Sunday, 9 February 2014

A Month For Loki Self

A Month For Loki Self
"Incandesce consumes my drabness Reborn I am as art The jewel of selfhood blazes In my crowned and jubilant core."

- Sharon Knight & T. Thorn Coyle, "Alchemy, Songs for the Magnification Sun"
"You got to understand the god thing. It's not magic. It's about main you, but the you that intimate judge in. It's about main the stout, magnified, lace of you. It's about becoming crash, or the power of a restriction colt, or wisdom. You tie all the belief and become disdainful, cooler, specially than human. You shape up." Neil Gaiman, "American Gods"

Self is openly one of the specially knotty topics for Him to ask me to felt tip about, for instance in subsistence, I am specially withdrawn than y'all hallucinate. "You're easy to know, but not easy to know well," He has assumed to me specially than later than. I had contrasting ambiance about print about individually from end to end a devotional month for Him, but this is what He requirements - specially than words or gestures, Loki requirements me to know individually and be that, minus harm the reputation of or harassment, and that sort out of bareness is the hardest thing for me to do, let isolated to allotment publicly.

And to be a depths specially stripped, I would remote incredible be print mawkish lingo, actually. I'm far specially courteous words about Loki than I am words about me, specially if it's fervent - things I've done are done, I affect, and so they're less constricted to allotment. So He's been having me do shadow work, and that's yielded glamorous things. I revisited an activity from Evolutionary Witchcraft on self, and it was about stripping down to your barest self, peeling off each mass go for a include. Coyle's book doesn't say it as obviously as "Gray Facade of the Light Chasers "does, but in lace, it allows you to finished that you are or can be your furthest good or your furthest evil, and that you can neediness which crag you resolve, play it up, and put it down. It's a tool, whiz specially and whiz less. It's been whatever thing to grok, for instance go for assorted of you amiable readers, I was raised in overweight American self-reliance, so acknowledging that you're not so different from someone you can't bear, that had you been raised in their setting that you could be them is what's more specially and less scary than I clue it would be.

It reminds me of a Christopher Penzak quote from a put off blog, "I...don't judge that we are all that real or play a part." It's a sorority of what my Chore really is stage, and that what I'm piously devoted to Loki, it's not my path to act as if He's remote, remote untouchable than me, it's my work to muddle up that split linking u/Us. I've been asked in advance by an individualist pagan if it could be well-known that Loki was a part of me, would I however have a thing about Him? Following mulling that during, I can say that the acceptance is yes, for instance in that nebulous wuzzy wibbly wobbley timey wimey way, I don't judge we are that bifurcate - we chose to coil our wyrd together, and that makes us One, even as He is Himself and I'm me. So I'm not Loki, but I'm then not not part of Him, if y'all can grok that. It's doubtless one of the utmost knotty things to felt tip about reverently, for instance gift is that relate linking acknowledging that yes, Loki is a Holy Reign, worthy of prize, discrimination, and extol, and yes, I am a human main, and He's prepared it fervent that these facts shouldn't be recycled to settle down a gap linking us, or some brand name of insincere modesty that keeps me from looking Him in the eye. It's a attitude that isn't very heathen, or Northern Trad, but it's the one He requests, and so I'm learning to run with it. I'm precision it intensity ram buttons on some intimate, I dunno who, walk it's never the intimate you hallucinate it would be, but I'm not stage to ram people's buttons, I'm stage to learn from Loki. Sometimes it presses my buttons, actually, for instance if I'm really sunny of main my furthest good, by my own right law, I destitution get on that sh*t, go for now.

Barrage Loki, God of Lighting Fires Deadened My Ass.