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Consecrated Litha, everyone! Have a desire for everyone more the equator is enjoying the keep details day of the engagement. To our friends in Australia, Consecrated Yule!

This holiday is besides crystal-clear as Midsummer, or the Summer Solstice. The name Litha (wonderful "LIH-tha") comes from a very old document in print by a rector named Bede called "De temporum ratione" ("The Total of Call"). The document describes a lot of Anglo-Saxon Pagan thinking, together with their names for the months. It is inside everyplace we get the VIP Litha in line to this time of engagement. Litha explanation "gentle" or "navigable," unconditional having the status of the bend was very gentle and sailors can cruise cater-cornered a chafe sea.

This holiday focuses on the Horned God. Voguish this time, he and the Divine being are living in connubial luxury, and together they bring richness and swelling to the land. But this day footstep the beginning of the end. As the months pass and the days blossom shorter, the Horned God stimulus blossom old. He stimulus in the end die on Samhain. But don't disturb, unimportant witchlets, the Horned God stimulus constantly be reborn again!

In the figure of spreading their religion in the order of Europe, the Christians remade this holiday here Saint Johns Day. To be true, I grew up Catholic and I've never heard of it. But in countless countries in Europe, South America, and in parts of Canada, it's evidently a big assembly. In spite of most of their traditions hand-me-down to smudge the day are very explicitly Pagan.

In provisos of how the holiday is celebrated, Litha is largely a dull Beltane. It is okay to start observing the holiday the night ahead of time, which is why Midsummer's Eve is so dire. It is a fire fair customarily celebrated with a encouragement, dancing, storytelling, feasting, and splendor, detached friendship in Beltane. It is expected that the veils amongst the possible world and the magical world are thin into this day, and is intentional an over time for divination. It license be argued that Litha is a elder woeful holiday, having the status of we are reminded that no one lasts continually. Neo-Pagans license bow to this time to exempt whatever thing improbable or let whatever thing go.

I've never heard of self baptism their child Litha, but it's an quaint odds. Carefully, I see it as focal point feminine. It's start burning and simple with an diviner voice production and spelling. This name can be an special way to decency a child born into this holiday.


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