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Historical Facts Supports Bible Prophecy

Historical Facts Supports Bible Prophecy

Isaac Newton

One of the key concepts in sign that verification.1 Bible was certain inspired by God Himself 2.That God has make financial arrangements to end sin on the earth.3 That sign reveals the goings-on of the end.4 And that record of these prophecies has come to past.5 which verification that we are living in closing time and we have possession of a few arrogant to go. 6 Gods covet distress and embellish to allow all this time to past to be inflicted with every whatsoever while a shatter for compassion and support. Is the 1 day for a blind date reflection in sign.

A number of of the brightest minds in Science,Theology,Masters of history held this view relating the day for a blind date saying. Between the fairy-tale list are: John Wycliffe, John Knox, William Tyndale, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Ulrich Zwingli,Phillip Melanchthon, Sir Isaac Newton, Jan Huss, John Foxe, John Wesley, Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, Charles Finney, C. H. Spurgeon, Matthew Henry, Adam Clarke, Albert Barnes, E. B. Elliot, H. Grattan Guinness, and Bishop Thomas Newton.

Bible background of the truth the length of the 1day=1year

1.Ten spies coming back with a bad deduce to Moses about the promised land late surveillance it out for 40 days:because of distrust and rebel they wondered 40 existence in the harsh environment prior goodbye to toward the inside the resolve land Send away 14:33-34

2. Ezekiel is told to lie on his bank 390 gain 40 days
"a day for each year: Ezekiel 4:4-6

3.Luke 13:32 Christ supposed what he would do today and tomorrow but the third day he shall be perfected indicating his death,but did he died 3 days later? No it was 3 existence once he was crucified.

457 BC The exploit to repair Jerusalem, relaxed of by the angel to Daniel, was given in 457 B.C. (see Daniel 9:25; Ezra 7:11, 12. And so, the starting observe for the 2300-day sign is stubborn. A day generation a blind date in Bible sign (see Ezekiel 4:6; Send away 14:34; Spot 1:15; Matthew 18:21, 22; Luke 13:1-7). The 2300 days of Daniel 8:14 are add up to to 2300 airless existence.

408 BC The revolution of Jerusalem was done by 408 B.C., built "even in troublous get older" (Daniel 9:25). Only as Daniel's sign stated, the Jews worried opposed to notably rival to make good their pet city (see Nehemiah chapters 4- 7).

27 AD The Saviour was baptized in 27 A.D., understand 483 existence late the thorough knowledge to make good Jerusalem. "Messiah" in Hebrew and "Christ" in Greek are the same as "anointed" in the English. The Messiah was anointed for His work as our Salvation by the Wonderful Personality at His inauguration (see Matthew 3:16; Luke 3:21-23; Acts 10:38).

31 AD In the core of the seventieth week, The Messiah brought an end to the sacrificial service by dying for the support of the world (see Daniel 9:26, 27). The Saviour josh of His sacrificial death as in the works at a set or stubborn time, indicating that He would die at the time foretold in Bible sign (see Matthew 26:18; Luke 12:56; 21:8; Romans 5:6; 1 Timothy 2:6; Galatians 4:4).

34 AD The stoning of Stephen, the best Christian victim, close by the stifling of Israel's seventyweek (490 blind date) probation (see Daniel 9:24; Acts 7:54-60). As the stoning of Stephen the gospel was active to the gentiles, and the Christian church was instinctive. Judaism as a nation gives way to spiritual Israel, the church (see Romans 2:28, 29; Galatians 3:26-29).

508 AD The papal church gains ecclesiastical control and usurps the clerical ministry of Messiah by scene itself up in a mediatory room amid God and the family tree (see Daniel 8:9- 11; 1 Timothy 2:5, 6; Hebrews 4:15, 16; 7:24, 25; 8:1-5; 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4; Spot 2:7). The darkness would begin to break late 1335 existence, in 1843, as the truth of the precautions would begin to copy candid a corporation Bible study upsurge (see Daniel 12:11-13; Wonder 10).

538 AD The papal church gains civil-political power and begins to intimidate the saints of God (see Daniel 7:21, 25; 12:7; Wonder 12:6, 14; 13:5, 7). The taking sides period of the church would behindhand for 1260 existence, from 538 A.D. to 1798.

1798 AD The papal church loses its civil-political power exhausted the a load, receiving the "spiteful damage" foretold in sign (see Daniel 11:40; Wonder 13:3). The covet, dark period of papal control was ultimately scratched as Napoleon's current, Berthier, marched in the field of Rome and took the pope caged. 1798 marks the beginning of "the time of the end" (see Daniel 12:4, 9).

1844 AD The victorious truth of Messiah's high clerical negotiation in the relaxing precautions begins to be restored to the family tree candid the study of Daniel's prophecies (see Daniel 8:14; 12:4). The study of Daniel's prophecies would be followed by a rare be sorry, which in turn would be followed by a renewal of Biblical truth relating the precautions and the negotiation of the Messiah as our Salvation (see Wonder chapters 10, 11).