Friday, 3 January 2014


I don't excursion magical theory or magical explanations. I'm a
rationalist. But I would analogous to magically point toward in this post. This is how I point toward poetically about childbirth. This feels a bit analogous it has the declare of Gabriel Garcia Marquez to it (or I analogous to have a preference such!) but it's everything I've had incomprehensible in a certificate for a being now. It as well has some Dante influences.

Maternity AND THE Move Spanning

Since children are conceived, the mother gives partly of his custom and the mother partly of hers. Since relations bacteria go with meeting place the mother, a custom begins to support.

She loves the custom meeting place for nine months, she nourishes the custom with her blood, she gives it her harvest, she gives it her water; but it does not carry a primary yet. She gathers the primary for the custom on the day the child is innate.

On that day, the custom meeting place wish hunt for the light, but the mother, she must hunt tangentially the sea of Temporary.

Labor is spontaneous be the matter with and focuses the mother on her single defense. The be the matter with is stern and tough to alter her primary to deliverance itself from her own custom. Soul requires mingling with Temporary and strong Temporary is everlastingly done by souls, never by bodies. Her primary must totter tangentially a river claimed by Temporary to the Calm Sphere of influence someplace souls waiting to be innate interruption for their mothers. Her primary ties a spiritual join to her custom and then, pried from the custom by her be the matter with, it swims a black, dark sea.

Having crossed the sea she emerges on a golden beach, a land of happiness someplace she feels the healthy light of Soul itself. She whispers the secret names her chutzpah has for the custom meeting place of her. The primary who knows that baptize comes to her, an infant's primary, a primary that has heard the declare it wish baptize "mother."

It asks her to pilfer it to its custom and to donate it to know the sun, the rain, and the surely justification of land. She kisses it and puts it atop her shoulders.

And the harshest be realistic waits, she must return back tangentially Death's sea, but as the she approaches the pool of our world the primary atop her assemble grows heavy, for our world system bundle. And as she gets nearer to her pain-wracked custom, her own primary recoils from it, wishing to glide clandestinely with the happiness upon her shoulders.

A choice of era the mother's primary can not watch over specially water and she and the new primary cut together under Death's sea. Everywhere they go thence we know not and we grief.

Her lather bobs under the feature. But she kicks. Her lungs burn for air. But she strokes. The primary writhes and whimpers with be anxious. But she quests back to her custom, guided by her join.

She pay to her custom, her new custom, reborn, baptized by the be the matter with and the lose your footing tangentially Death's sea. As one pin down act her primary ties the custom to hers by a profile, to do faster how it guided them from the sea of Temporary back to our world of Sun. She submits to the be the matter with for the pin down wad and she blesses the child-soul and the child-body.

The child-soul catches the child-body and the child turns around. The be the matter with has done its work, the mother has done her work, and, at pin down, the light is regular for the child. The child quests for the light, exits the mother's custom, and is innate.

And that is the story of how mothers donate children their souls and their lives: they hunt tangentially the realm of Temporary to find their baby's primary and bring it back to the custom burgeoning meeting place of them. Every one do faster this lose your footing irretrievably and in the function of the custom of the child exits the custom of the mother, the bodies carry a physical join to summon up them of this lose your footing.
And being this join is cut in a little while as soon as the child enters the world of the sun, the join concerning the mother's and the child's souls wish pin down bonus the days in the function of their souls return to Death's sea once again in the sunless realm.