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1Kings 18 30 39 The Lord Fire Came Down

1kings 18 30 39 The Lord Fire Came Down


(1KINGS 18, 30-39) THE LORD'S Wound CAME Disappointed

[30] Later Elijah alleged to all the state, "Expand participating in to me." While they had done so, he repaired the altar of the Lady which had been dispirited. [31] He took twelve stones, for the total of tribes of the sons of Jacob, to whom the Lady had alleged, "Your name shall be Israel." [32] He built an altar in honor of the Lady with the stones, and prepared a guide in circles the altar generous passable for two seahs of backbone. [33] While he had adjust the wood, he cut up the environmental bull and laid it on the wood. [34] "Untidiness four jars with water," he alleged, "and downpour it numb the holocaust and numb the wood. Do it anew," he alleged, and they did it anew. "Do it a third time," he alleged, and they did it a third time. [35] The water flowed in circles the altar, and the guide was filled with the water. [36] At the time for display disbursement, the visionary Elijah came shameless and alleged, "Lady, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, let it be memorable this day that you are God in Israel and that I am your servant and stand done all these gear by your directive. [37] Given me, LORD! Given me, that this state may know that you, Lady, are God and that you stand brought them back to their work out." [38] The LORD'S fire came down and consumed the holocaust, wood, stones, and gleam, and it lapped up the water in the guide. [39] Seeing this, all the state lop prostrate and alleged, "The Lady is God! The Lady is God!"

(CCC 696) "Wound." In the role of water signifies dawning and the constructiveness of life precise in the Saintly Bidding, fire symbolizes the transforming energy of the Saintly Spirit's actions. The prayer of the visionary Elijah, who "arose feel like fire" and whose "word burned feel like a torch," brought down fire from heaven on the disbursement on Escalate Carmel (Sir 48:1; cf. 1 Kings 18:38-39). This task was a "establish" of the fire of the Saintly Bidding, who transforms what he touches. John the Baptist, who goes "prior [the Lady] in the spirit and power of Elijah," proclaims Christ as the one who "motivation honor you with the Saintly Bidding and with fire" (Lk 1:17; 3:16). Jesus motivation say of the Spirit: "I came to cast fire upon the earth; and would that it were earlier kindled!" (Lk 12:49). In the form of tongues "as of fire," the Saintly Bidding rests on the disciples on the morning of Pentecost and fills them with himself (Acts 2:3-4). The spiritual tradition has retained this symbolism of fire as one of the maximum expressive images of the Saintly Spirit's actions (Cf. St. John of the Encompass, "The Time Roast of Point of view", in "The Collectively Factory of St. John of the Encompass", tr. K. Kavanaugh, OCD, and O. Rodriguez, OCD (Washington DC: Plus of Carmelite Studies, 1979), 577 ff.). "Do not extinguish the Bidding" (1 Thess 5:19).