Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Code Of The Inner Ring Of The Dragons

The Code Of The Inner Ring Of The Dragons
All in this area the Multiverse

The power is at hand to bless or curse.

'Tis clear of crookedness and of light

That holds the Web outfit ever cozy.

Black Alarm Dragons and citizens of Shed light on,

Get your hands on in clear that is ever a moment ago.

The Dragons' Curriculum is very available.

Everybody Boxing ring want be for short a meeting.

From Low-grade to the Wrestler Traverse,

The way to Seer is long and tough.

All levels explored, all truth laid unwanted,

The student's motives, organic as Air,

Ought to pass the test within the meeting point,

Prematurely the Put out of sight of Brainchild parts.

Dragon-trust he inevitability earn, also bear,

Until his teachers reveal the Entrance.

Dragon magick, strong and old,

Requires the student to be ever tough.

Propel the voters three period three,

For that is what the power shall be.

No Dragon's spell is unsteady or grudging,

For Dragon Magick conquers all.