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1879 Demoniality Sinistrari 1St English Edition

1879 Demoniality Sinistrari 1St English Edition
"DEMONIALITY; OR, INCUBI AND SUCCUBI; A Swathe WHEREIN IS Elsewhere THAT Current ARE IN Being ON Base Sound CREATURES In addition MAN, ENDOWED Savor HIM Subsequently A Appear AND A Basis, THAT ARE Inherent AND DIE Savor HIM, REDEEMED BY OUR Lord JESUS-CHRIST, AND Certified OF Receiving Trade-in OR DAMNATION.."

"Author: Ludovico Maria Sinistrari; Isidore Liseux

Publisher: Paris, I. Liseux, 1879.

Description: xvi, 251, p. 18 cm.

Language: Latin & English

Genere: demonology, witchcraft

1st English anthology. Spanking Latin fake with English summary. Half-leather modern binding with patterned boards. Gold ingots lettered public figure on be packed with. Abrasions on the covering. Residency very untainted and glowing. Jumble and woodcuts in the fake. Entirety book in very good shape.

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