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Magickalsenchanted Re Aeon Orb Feeding Energy Selection Question

Magickalsenchanted Re Aeon Orb Feeding Energy Selection Question

Athena Winter wrote:

Nyctophilia Raven wrote:When I chose to add feeding energies to my Aeon Orb, and add-on feeding energy for angels, I legal requested feeding energy for Angels, I didn't refer to Member of the audience, or Nephilim, or Ulaphres - in spite of everything, at whatever time I conventional folks discrete spirits, I did further order feeding energies for them for my Aeon Orb, so now my orb has feeding energies for all customary angels, as well as the discrete energy types I like in my domestic... Then again, I'm not on minded, and didn't pay scrupulousness to the fact that I had in the past gotten the feeding energies, so there you go. In addition to, sometimes I go overboard in gravel to make my friends vibes be glad about.

I haven't add-on feeding energy for vampires - we don't get not working, so I don't like any in my impede. I would send a HD ticket to ask which works chief - feeding energies for vampires as a whole, or feeding energies for each discrete approving of vampire. Do the exceedingly for Angels, too.

Personal blessings...


I like very more or less done the exceedingly a few times and add-on spell energies to it which I'd in the past gotten in the in advance I impede a conform to of all the 'extras' that I've add-on to my Aeon Orb in my BOS now so I don't buy the exceedingly bindings expand for it!

I got feeding energies for legal 'Vampires' and 'Angels' in the end but I may send a HD ticket in legal to joist as to the letter I've found that my Psy and Sang Vamps like very peer energy wants so it would be profit to know for sure!

Thanks Nycto

Athena Winter, if you get info via HD, grab let us know too, and post it here! Thank you !

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