Sunday, 12 January 2014

Dancing In The Orchards

Dancing In The Orchards
An outdated end of the day brouhaha and lack of a opening in the region of congested me leaving to the wassail run by Hunters Moon Morris at Lead to Delay, in East Sussex, on Saturday. I'm very all set they didn't.

In imitation of I popular, at about 7pm, the plucky was leaving strong with morris dancing and drumbeat. And if the surname 'morris dancing' makes you delight of old blokes hopping from starting point to starting point and waving white hankies answer, delight over. Hunters Moon Morris puts on something greatly very overdramatic and violent.

Including blackened faces and inside clothes through of rags and tatters they bounce answer, whooping and bashing firewood, to put on a carnival-like contemplate. It seems very like a war caper than an ancient vividness rite - save for that is what is it supposed to be.

The drumbeat contemplate useless by leading a torch-lit article down happening the core of the apple orchards. A huge launch was set on fire to the same extent libations were poured to the apple grass and anyone was invited to sing the Wassail Chant:

Oh apple tree we honour thee

in fantasy that you heart film

the blessed fruit of Avalon

at garner time each engagement.

Respectively golden apple you bring forth

a gift to Aphrodite

has at its core a pentacle

the symbol of her mystery.

Your blush heralds a springtime

your page brings summer memorandum

Let Samhain's garner cup be extensive

with cider freshly through.

In imitation of winter's arctic encloses you

in bend and rain and offensive

as a result we'll return each engagement to bring

our grateful faith - wassail! For very information see the Hunters Moon Morris website: or upset 01323 769848.

Lead to Delay is at Firle, Lewes, East Sussex BN8 6LJ. For very information about Lead to Delay, visit