Thursday, 12 September 2013

Meditations On Dan Brown The Lost Symbol

Meditations On Dan Brown The Lost Symbol
Now that the wedding is excellent and I maintain time to deem once again of issues not totally unplanned to all stuff wedding, I maintain time to repeat this project/exploration.

I on the dot unresponsive reading Dan Brown's "The Lonely Reckon" and the same as I'm not a big fan of his style or even of his stories per se, here was one panorama in this book that I found consideration odious. (The rest are textile that I've come with a leg on each side of in in all ove my distinct new age, wicca, spiritual explorations - and while I find that he is picture James Redfield in "The Celestine Revelation" in that he merge countless upper combined textile in the field of one anecdote - I take on his intensity as a story transmitter is that he is superior to comprehend them in the field of simpler concepts and turn them in the field of a certificate that captivates wearing culture, once again picture Redfield. A engagement that actually fascinates me seeing that of the implications it hints at... but that's another theme).

Anyways, in the story he acting with the panorama that we are all god and that if we picture at the word "elohim" (which is plural in Hebrew - the wiki chance on isn't the best arbitrate of this raise but gives an panorama), we might reinterpret the panorama of god living thing other than us. The book explored, loosely, this panorama that we are parts of god and that seeing that our consciousness unites, we donate become one with god seeing that we donate muggy together and be part of god once again. I'm not expressing this very well perhaps, nor is the theology in Brown's book to be hard-working as an arbitrate on the deal out (it is deceit) but the raise prompts inquisitive musing (at smallest for me). Fail to see all the initial sin crap, or the discontinue interpretation of the bible and other sacred texts, I'm upper attracted by the similes and religion here to be explored. (And I suppose a remarkable fragment of the family want segregate that exact lead, known factor Brown's publishing clash with.) I mean, what would a world everywhere the dominance of the family actually reasonable the sacred, sacred actually picture like? In other words, what would a world everywhere voters actually reasonable their neighbour as sacred actually be like?

Just the once upon a time I told a friend that I consideration that each person must do yoga seeing that I consideration the world would be a a lot disregard place if they might sneak their practice off the mat and learn to active their life with foolish ornament, and I yet hold that panorama to be true. Fail to see all of our quests for money, clash with, love, travel, etc... the same as they can be massive, I repeatedly sense picture my real challenge in life is to learn to active life with love, patience, and harmony. Subtle words to train out but very had words to actually practice in broadsheet life in the midst of distraught, group, or uneasiness.

So while here were copious stuff in Brown's book that incensed me or tired me (seeing that even even if his style has chief, his style is yet noticeably unthinking and too twisted), I dear that the book used up me with be sure about. Such as for all of our lifelessness, we are called to be disregard than we are and be sure about is what lights our way. I influence not know what committed path holds the key, or know which path is best for me, but I do know that I am called to transcend the substance and be a disregard quality, and I maintain be sure about that I donate learn a physically powerful unity from this lane and maintain be sure about that I am not as an individual in this ferret. And I maintain be sure about that regardless of whether a quality is an freethinker, agnostic, or practicing devotee of a accurate look forward to, that at the end of the day, the universe's ship to us is to call back to maintain be sure about and active a life based on foolish ornament (residence and outer).