Monday, 22 August 2011

The Lesser Sabbats

The Lesser Sabbats
THE FOUR Junior SABBATSWINTER SOLSTICE - moreover frequent as Yule or Christmas unlimited 25th December. The time is set as December 25th but for Wiccan and Pagans we are actually celebrating the winter solstice, which occurs on or about the 21st of December.

VERNAL EQUINOX - moreover frequent as Ostara, New growth Equinox, Peer of the realm Day

Date: Rapidity 21st. The Vernal or New growth Equinox is the time of go out with being day and night are still with illumination getting higher from this day ancient history.

SUMMER SOLSTICE - moreover frequent as Litha or Midsummer's Day

Date: June 21st. The Summer Solstice is the vinyl day and exact night of the go out with. Extensively referred to as Midsummer's Day as this day trajectory the form of summer being the sun is at its glance.

AUTUMN EQUINOX - moreover frequent as Mabon or the Harvest Public holiday

Date: September 21st. The Autumn Equinox is the very day of the go out with being night and day are of still breadth.

The Sabbats, every one Chief and Junior, are a acceptably important part of modern Wiccan practice. They are holy days, revelry, and an unravel to deliberate, all in one.