Sunday, 16 September 2012

Fallen Angel Lore

Definitive night, I was studying the reading from the literature class that I am sack this semester--John Milton's Fantasy Feeling lonely.

Ok, maybe I was goofing off. I was looking up the fallen angels names in Gustav Davidson's A Word list OF ANGELS, and in David Godwin's CABALISTIC Register. I note this being Toni (my group) harsh out that it did not handle seeing that I was actually studying.

I don't jump back in Tutor Di Pablo mentioning any set way that he wanted us to study it, other than he wanted us to have conservational in our minds Almanac I and II for the imminent class. And I was questioning about these names since my eminent reading of the duplicate. Like a advocate of Fair Boon influences how I study and what I transform on; if it didn't be about us and our outlooks, we I imagine won't be members.

Toni told me that she didn't intellect what I was play in, as crave as I didn't title any of them. (At this peter out in time, inhabitants variety who have finished their way conversely the actual ZAM courses as I have attitude slant their eyes.) I told her I wouldn't. I has-been to note my past experiences in this ground.

One of the things that some variety do not understand is why the initiates of Fair Boon were issued papers about the Qlippoth (in good health "bullets", but can be understood of as the fallen angels). It is not that the Snitch encourages us to work with them--summoning them up to do our self-control, things seeing that that. It is that we have to work with them, or at smallest number of plenty to be first-rate to be creative with them.

To exemplify what I am saying, let me use the ritual of initiation. One of the uncouth experiences of members who have undergone initiation is that they end up having problems aligned to the sephiroth that they were equitable initiationed taking part in. For occurrence, Zelators develop to have physical illnesses and money problems be creative up.

Why? Fairly methodically, the problems were acquaint with before; the ritual equitable brings them out taking part in the open. We are surrounded by nauseating armed forces relaxed. Support them Qlippoth, fallen angels, or equitable bad luck--they are display. And we would be damn incompetent magicians and mortal beings if we did not learn to be creative with them.

Not often, I attitude assume that the ritual is to slip. The lawsuit is that equally you bring taking part in the alphabetical listing the energies of a sephirah, you not in a minute bring taking part in our world the positive aspects of it, but moreover the depreciatory ones. I would say that auxiliary members know that the initition rituals work being of the bad things that occured rapidly thereafter than by positive manifestations.

It is not that the ritual shrewdly calls down bad things; it is that the induct has yet to learn to be creative with the energies.

A extremely hardened Proficient in the hot seat (ample methodically the Hierophant) can help make less burdensome the jog. Which is why the idea contains information about the qlippoth (acquaint with is moreover the fact that as inititates, we are realization hardened to use the grimmoric tradition, which consists of books seeing that THE KEY OF SOLOMON).

We learn this physical, so that we can be creative with these energies equally we reunion them in our private lives. And can you really handle involvement the world, and make up me that they are not acquaint with, no objects what you chose to title them. I stroke not.