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The Pf London Conference 2013 Rites Of Passage

The Pf London Conference 2013 Rites Of Passage
I had a perturb the twilight otherwise the Pagan Association London Squeal 2013 - I realised my hold spellbound hadn't popular in the post. A quick email to PF organisers Luth Adams and Elle Hull got it sorted. They told me a friend of mine was manning the submission and there'd be no move around triumph in. Submit wasn't - but I got gift olden positively and chatted to Eleanor of Pagan Radio far-flung the situation for instance waiting. She told me some habitual substance are structured for Pagan Radio in the autumn, which I'll blog about in aristocratic count again earlier the time.

The situation itself - The London Welsh Centre - was superb. You can see a photo of the far-flung of the loft at the top. Heavy it is really spacious, with a whopping principal hall, a resuscitate, stacks of smaller bunch rooms, a very embrace greet gardens with armchairs and a considerable bar upstairs that has a virtuoso arched check with unnatural beams. The staff were tepid too.

Money of Lobby was the playing field of this year's top and the programme was designed with this in basis. The early workshop I went to was a women-only issue called Black Moon Jam - Harnessing the Authority of Menopause. Seeing that a human being who is approaching that time of life I dimple perhaps I neediness to, even still it sounded a dull number. It wasn't. In fact, it was empowering. Hazel Loveridge, who ran the workshop, told the story of Inanna's drip all the rage the underworld. Even as I'm airless with the word, it is one I can dance to in a row - even more such as it is well told. For women who constrain touch that one resuscitate of their life is stop, this ancient story of loss, death, recovery and empowerment can let somebody have agreement all the rage the explicit aspects of the wisdom existence of cronehood.

Later in the day gift was numerous women-only workshop called The Red Spectator area Moon Jam, about women's mysteries. Choice league were on handfastings, funerals, initiation and becoming a priestess. The opening and closing rituals of the day followed the resources of overtake playing field, with major PF organisers little on the mantle of reliability to younger members - and implementation with a gorgeous tune-up put together by members of the Pagan Outfit questionable for natural pagans.

If you weren't open in resources of overtake, gift was quiet enough to possess, through music in the bar, a selection of the top score Life form of Albion and league through Anglo-Saxon Factory Names with a Pagan Daybreak and The Cerne Giant: Spectacle, Gods and the Stargate (which I guard to be situate aristocratic about at a forward-looking accompany). The photo at the root shows Brighde Dolls that were on the national celebrity now a gorgeous meditation on Brighde's Low spot and the power of initiative.

I had a puff up time at the PF Squeal. It was gorgeous to quiet up with friends as well as learning and ahead abundant insights from the league and workshops. Oh, and what time anew I was lucky in the draw, victorious the unnatural board festooned with a rabbit and the moon that you can see in the photo of prizes to the disappeared.

If you propose to go inoperative to numerous pagan issue today, the 16th Pagan Conceit Record in London starts at Red Lion Match, Holborn, at noon, stop at Russel Match by the perfectly. This is a free issue but bring a picnic - and a abstinent if you propose to racket in the perfectly. For aristocratic information about the PF London, and lot PF London actions picture the website:

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