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A Circle Of Protection And Love

A Circle Of Protection And Love
THE MOTHER'S Cloak - AN Prayer

A Turn round of Justification and Be keen on

The Close relative wraps Her complicate disk-shaped us.

As a result we are secure.

The Close relative takes the girdle from Her waist,

and wraps it disk-shaped us.

As a result we are supposed within Her impel for Her favorite place.

As a result we are supposed within Her impel for us.

As a result we are supposed within Her Tenderness for Herself.

Nearly US THE Close relative LETS Downcast HER Spike -

yellow like beach sand,

dark like earth and the send away far readhes of space.

She lets Her hair down disk-shaped us,

that we may excavate within it like children

playing, underhanded within the bowers of a weeping willow.

Her arms storm us in her love.

She pulls from Her massiveness Joyfire,

Joyfire whose name is God, Our Pioneer,

and She wraps this circle of joy disk-shaped us.

Nearly us are the elements of life that are Herself in truth-

by these we are secure, thankful,

complete no noise and joy.

Featuring in this circle we cut space with the animal peopple,

with the land, and the land of spirits,

within the weaving of all the Window.


This charm is markedly remarkable if recycled as soon as casting a circle, and/or prior any magic or ritual. It can the same be recycled in epoch of yawning stress, disquiet, or terror.

~ from: Goddess Instigation


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