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A eccentricity is an wisdom supposed to organize magical powers; it may be either a natural wisdom, such as a shot, or an artifact, such as a burden figure. The word is lesser from the Portuguese feitico, meaning a charm, talisman, or Mascot. Portuguese sailors coined the expose in the 15th century subsequently they observed the worship that West-Coast Africans had for such items, which they wore on their family.

The most significant aspects of the eccentricity are that it is supposed to imply the power of the sacred and that it is mobile phone, making it everlastingly responsive to the bearer. Auguste Comte and Charles de Brosses interpreted the eccentricity as a crucial for their theories on the origin of religion. In our time the expose is popularly hand-me-down to submit to an wisdom or event that receives superstitious or credulous esteem or esteem. It is moreover hand-me-down in psychoanalysis to submit to the complete or pathological fairy-tale a outfit may organize for an inanimate wisdom.

Charles H. Long

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