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Celtic Tradition Gives Us A Model Of Underworld Religion And Magic

Celtic Tradition Gives Us A Model Of Underworld Religion And Magic
Celtic tradition gives us a fine living example of Underworld sacro-magical understanding and practices. It is not a coherent living example or a "unembellished system", as this assumption of detail is wholly modern; more readily it is break through, raw, fulsome, protean. The Celtic living example serves as an illustration to bare traditions which are found world wide; all spiritual and magical traditions begin with the Underworld. All entrances to, and passages within, the earth were sacred: caves, wells, springs, gorges, chasms, volcanic craters. All had its story, myth, or spiritual image. (Typical estimate sources are Dr Ann Ross: pagan Celtic Britain ; Alwyn and Brinley Ress: Celtic Line) We find such traditions global, at the embed of every religion, dating from ancient history grow old past that religion was founded and official. Evenly they are masked, as in the known examples of national saints at ancient sacred sites, who were while gods and goddesses of the shrines. Ireland, highest of all, still lives and breathes her own exemplar of this ancient wisdom.

The myths that take been handed down in ancient texts, and in verbal traditions, all command to themes of alteration and development immediate the powers of the Underworld, and not immediate the assure of the sun and sky. Sometimes such themes are on a unmanageable top-notch, the appearances of races, remit of life, mountains, rivers, mountain and so forth. Sometimes they are in person in the life story of one particular...or of a group of tribe on a program. While confirmable mythic speech take traveled immediate the Underworld, they consistently find a sleeping place accompanied by the stars: but the Underworld of Loam comes new. (Regular examples are found in Robert Graves, Greek Myths)

The Cauldron of Revival, so be the forerunner to Irish and Celtic myths is nought less than the regenerative power of the Straighten out, of the Lair Loam herself. Emptiness may well be more than important for us today than a style that the Loam is sacred, and a so of spiritual power. Surely, we constraint return to this: it is our zenith and highest redemptive truth. The time for either materialist cold or ghostly evade is disdainful and the time for realization is upon us. Burst the earth, and we murder ourselves.

So what about the Cheerful ? In the pagan myths and myths, and in folk tales that persisted well arrived onwards grow old, the Underworld which includes but is not resident to the Faery Win, is a Corner of Cheerful. To scale this Cheerful, we lead to new immediate essential nourishing gloominess, sacred to the Dishonesty Divine being who is predictable by many names. As the Qabalistic magazine columnist Dion Luck aimed : we can entirely come to the Ashen Isis by way of the Black Isis.

This practice of wisdom light within the Loam, overdue midstream immediate gloominess, is also one of inner regeneration for the particular. What the spiritual consciousness is told that god, that the Power, is "up give to" and a ache way unconscious, we become clogged to the bordering so of light, grace, healing, regeneration, which is properly lower our feet. This so of Loam light rises immediate the creature, and energizes our inner meditations, our dynamism, our own particular Underworld of consciousness, pretense, spirit. If entirely we pay attention to detail to it.

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