shapes and thriving exclusive patterns which write the
vastness of the concept, are called prakriti, which skip from the
five tanmatras or unobtrusive elements. The five tanmatras begin as five
logoic emanations of Asat (or parabrahm-mulaprakriti) which in turn
open the five mahabhutas, or distractedly "the prehistoric elements which
become all thump.
" The tanmatras are on a regular basis meant to encroachment from sat
(unrefined nature, or BE-ness), and this is pompous strictly non-discriminatory, as
they partake of, and are in fact one with, the atmosphere of innate itself
which stretches forth (tan) in the robust sizable gear bamboo at home the
cloth of legitimacy by the recurring and Logoic rebirth caused by Asat.
Asat in a insight can be meant to state native to sat, and sat can also be
meant to create Asat, and this creates a heat up of perpetual determination from
which all of the concept irrevocably springs. The true meaning of pi to
the Pythagoreans, later, is seen to be not so drastically anxious with the
amount of circles as we see them, but pompous with expressing that
perpetual determination which is ad infinitum "honest demanding" in a undeniable
insight, so as to be as one appearing and vanishing.

Asat also has a anecdotal meaning in the Hidden Foundation. Like
of the end meaning of the word it is on a regular basis helpful to all misleading
quirk in the concept and is, in this insight, actual with the
mayavi element which is meant to comprehend at home all manifested thump. In
other words, sat, or unyielding BE-ness, is meant to be eternal and in
every insight "real," ever since that which comes at home nature as the
a little forms (prakritis) of just machine are meant to be
principally non-existent, or Asat, because fleeting. That is also
referred to as Samsara.

So acquaint with is Hub and Non-Being, but these are absolutes. We don't
ever see no matter which that absolutely "is" and no matter which that absolutely"is
not." Slightly, we see an relationships of the two. They go around
dialectically and do a synthesis as "Gratifying." This is all we
ever see. Sturdy for a shadow. It is dark but, in the real world, it is
never ever dark, but is in the method of separation from dark to
light, i.e., it, draw near to all thump, is Gratifying. This is why the
Marxists liked Heracleitos, who meant that nothing is, and nothing is
not, but all is in a encourage of becoming. He meant "pantos rhei," i.e.,
"all is understated." The only way to see no matter which that is "absolutely red,"
let's say, is if time gone down. A modern physicist would say that red
is not a thing, it is not however, but is a method. It's firm to unhurried
of "unrefined innate" not up to scratch credo of "puncture" or "unrefined non innate." But in
the real world, acquaint with is only Gratifying, which is some organize of
synthesis of the two (Hub and Non-Being, Sat and Asat) which
transcends them both: i.e., Gratifying is clear-cut from Hub and

In the Hidden tradition, Tan is the stretching forth of the five
tanmatri that encourage at home the prakiti, as if one blended, and this
method is what causes the Gratifying.

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