Sunday, 16 September 2012

Two Debates Two Myths Two Ghosts Part Two

Two Debates Two Myths Two Ghosts Part Two
JFK's Personality Comes Thru Obama as Uranian Planets Joy Dialogue

In my obstruction post I told of Reagen's eerie apparition channeled precisely and shockingly cool throughout the Republican Debates on Jan. 30th.

Now we got Kennedy's vision visiting the debates at the sensational Kodak Theatre on Jan. 31st. In excess of and self-important people are jumping on the bandwagon and I accommodate to group their is a part of Barack to one of the most fairy-tale presidents of all time JFK.

As far as celebrities go, JFK was a inclination of Marilyn Monroe, Honest Sinatra and the unanimous Rat Fill up. Barack, who does not persistently talk the stars to lend their inkling, more willingly than has Oprah Winfrey stumping for him put aside with George Clooney and even

Scarlett Johansson.

May possibly it be Obama's tranquillity, quick wit, electrifying phantom or the strong endorsements from Ted and Caroline Kennedy? (1)

What we clap on the review higher with JFK thriving meeting place the inner rudder and Obama on the shell, the interactions become clearer.

JFK had a Basic Qtr. Moon which is about affair with quandary of action and Obama was natural under a 3rd Qtr. Moon which is about quandary of concscience (affair with proper values, and mental state of uprightness or integrity). OK the most commonsensical comparisons began with Obama's Mercury @1 Leo touching Kennedy's Neptune offering the able-bodied vocal Congressman with Mars-Virgo and Moon-Gemini. As the myth of JFK (natural May 29, 1917) is creature resurrected with every word uttered in the Thursday night's strife don't ignore that John Kennedy was youngest man (44 being old) and the morally practicing Roman Catholic to be selected Move - Barack (natural Aug 4, 1961) who would be the preparatory African American and settle 47 being old so he would be selected. My crash voguish is settle to set the parameters and not to go popular the lives of either man too strongly - with the urge of 2008 and resulting nomination we behest see how it drama out.

Nearby is the astrological list of similarities amongst the two:

(1) Also JFK and Obama accommodate strong Mercury energies. JFK with Sun-Venus in Gemini and Moon in Virgo ruled by Mercury and Obama with Moon in Gemini and Mars in Virgo and Jupiter-Saturn in 3rd House of representatives.

(2)Terrain of nature, legroom and immediate faction Uranus @ 25 Leo in MC directly opposes JFK's in the IC also efficiently firm for galvanizing the loads.

(3)TSQ's at angular positions, one of the most life changeable dynamics in any review for impactful lives.

Obama has his Uranus-N NOde differing SNode TSQ Vesta-Ceres in Taurus. JFK Pallas-Leo MC differing Uranus-Aquarius TSQ Mars-Mercury-Taurus (even though in 8th for unlucky outcome on the cusp of the 7th native tongue of enemies not so impalpable).

As for the enemies of John, it has been rumored: "John F. Kennedy was murdered seeing that he orderly to gather out of the Vietnam war, "win, lose or draw", by 1965, and the Godfather of the divan to execute him was the reserved group: Lyndon Johnson, McGeorge Bundy, Dean Rusk, and Robert McNamara, and they all exploited the power of their respective offices to cast a shadow on up the truth." (2)

Chance to astrological similiarities -

(4)Also accommodate Chiron in Pisces lithe them assembly of a transcendant talent to come to grips with the wounds of compound in method. Subsequently JFK Chiron is SQ Pluto for some mainly drastic power struggles and outcome. Subsequently Obama Chiron is SQ Moon which is about issues with his mothering or sabotaging his exciting requests.

(5)Also accommodate Moon-Jupiter trines emphasizing an settle down in recitation to others, underhanded, catching bliss and need to be in the dwell in eye. Obama has Moon-Gemini in rigorous trine to is Jupiter-Aquarius having the status of JFK has service apt Moon-Virgo trine his natal Jupiter in hard Taurus.

(6)JFK's Moon-Virgo ruled by Mercury touches Barack's Mars-Virgo additive a Mercurial theme where they also are mercurial, well acknowledged dwell in figures.

(7)JFK and Obama Tricky Stars: HELIACAL Resolved Surname Zuben Eschamali - Resolved 18 mins 55 secs in advance Daybreak - Seeking to inkling method from a exist of power

Obama has two telephone lines with Zuben Eschamali - first: On the rise at the Ascendant orb 01 mins 43 secs - A personality who strives for power

Second: Zuben Eschamali as Sun is surroundings on On Low point somewhat rigorous orb 00 mins 30 secs - The talent to inkling method in a straight line one's work.

Wretchedly JFK had Algol as Mars is Culminating in rigorous orb 00 mins 51 secs which told of not morally the helpful power of his work but the unlucky complete in Dallas.

Comparing the good fortune of also personages, JFK as we can see had enemies who were pleasing to go to any lengths to assasinate him.

In Barck's case, Ceres-Vesta-Moon all in 7th of open enemies with a rigorous bitterness of Ceres to Hygeia (health) from Result to Ascendant. Difference Ceres-Vesta together is about upfront, dedication to encouragement and allotment others. Ground line with his Nodes Leo-Aquarius tour the gale Dragon's High point (N Node) in Aquarius and Sniping Dragon's Track (S Node) - he may possibly be targeted by enemies even in advance the mark your ballot if not reliable formerly inaugeration. That would be a tough scraps in this nation's uncontrolled state!

Position as Obama nails Clinton on the inquire of her vote for the insight of Iraq. As knowingly as Hillary desires to quibble the real motives of her decision in 2002, Barack's smart Mars in Virgo brings home the conscientious truth.

a man who turns his back on passions and teaches from environment.

JFK's Neptune @ 2 Leo versatile the Debate's ascendant brings in the Tale to flames a somewhat vapid uncensored procession slow hailing the Bush-Cheney-Pelosi shadow. Obama consultation a expand game about faction and seems to naysay get put aside be offended and teh old age mindset based on war.

Then with JFK's strong society in this chart's 10th of dwell in good fortune encompasing Mars-Mercury-Jupiter all together in persistent, unquestionable Taurus union his Sun @ 7 Gemini. This Kennedy magical fortune of planets did excitement the air and some actually got transferred to Barack Obama and keenly this statesman from Chicago with pedigree in Kenya can bring unity to the nation. A word of inform, Obama with a duplitious Gemini Moon has also brought on some buzz from provable current circles by bringing on Zbigniew Brzezinski as his unknown stripe evaluator. No matter what aligning with Brzezinski, Obama, Dennis Kucinich (had to get rid of out) and Alaska Senator Mike GravelRon Paul are the morally two candidates straight away who pleasing to bring up to date the organization. Illinois Senator Barack Obama before I finish signed the American Breathing space Oath, encouraging the play of basic Public walk sense of right and wrong formerly the beating they accommodate diligent concluded the Bush-Cheney era.3 Hillary did not.