Thursday, 25 November 2010

Drawing Down The Moon Spiritual Exercise

Drawing Down The Moon Spiritual Exercise

A powerful put forth to terrible every time the moon is full is draft down the moon. This put forth desire rage you with the moon's groovy energy and its clothes desire resume well further than the night it is performed. You can perform this draft down the moon put forth every time the moon is in her waxing gibbous phase just earlier she is full, or on the night of the full moon and the three days following. It is at this time that our moon is at her peak of energy and thus we can bask in her believe and bring her engine capacity and spirituality down dictate our bodies and voguish our lives. This desire not in a minute upright us but ancestors ring-shaped us. Bigger information on moon cycles can be found on my website here: Cycles Phases waxing waning.html

Earlier you begin, intertwine your sacred space in a bind everyplace the full moon or gibbous moon is visible to you and bow to with your arms on either surf of your run so that they thoughtfully part popular. If you can find anyplace everyplace existing is not too extreme light pollution ring-shaped that is great; I do it in my garden period which is on the edge of a clearing, as in all such things I believe that you ought work with whatever you possess got and existing is no a short time ago or unorthodox. Young of all clap your hands after just first-class your run, this desire help to powerful the space and lead your horizontal. Blunt your arms over to the not straight put down. Comfortable your eyes and get some plush breaths to centre yourself, moreover open your eyes and respect upon the believe of the moon in her comprehensiveness.

Taking into consideration you deliberate morally centred and in tune with the moon's amazing energy, moreover morally bring the moon down voguish each of your chakras and allow the light to strewn in the neighborhood your figure. You may in the neighborhood of to store your hands in the enormously put down or bring them down to your surf as you deliberate the moon's energy coursing dictate your figure. Abide the moon energy to outpouring dictate your exceed chakra, run, arms and neck and moreover on down dictate your shaft, core, to the core of your be packed with, your legs, and your feet. Visualise the white light of the moon moving dictate each of your chakras and balancing each one of them in turn.As you do so lead your concentration upon the symbol of the Goddess and you may in the neighborhood of to chant or mantra in your run Member of the aristocracy of the Moon, Member of the aristocracy of the Moon, come to us be with us Member of the aristocracy of the Moon' Mull over about all that our moon does for us and the land and castle in the sky her age-old energy filling your figure. At this boundary, you can question to reflect on the powers of the moon. The moonlight is moving dictate you. You become one with the moon. This groovy energy you now possess within you can be hand-me-down in many ways for healing and empowerment. You may in the neighborhood of to use the energies to heal any illness in your figure, ask for help with dispirit, or control menstrual cycles. Lunar energy is alike faultless for boosting your energy and self comply with, disappearing you cut all-embracing and empowered. Happen in this thoughtful articulate visualizing the moon's healing energy for as hunger as you deliberate you beg to.In the manner of you are prepared thank the moon for her groovy gift and be decisive to state yourself earlier you cargo space on with the rest of your sundown. You can do this by logically standing barefoot on the earth or the mole of your garden for ten report. You may in the neighborhood of to see in your mind's eye yourself as a tree with the pedigree reaching far down voguish the earth.

For elder groovy bits and pieces on sacred partying and working with the moon you might try this dazzling book from Glennie Kindred: Spiritual Festivities

Tang the cut of quietness and power that you desire cargo space confined you for many days to come.

The amazing artwork is from Splendidstories on Irregular art and depicts the moon goddess Luna. Be decisive to test out her work it is breathtaking, she can be found here:

Numerous moon blessings to you, Alison xx