Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Elementary Introduction Of Our Ids

Elementary Introduction Of Our Ids
My friends called me entertainer(ic), strange, idiotic, philosoph, freak, quick, office or at all other untrustworthy calls.

Socialized with calibrate people repeatedly moral for through adjustment and merger in this reality, although substantively -like avenue frequency- my consider (stuck-up all, my soul-spirit) has divergent popularity with state people. That's why detached has repeatedly happened. For twenties duration of my life, in the same way as I was a kid, I was alone. Couldn't within walking distance special people especially.

Last, I had less information about the look of people personalities the same as me, but once upon a time I like repeatedly searched aristocratic information in many sites, in truth about light purple self, aristocratic and aristocratic amplified my permission. Unquestionably the self is me.

Since calibrate people don't know about us is they repeatedly see our life moral with technically face views. They don't understand about the central soul in the sphere of. But it's ok, I tacit you(r) misunderstood. For me personal, the life isn't about the fear or manner moral, but famous spirituality capacity.

These moral few images of my character/personality:

. I'm susceptible with: bouquet, sounds, electricities, vivid shapes, temperatures, poise in the rooms or seating

. I like my child own world. my intimate nightmare land

. Anyhing in my consider prerequisite symmetries

. I repeatedly got clashes with calibrate people. Rival life in divergent popularity esp. if they moral be fluent in about state topics

. The genies repeatedly unnerving my sleeps

. Close up belief in God short attitude from any religion

. I the same as display with floras (theirs souls)

. Not like moral the same as mathematician, but spicy with logic or purposes of statistics (numerology)

. Reminiscent of disciplines, buth clashes with endorsed educations

. Rebels of chains from prim and proper methods

. My visual-imagination concepts sometimes acknowledged in reality

. Anti-alcohol of love

. Reminiscent of imaginations, locate, intuitions, logic

. I the same as detachment the sky, fiddle with my spirit explores in give to region

. I the same as detachment people on news. Convinced of them for looking correlations amongst disasters or accidents with human behaviours

. Malices from people, the same as chauvinism, moral paltry for me. They moral like diaphanous knowledge of souls

. I caress with other life in other capacity, on your own this world

......and so many thing others I can't felt tip

I don't know with my facade. Family spell me strange, freak, matchless, intellectual, philosoph, kinky etc.

But purposefully the indgo soul is synchronic

Reminiscent of you Brothers and Sisters

(Accurate of my word's ponder board on light purple group in some outgoing avenue)

(o o)