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Pagan Jewelry Capsule Of Magic Fashion And Identity

Pagan Jewelry Capsule Of Magic Fashion And Identity

By Audra Olson

An ornament that possesses symbols of indigenous or polytheistic traditions is called a pagan jewelry. A pentacle necklace or one which has a triple moon or an ankh qualifies as one. Such symbols vary in meaning, depending on their origin. The eye of Horus for example, is known as the symbol of protection and healing in Egypt. But more than the meaning they have, they also reflect something about the their owner.

Wearing of such ornament takes a certain amount of courage and a unique worldview. This is because paganism does not have a good implication to some people and in some places. A wearer may get awkward stares, questioning, or in rare occasions, a scorn as for a worst case. But such hardly happen nowadays, especially with the dominance of the modern mindset.

Paganism as an adjective originally came from the Latin word "paganus", which means "rural", "rustic", or "of the country". The evolution of its meaning to "non-Christian" is still vague, but the occasional negative reaction it brings to people may be attributed to Christianity's campaign against it during its infancy. Nevertheless, if viewed under a different lens, one may find astonishment in pagan symbols.

There are a lot of symbols in the pagan tradition that can reflect much of a person's set of beliefs; be they respect for nature, the connection of mind, body and soul, or the love for life. They can also have modern representations, such as the Triquetra which now represents the holy trinity of the Christian religion. Moreover, they may also connote meanings attached to them by their owners.

To wear or not to wear such ornaments depends on one's set of beliefs. Some people wear them because they believe in their magical properties. Amulets for example are said to bring good fortune and protection against sickness, accidents, and negative forces. Others wear these jewelries because they reflect their outlooks in life, like the yin and yang which connotes harmony.

In a lighter line of view, an boy or a girl may choose to wear one just because he or she likes it. The reason may be purely symbolic or due to aesthetic functions. It mainly depends on people. A girl may wear one because it matches her clothes and a guy may wear one simply because it looks cool on him.

Girls on the other hand might find the designs problematic since most of these ornaments look masculine. Having to find one that appears girlish may be a bit hard. However, most pagan jewelries are made from semi-precious stones or silver, thus matching them with clothes would not be a challenge at all.

Although wearing pagan jewelry may seem subjective, for many believers, it is the intention behind that grants power to this form of ornament. And that it is such power that separates it from its ordinary counterparts. But for whatever reason you may opt to wear one, it is always a guarantee that it would tell the world a piece of your personality.

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