Saturday, 12 October 2013

Circle Invocation

Circle Invocation
I did not etch this, and I don't know or celebrate wherever I found it. Once more it has been sitting, depressed with so an assortment of others in my arrangement photograph album of stuff I desirable to put aside. I long all of you assert and say a prayer of appreciation to the real inventor. Blessings.

By Forest dark and standing stone,

By speeding up turn and life's first trace,

By flame that burns the flesh to bone,

By ancient sea, the land of death...

By the Blood relation and Her Son

Is the circle finished and done

Flaming the light of Moon and Sun

Our Dutiful Overhaul has now begun.

My blade has cast the circle determined,

with razor's edge and bluest flame,

from earth to aerate, sky to lair,

the power comes that has no name.

We summon forth the faery hounds,

From Peripheral Thickness now mark out just before,

to lie in wait exterior the circle's environs,

And put intruder's hearts in premonition.

Involving the worlds of flesh and Fae,

we connect with the Influence and form the snooze,

a quarter to coolness the worlds at bay,

that none may enter; none may provisions.

This holy lair now lies among

The realm of Gods and living thing men,

By worldly eye cannot be seen

the faery pioneering personified within.

As higher and so below,

enveloped in a downcast flame,

the stars that sequins, the stones that know,

within we speak Her sacred name.