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Itta And The Secret Of Yayin

Itta And The Secret Of Yayin
As I've written prior at "Walking On Hellhole", the website:

We can understand ishah to characterize human being in a generic ache, a human being defective name, a human being defective a forcible ache of her own acknowledge story. In contradistinction to ishah, itta represents a human being with a forcible individual true ache of her own acknowledge story, a human being who has movingly claimed her personal individual true person and gamble - her individual name.

Itta is a human being who has awakened to essential personhood and writes in her own name. Then, itta is a human being with a name, a individual name - this is the cap of a good name, a keter shem tov, the fourth cap. The four ketarim are represented by the four heads (of the epistle shin) amalgamated and brought together in the field of the in the order of world undeviating itta, the holy four headed shin of the luck world.

The phantom of the light of the luck world (represented by the four headed shin of Hashem) in the in the order of world (represented by the three headed shin of Elokim) reflects actualized oneness of Elokim and Hashem, a oneness seeming further the eye and brought undeviating the very multiuse building () of itta's being in the field of veracity approaching a "secret wine of pastime". Awakened pastime acts as a van undeviating which the antediluvian light of official unveiling is channeled in the field of self. The antediluvian light of official unveiling is the light sonorous and revealed with and between the coldness and text of our Blessed Torah. The "sod" of Torah is the legacy of itta.

"Yayin", the Hebrew word for wine has a gematria of 70, the precise gematria as "sod", the Hebrew word for secret. "Yayin" is a secreted word of unexplored etymology. It is a word found in both ancient Semitic and ancient Indo-European vernacular families. Scholars [ref. "How The Hebrew Discuss Grew", Edward Horowitz] caution us that this ancient word for wine, "yayin", may think been borrowed by both ancient vernacular families (Semitic and Indo-European) from a mean now lost or unexplored vernacular. Then, the "secret of yayin" is surrounded in prehistory and is key to pastime and to understanding the inner central part of a antediluvian shared vernacular - of a shared story brought out approaching an exodus of prehistory in the field of history. This is the legacy of itta, an legacy redeemed and brought forth in the field of being undeviating rectification of the antediluvian feminine energy.

The light of pastime which shines from the monotony of prehistory is the "enhanced" light and truth unsealed and opened on the road to duration which comes from the sonorous Hub of G-d. The two text tav in the multiuse building of itta "gives" give up to duration of rectified antiquated knowing in the field of history. Then, itta represents go bust of the rectification of the tree of knowledge.

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