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A Trip Down Scientology Lane

A Trip Down Scientology Lane

Joshua Riehl

Article Texan Rod

PUBLISHED: Friday, February 13, 2009As far as I'm anxious, a long time ago it comes to religion, the outcast the outshine. And what's outcast than galactic deferential war, an evil lord Xenu, e-meters and deadened weird spirits?

To the same degree I saw that the Clerical of Scientology, a religion started by a best-selling science deceit originator, was having an open house, I under arrest the game of chance to study their note.

My belt in harm, Katie, and I were greeted by a fasten of Scientologists who asked us if we would touch on to grab a free creature or IQ test. My main test of the semester administered by Scientologists? Why not?

Submit were 80 questions and we had 30 minutes to supposition them. For the maximum part, it was a charming contract multiple-choice test, in the face of heap questions questioningly had "disagreement" as an retort condescending.

As we waited for our test outcome, I browsed the bookstore-church captivate. Fall through L. Ron Hubbard's apparition was everyplace, from his inspiring slogans and warnings about wicked influences on the substantial posters hanging cry to the collection of his books for sale. A substantial depict of him hung on the back wall - it was as if he was examination another time and blessing his minute rule.

The Scientologist tallied up our scores and told us we fell dressed in the "top 10 percent" - doesn't matter what that preordained. She went on to say doctors, executives and other high-paid professionals made up the top 10 percent. Private in the total withstand preordained we had the strength to do what on earth we wanted in life - we fair had to learn how to ample that strength.

Lately our luck, Scientology fair happened to supply the answers, and they fair happened to come in the form of classes the church offers for a token fee, starting at 35.

The Clerical of Scientology, she told us, teaches you how to not let the wicked influences of life and further than lives fear your tension. "The raison d'?tre is to fear the tension," she told us. "Not let the tension fear you."

To fear the mind? Decent, openness from a religion is ad infinitum welcomed. Oh, but Scientology isn't a religion, she told us, "It's disdainful of a philosophy." Robust, a philosophy with tax-exempt status? My inclination temperate.

Lately as we were getting fed-up with her inordinately wrong discharge, I patterned the legendary e-meter out of the neighborhood of my eye. This symbol funds your stress levels and emotional level, she had told us. Allegedly, they can diagnose what is bothering someone.

She asked if we wanted to try it, and I hungrily volunteered, grabbing a drawback of what looked touch on diminutive Pringle cans that attached to the e-meter by row.

"Deduce of an significance," she told me.

I nurture about departure out for sushi. The e-meter's infuriate didn't transfer.

"Deduce of a individual," she alleged.

I nurture of my roommate. The day in arrears I motivated to Austin, her property-owner had fixed to not renew her leasing, and now I had to find a new place to remain. The infuriate didn't transfer.

She hmm'd. "Try status about no matter which worrying," she told me.

I nurture about moving from Michigan, adjusting to a new urban, starting classes at a new academy, getting my fiscal aid in order and having to find a new place to be real. The infuriate didn't transfer.

"You've got a very uncomplicated life," she told me, absolutely elastic up.

Katie went adjoining. Count the Scientologist asked her to deduce of a individual, I wondered what it was that made breed visualize to be Scientologists. The meaning of life? To ample their farthest potential? A crave to belong to something? Comprehensive e-meter sessions, everywhere they really get dressed in the nitty resolute of what's one-sidedness with you, damage cry 1,000, she told us. Equally temperate of church promises to rehearse the answers but just on an deal out require and if your blame on is good?

"Do you bring forth any boyfriends?" I heard her ask Katie, who gave me a downcast esteem.

"Submit are boys," Katie alleged. The infuriate didn't transfer.

Submit was no dialogue of Xenu, thetans or soul catchers hip our adjourn. Almost certainly we'd bring forth to come back and associate the pack in advance they'd publicize us about the real roughness old boy L. Ron came up with. In the end, the Clerical of Scientology was a lot touch on any other church, and Scientologists were fair touch on each one overly - looking for some meaning in life. They're fair voluntary to pay for associates answers. But hell, whoever alleged link was free?

"Riehl is a radio-television-film sophomore."


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