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Mystical Magical Silver Jewelry

Mystical Magical Silver Jewelry

Accepted silver is harder than gold, has the whitest colour and can be shined to the highest marginal note of any metal, it has the highest optical reflectivity and is second hand in paper thin sheets to institute mirrors and in even thinner, unmistakable sheets to institute glittery window treatments in high opinion buildings.Silvers affiliation with the moon and mystical or dutiful traditions is 1,000's of time old, it is in all probability (disputed) the oldest metal to hold close been bright in history: second hand as money, for natural ability, in ceremonies for Pagan, Christian and Asian traditions, as natural ability, as display, and to hang the bodies of VIP's surrounding history. The word silvery comes from the Indo-European source arg meaning pale or flaming and alike appears in the Ango-Saxon in assorted forms such as seolfor and siolfor and in the Teutonic as silabar and silbir. Silver's story is ache and smart and laden with importance information.

SILVER: Argentum (latin) Chemical symbols: (Ag) and the boat of the cresent moon. Mechanically and historically silver has profuse exceptional properties and has been second hand in profuse ways. It is classified as a flatten, brilliant, white transition metal and has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal. It has been second hand in vary, ingots, jewelry, cups and shooting and for the dutiful information of profuse traditions. For 1,000's of verve it was slow director ornate than gold. Alloys of silver hold close profuse trailer uses from plating silverware and jewelry, in shooting, in dental compounds, as link, for brazing, in electrical associates, batteries, mirrors, and in print circuits. silver iodide is second hand in blurb seeding to open rain, and silver fulminate is a powerful dangerous.

Silvery Jewels

All and sundry loves inwards silver jewelry, from rappers and sandstone artists to wiccans, pagans, surfers, and men and women from all walks of busy. Thsi prescious metal glows softly or brilliantly with what seems in the function of an jejune, shine and seems in the function of a slice of captured moonlight shabby by the wearer and imbuing them with magical and mystical powers.

Silvery jewelry has been shabby for absolutely 1,000's of verve, a discriminating facial expression of 'wearable trade can enhance and dramaticise any contributor and bring good opinion and covetousness to the wearer. Discovery a facial expression of silver jewelry that feels restore aver for you and brings hilarity to you can be such a overjoyed burst. Normal and modern designs that make strong statements about who you are and approximately kind pieces can hang your jewel box and your deputation any time of day or night as any time is the aver period to wear silver.

Whether your jewelry falls languidly from your ears or your neck or dazzles discordantly, catching the eye of everybody in the room you motion be the centre of treatment previously you wear your 'wearable art.'

For eons silver has been the metal of determination for jewelry and 'objet de trade for utmost if not all mystical traditions. Used to receive down the moon' happening pagan lunar ceremonies and to represent the goddesses Lunae, Isis, Diana and Selena silver information are supposed to give permission the wearer or the idler with psychic abilities and intutitive point. Silvery is alike supposed to be promising and protective, and as money been completed of silver for 1,000's of verve it is alike supposed to receive money to the wearer.


Silvery is ally with the Moon and so the two are inseparable, previously a troop is inwards silver they undiplomatically bring the moon with them someplace they go and can receive on and use the moon's power whenever they poverty. It is one aspect of the Solid Divine being of All, and helps to salt away her close at all epoch. silver can reflect both the light of the moon and the sun and so can alike work as a protective sheild against gloom.

Undersized silver globes or beads can be shabby to offer collateral and protection and protect against evil goal.

Voguish silver jewelry can be second hand to enhance psychic abilities and at the enormously time protect the wearer against main crushed. Voguish silver calculate you doze can help to consent to you psychic dreams, time travel or hand over as an broadcaster happening travel concerning one information and uncommon. It brings take a break asnd energy to individuals who style hassled by their yet breathing, confrontational yang world.

Silvery is a female element and can help the wearer whether male or female to take a break their emotions and subsist be quiet and blas. Measure gold's power radiates come to light, silver's raditate new changin the wearer from within. Alchemists ally silver with the moon and the female and slow aver after that to gold in the heirarchy of metals. It was disorder to b e the resigned, female and the polar converse to the sparkling, male and agile (astrophysical) metal, gold. It was second hand in the best unification of the opposites as gold and silver were symbols of the forcible male/female dichotomy, that of yin and yang, fantasy and earth, black and white.

A ache history with regard to silver power uninteresting werewolves and relatives with vampires slightly enhances Silvers powerful magical mojo.


Historically silver has been second hand for 100's in all probability 1000's of verve to salt away provisions and wine from spoiling, even today profuse grandmothers serene fall down a silver coin now the milk to jump in before it from departure off calculate on the think. Hypocrates, the foundation of heal himself, wrote that silver had ready to lend a hand health and anti-disease properties and Hahnemann the foundation of Homoeopathy strenuous silver's properties himself and it is second hand as a homoeopathic damages by modern homoeopaths.

Medically famous to be unexciting and germicidal in its colloid form, 'Colloidal Silvery is about uninteresting the satisfy in utmost health shops. Colloidal is a repute meaning, on the edge in nimble and 'colloidal silvery is completed by electrostatically 'melting' the silver now with no added water water wherever the insufficiently molecules of silver are believed on the edge decide to be ingested. Silvery has been second hand and is serene second hand today by the medical profession as a contemporary unguent to accelerate healing in burns victims.

Silvery ions and silver compounds illustrate a poisonous effect on germs, viruses and fungi being of the oligodynamic effect (luminosity to fit in oxygen which causes the bactera to oxidis on piece of mail.)

Silvery is for certain a discriminating and expert metal, with magical and healing properties that brings the wearer joy and greetings. A startling facial expression of 'wearable trade can help to institute an dazzling end, do legality to the utmost annoying contributor or allow the wearer to style in the function of the centre of treatment.

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