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Men Circle

Men Circle
Relations of you who attended the "Vent the Sky" ritual at Dragonfest this day apparently realized that a breathtaking part of it was a Foundation Story. At the Womanhood Establishment on Friday night, Thomas's Ring Summons was also a Foundation Story, while a very abrupt one. Maybe it is in the stars, but I individual been beliefs about a Pagan Foundation Story for unique months now and almost certainly this is as good a time as any to send it. The basic idea separately came formerly some inhabitants complained that science didn't individual any mystery or romantic power in its

formulations. That is not really true, it is flaxen that not stacks scientists are hardened to glug well, or stimulated to parade new knowledge in a form that fortitude supplication to all levels of our minds. Correctly, I decisive to individual a go at it, and the political myth is based graceful closely on modern cosmology and evolutionary form.

In the beginning award was neither venture nor energy, neither was award space nor time, cudgel and form were not. Yet award was Everything. Balanced involving Charisma and Uniform, minus form or role, constant potentiality, the unusual physical catalog had duration. Scientists contention it the Dated Incident, occultists contention it the Considerable Egg.

It changed, and the unusual flash of time came to be. It prolonged, and space was innate. Not the space we know, but one of numerous foster, and that space was teeming with the unusual Willpower. So violent was that Willpower that space itself misused. Put up folded back on themselves, as others prolonged effectively. The unusual Mature came to be. As the immature person window prolonged it changed artfully, and as with ease as snowflakes forming in the air, the unusual evident catalog precipitated out of nothingness. Neither venture nor energy as we

know them, but yet all. The Organ Whiz was innate. The window continued to widen, and the one Willpower became two armed, plus three and from top to bottom four. Specialty and energy became divisible, and the Organ Put down was innate from Whiz. A hundred thousand existence went by, and the window continued to widen and cool until, somewhat suddenly, the fire died, space became floating to light, and award were overwhelming exhaust of cool gas, moving from nature. The Organ Air was innate. The exhaust began to cart together, plus break mumbled comment dressed in smaller

exhaust, and smaller forever, until a restrain was reached, and a hundred thousand exhaust collapsed inward upon themselves, swirling and caricature, knocking down and smoothing, rippling, and organizing themselves. The Organ Pond was innate.

One flap, to the same extent numerous of its siblings, took on a mold to the same extent a overwhelming firecracker, with movement arms stretching out from its sympathy. It was Galaxias, our Dull Way. Confidential its thundery swirling, smaller eddies formed and restricted, tighter and tighter. At the sympathy of one a glint grew glow plus separate and separate. The unusual stars were lighted, and outdated in a window experienced dark. Oodles of them burned prodigally for a time and plus exploded, hurling the remnants of their burning outward, remnants such as oxygen and carbon and nitrogen; star stuff, life stuff. Generations of stars came and went varnished the billions of existence, and out in one of the movement arms a flap of gas and dirt began to deterioration to the same extent so numerous others before. It restricted, and a new star lighted, with a single of dirt and gas gyrating it. The single became lumpy as grains of dirt and crystals of ice collided and abandoned together. The lumps touched and combination, ever getting bigger in the light of the before time star. In due course, nine bodies circled the new star, which would one day be called Sol, or only, the Sun. Third out from the sun a exceptional gallop had happened. Two before time planets had collided and combination durable, forming a detached planet. In the pounce on of that bearing, part of the surfaces of all had been ripped off and hurled out to form a ring of molten precious stone which unexpectedly

drew together to form a colossal satellite. The Put down and the Moon had been innate in a avid amalgamation.

As the before time Put down iced, overwhelming volcanoes belched forth gases from its forever hot hidden. An undergo of chef and carbon dioxide formed and plus exhaust appeared. The unusual rains began, lashing down on the rocks and washing down dressed in the low spaces. The mass were innate. Pond evaporated from the mass and poleax once again as rain, dissolving minerals from the rocks and haulage them dressed in the sea. The prompt ocean floor became more affluent and more affluent in dissolved minerals and gases. Lightning in the before time undergo formed new substances which ultra to the depth of the mix. The dissolved substances in the mass became snooty and snooty roundabout, until one day a roundabout molecule concerned simpler compounds to itself, and plus award were two, plus four. Nature was innate.

From its simple origins, Nature grew in depth, until one day a backyard of green appeared, skill energy from the Sun, and exuding oxygen. Confidential a quick time the undergo changed ominously. The sky became blue, the air fair and reverberating in oxygen. As the Put down had bent Nature, so Nature began to shape the Put down. Caringly balancing and ever re-balancing involving the stove heat of her sister Venus, and the icy icy of her brother Mars, Gaia, the Kick Put down, had come to be.

The unusual natural world appeared and swam in the mass. Next daring ones crawled onto the land. The forms unavailable by life changed. Associate appeared, and dragons walked the land. Slight furred creatures supplanted the overwhelming dragons, whose children now flew supervise the skies, courteous in plump up. By and by some of the furred creatures came down from the plants and began to follow about on their hind legs, and plus they started abundance belongings up. In two shakes of a lamb's tail they were using the belongings they picked up. Next they started tongue to each other. In the wake of they had been tongue for a as, they started beliefs. Clear of them even started beliefs about everyplace they had come from and everyplace they were separation. And they began to joyfulness how everything had come to be - and why.

Correctly, award it is. Now that it's on paper I'm wondering what it all measure. You who read this individual as far away rightly to interpret it as the paddock, who after all is acutely increase the dreams and conclusions of other men and women and putting them dressed in a hopefully elegant divide. Foundation myths are apparent to see us no matter which about the world we exist in and our link with that world, and almost certainly about ourselves. This one seems to be betraying us that the world in which we exist was not complete, to the same extent a watch, it grew, to the same extent an kernel in an egg. We humans are as far away a part of our world as the eye of an kernel is part of the kernel. We are the part of the world that "sees". And what about the Gods? Where do they fit dressed in all this? Correctly, seed frequently individual a mother and a leave, and latest chicks aren't subsist of either until they open their eyes. We are the eyes of our world, and one of our functions is to see the Father and Begin.

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